District Court Acquits Hoter-Yishai on Tax Offence Charges

Dror Hoter-Yishai: Everyone should now regret having brought an innocent man to trial, so as to put a stop to his criticism.

Israel Bar Association Adv. Dror Hoter-Yishai was today acquitted by the Tel-Aviv District Court of tax offences. The court upheld Hoter Yishai’s appeal against his Magistrates Court conviction. Judgement was handed down by judges Edmund Levy, Michal Rubinstein and Esther Hayut. On one count, Rubinstein acquitted Hoter Yishai by reason of doubt.

Hoter Yishai was convicted by the Magistrates Court of assisting his father, Adv. Aaron Hoter Yishai, in evading tax on moneys he received from an individual who trespassed on land owned by him.

Judge Levy agreed with the decision of Magistrate Ziva Herman Hadasi that agreements had been concluded which were designed to mislead and cast sand in the eyes of the tax authorities. The three judges noted the "faithful and thorough" work performed by Judge Herman Hadasi.

On being acquitted, Hoter-Yishai said "Everyone should now regret having brought an innocent man to trial, so as to put a stop to the criticism he was voicing. I said in the past that the indictment was brought out of extraneous considerations.

It will be noted that the police recently recommended that the State Attorney's Office arraign Hoter Yishai for contempt of court, following his very harsh remarks about Herman Hadasi following his conviction.

Published by Israel's Business Arena June 7, 1998

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