T h e   A u s t r i a n
E c o n o m y

Austrian Airlines Israel

Austrian Business Agency

Eco Plus Ltd the Development Agency of Lower Austria

Ca IB Investment Bank

Doka the Formworks Experts

Immo Consult a Subsidiary of the Oestrreichische Volksbanken-AG

Baden by Wiena

  • Interview with Michael A. Love, Head of the Austrian Commercial Office in Tel Aviv: Potential for economic relations.

  • Austrian Airlines, The Most Friendly Airline, an advertisement.

  • Profile: Austria, a preferred destination for business in Europe.

  • Ernest Gabmann, Minister for Economy and Tourism in Lower Austria: Excellent investments opportunities in Lower Austria, Central and East Europe.

  • CA IB: Leading in the Pan-European stock exchange.

  • Doka: Advanced systems for cutting the building spending.

  • Immo Consult: A leader of project financing in Central - Eastern Europe.

  • Baden by Vienna: Tourism, Recreation, Casino