A 16 pages color
Advertorial profile

of the Economy
of Korea

Suny Electronics Ltd (Samsung Representative in Israel)

Colmobile Group Ltd Israel

Zim Shipping Company

  • Interview with Dr Han Duck-Soo, Minister for Trade: The agreement for economic cooperation will deepen the.Israeli-Korean economic relations.

  • Interview with Mr Lee Tae-Sik, Ambassador of Korea to Israel: The free trade agreement will expand bilateral trade.

  • Interview with Dr Shmuel Harlap, Colmobil Group Chairman and CEO: Colmobil`s basket of products has a car for every budget.

  • Interview with Mr Ilan Ben Dov, Suny Electronics Ltd Chairman and MD:Samsung brings Internet to Israel.

  • An Article: Projected sales of 200$ billion for Samsung corporation in 2000.

  • A Business Profile: In less than two years, some 600,000 Samsung cell phones purchased in Israel.

  • An Article: Strategic cooperation between Samsung, Microsoft and Yahoo in the Mobile Internet Business.

  • An Article: Samsung is bringing people closer through sponsorships of the Olympic Games.

  • Interview with Dr Yoram Sebba, Zim`s General Manager: Zim is the World`s Tenth Largest Shipping Company.

  • Interviews with Mr Bong-Kyoon Kang, Senior Secretary for Economics to the President of the Republic of Korea, Mr Kyung-Tae Lee, President of the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy, Mr Jae Kun Yoo, Congressman and President`s Chief of Staff for the Implementation of the New Policies.

  • Observers in Seoul: Korea is emerging from Economic Crisis earlier than forecasted.