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American Hi-Tech

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New York State Department of Economic Development, Israeli Office

North Carolina Israel Partnership

State of Ohio, Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office in Tel Aviv


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US Commercial Service
US Embassy, Tel-Aviv   
  • Interview with Ambassador Martin Indyk: US High Tech meets Israeli High Tech.

  • Meir Nissensohn, General Manager, IBM Israel: IBM Brings Israeli Firms to the e - business arena

  • Ann Bacher, Commercial Counselor, U.S. Embassy: Electronic commerce, the growth engine of the 21 st century.

  • Hanan Achsaf, Corp. VP Motorola Inc USA, President & Chairman of the Board, Motorola Israel Ltd: We have to make sure youngsters will not be deprived of High - Tech.

  • New York State Department of Economic Development: Silicon Alley Booms, Come and See

  • Ohio: America`s Number One location for foreign companies to set up or expand.

  • North Carolina: The Science and Technology Hub.

  • Ed Snyder, CEO AIG, Israel: Important News From AIG About Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

  • Dr Cheryl L. Shavers, Under Secretary for Technology: Venture Capital Industry is Exploding

  • Carmel Vernia, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry & Trade: High - Tech, central pillar around which the Israeli economy has been re-structured.

  • Bird Foundation: Collaboration - Strategic Partnership - Risk Sharing R & D Promotion for the Mutual Benefit of Israel and the U.S

  • USISTC: Strategic cooperation at the Highest level

  • Izhar Shay: Business Layers and a win-win partnership. Guy Kawasaki: Israel the first country we entered after US. Gideon Marks:, looking for technology companies.

  • ASOA : A congratulation of the USA on the occasion of its 224th Independence Day Celebration.

  • Microsoft: The Unknown Side of Microsoft

  • Yaacov Yisraeli, President, Amcham Israel: Our primary role is to build and maintain economic bridges

  • Carly Fiorina, President & CEO, HP: The Renaissance of E - Services