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Schiphol Real Estate

Oce - Van Der Grinten N.V.

The Port of Rotterdam

The Unilever Group

The City of Amsterdam

W & S Interim & Project Management

Paardekooper & Hoffman,Accountants / Int'l Tax Lawyers

The Stork-Wortsila Diesel Group

The Holland Trust Company

The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tel Aviv

  • Interview with Mr.Christiaan M.J.Kroner,Netherland Ambassador in Israel

  • Interview with Mr.Robert Schuddeboom,Economic Counsellor in the Embassy.

  • A Profile of Amsterdam Schiphol Real Estate

  • A Profile of Oce-Van Der Grinten N.V. Products

  • A Profile of the Port of Rotterdam

  • Interview with Mr. Ray Bremner. A Profile of Unilever Products and Investments in Israel.

  • Interview with Mr.Edgar Peer, Vice Mayor the City of Amsterdam.

  • A Two Pages Economical Profile of the City of Amsterdam.

  • A Profile of W & S Interim Project Management

  • A Profile of Paardekooper & Hoffman, Accountants/International Tax Lawyers

  • Interview with Mr.J.W. van Gent,The Netherlands Ministry of Economy

  • A Profile of the Netherlands Economy.

  • A Profile of Stork - Wortsila Diesel Products

  • A Profile of Holland Trust,International Management & Financial Services

  • A Profile of Kurtz Marketing & Management Services