T h e  F i n l a n d
E c o n o m y

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland

Lewison Co.Ltd Israel, representing UPM-KYMMENE, ENSO GROUP, METSA SERLA

The Israel Finland Chamber of Commerce

Telecom Finland

Isralift Co. Ltd Israel

Kone Lifts Finland

Publiss Co.Ltd representing Abloy Finland

Eurocom Nokia Mobile Telephone, Israel

Data Fellows Finland

  • An interview with Mr. Arto Tanner, Ambassador of Finland in Israel

  • An interview with Mr. Tamir Roter, Commercial Attache in The Embassy

  • An interview with Mr. Israel A. Harari Managing Director Lewison Co.

  • An interview with Mr. Yuval Yerushalmi,Chairman,Israel Finland Chamber of Commerce

  • A Telecom Finland 3 pages` Profile

  • An interview with Mr. Michael Ilan, President Israelift Industries

  • A Profile of Kone Lifts

  • An interview with Mr. Asher Cohen, Manager Director,Publiss Co.

  • A profile of Abloy High Security Systems

  • An advertizing of Eurocom Nokia Mobile Telephone

  • A Data Fellows Profile