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"Globes" Israel's Business Newspaper a Profile

Yacov Ben-Amir LLB- Head of the International Division "Globes", Israel's Business Newspaper, is a daily publication with a circulation of 45,000 based mainly on subscribers and distributed individually between 19:00 - 22:00.

"Globes" is the most influential, exclusively and widely circulated business and financial newspaper in Israel. Approximately two hundred thousand people read "Globes" daily.

"Globes" readers represent all segments of the Israeli Economy, in the private, public and government sectors.

They are businessmen and women, officials of the economic establishment, as well as managers, decision-makers and seniors in the industrial branches, banks, financial services, agriculture and other branches of the Israeli economy. "Globes" readers are the most important factors in the private and public sectors.

"Globes" correspondents provide daily exclusive coverage of all relevant information, trends and developments in the Israeli and International economy, in news, editorials, commentaries.

"Globes" publishes daily and weekly supplements on property, banking, money, the stock market, financial markets, business opportunities, high-tech, advertising, tourism, aviation, leisure, consumerism, international exhibitions, entertainment and others.

"Globes" provides Israeli industrialists, exporters and members of the business community with valuable information about existing and new international markets and business targets.

"Globes" also produces special sponsored supplements, profiles on national economies and tourist destinations, in cooperation with Foreign Governments, the Commercial Sections of the Foreign Embassies in Israel and private industry.

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