An Advertorial Profile of the Economy of Korea

The Bidding Committee for EXPO 2010 in Yeosu

Suny Electronics Israel

H Y Group Israel

Solgood Communications Israel

Iscar LTD Israel

Zim Navigation Co. Ltd Israel

Colmobil Group

Korean Air, Israel

K.M.I Korean Motors Israel

  • Interview with Minister for Trade Hwang Doo-yun:
    "Korea is requesting support from Israel to host EXPO 2010"
    PDF 450 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Interview with H.E Myung-Hwan Yu Ambassador of Korea to Israel:
    "I shall act to enlarge and deepen the business and public community"
    PDF 370 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Profile:
    Korea a Land of Rich History and Cultural Heritage
    PDF 730 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Advertizing:
    Suny Electronics: Samsung, the fashion way
  • Advertizing:
    HY Group, Hyundai L50a
  • Advertizing:
    Suny Electronics, Samsung the music way
  • Advertizing:
    HY Group, LG FLATRON-Plasma
  • Advertizing:
    Suny Electronics, Samsung the elegant way
  • Profile:
    Korea wants to host EXPO 2010 in Yeosu City
    PDF 600 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Profile:
    International trade US$320 billion.
    Korea No 1 world producer of chips and ships
    PDF 800 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Profile:
    Suny Electronics, Samsung-more than a selular phone
  • Profile:
    Suny Electronics, Samsung-selular, tailored personally
    PDF 618 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Profile:
    Korea, Financial and Business Center in North-East Asia
    PDF 690 Kbyte (Hebrew)
  • Profile:
    Korea, Paradise for Sport, Leisure, Tourism and Shopping
    PDF 783 Kbyte (Hebrew)