The New Sheraton
Tel Aviv Hotel &
Towers, a Profile

Sporer plus GmbH, Germany

Karl Koerner, Germany

HHS, Hotelhandwerkerservice GmbH, Germany

Josef Hartl & Co.KG

Kislev, Forwarding & Custom Clearing, Israel

Harel Installation and Fire Extinguishes Systems, Israel

Indan Planning Systems (1998) Ltd Israel

Kimhi Lighting, Lev Abir Lighting Engineering , Avi Electricity

Maintenance , Abramele Golda Carpets, Kaplan & Navot Electricity

Advisers and Supervisers, Israelight Ltd

  • Interview with Mr Tom Hegarty, Vice President Sheraton International, General Manager Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel & Towers: The New Tel Aviv Sheraton, The Most Preferred Hotel by Business Guests.

  • Interview with Mrs Nili Cohen, Manager Sales and Marketing: Sheraton Tel Aviv Team is saving the time of the Business Guest.

  • Interview with Mr Michael Nazarian, Manager, Olive Leaf Restaurant: Olive Leaf is a new Restaurant in Hayarkon st in Tel Aviv.

  • Interview with Mr Steve Mounier, Chef, Olive Leaf Restaurant: We serve High-Standard Meals.

  • Interview with Mr Claus Sporer, Architect and Interior Designer: The New Tel Aviv Sheraton, a combination of Elegance, Modern Furniture and Mediterranean Colors.