T h e  S w i t z e r l a n d
E c o n o m y

A B B Switzerland

Bank Hapoalim
( Switzerland ) Ltd

Diramex Tabacs SA

Ares Serono SA


  • Interview with Mr. Denis Feldmeyer, Embassy of Switzerland, Tel Aviv.

  • Interview with Mr. Yair Shiran, Deputy Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization in Geneve and First Secretary / Commerce in the Embassy of Israel in Bern.

  • A profile of Bank Hapoalim ( Switzerland) Ltd activities.

  • A profile of Diramex Tabacs SA, Geneve, Switzerland.

  • A profile of Ares Serono SA activities in Israel

  • Interview with Mr Yacov Shani, President A B B - Israel

  • A two pages profile of A B B - Switzerland.

  • Interview with Mr. Philippe Levy, President Osec - Switzerland

  • Interview with Mr. Eitan Liraz, Chairman, Switzerland-Israel Chamber of Commerce Office in Israel.

  • A profile of the Economy of Switzerland

  • A profile of Osec Switzerland activities

  • A two pages profile of the main Switzerland`s Industries