Yoav Zeif  / Photo: Stratasys Israeli 3D printing co Stratasys sheds 10% of work force

The company expects that the layoffs and other cost cutting measures will reduce annual expenditure by $30 million.

Yuval Steinitz Israel's renewable energy target: 30% by 2030

Energy minister Yuval Steinitz's plan calls for investment of NIS 80 billion, mostly on solar power plants and storage installations.

Impression of Amusement Park on the runway of the old Eilat Airport / Imagin: Derman Verbakel Architecture Eilat issues tender for amusements park on old airport site

The hope is that the project will breathe new life into the coronavirus-hit tourist city.

LNG  photo: Reuters IEC to sell cheap imported gas to Israeli industry

Israel Electric Corporation will be able to on-sell its surplus LNG at much lower prices than those of gas piped from Israeli reservoirs.

Benjamin Netanyahu / Photo: Haim Tzach GPO , GPO Netanyahu warns restrictions could return

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu has appealed to Israelis to keep observing social distancing and hygiene rules.

Yisrael Katz  / Photo: Emil Salman - Haaaretz NIS 7,500 grant for each employee recalled from furlough

Israeli employers will be entitled to Finance Ministry grants for bringing employees back from unpaid leave, as part of the plan to reduce unemployment.

Prof. Amir Yaron BoI leaves rate unchanged, improves 2020 forecast

The Bank of Israel research department sees the economy contracting 4.5% this year but growing 6.8% next year.

Ben Gurion airport  / Photo: Rami Amichay, Reuters , Reuters Israel's economy contracted at 7.1% in Q1

The Israeli economy was hit hard by the coronavirus crisis in the first quarter of 2020, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Amir Yaron Bank of Israel Governor warns against tax hikes

Prof. Amir Yaron told the cabinet of his support for a wider deficit including grants and credit guarantees to open businesses and reduce unemployment.

Phoenicia America-Israel flat glass factory Phoenicia America-Israel glass factory shuts down

The coronavirus crisis was the final nail in the coffin of the struggling company and also meant that the factory's 300 employees lost their jobs without being able to put up a fight.

Question marks To risk or not to risk?

In times like these of extreme uncertainty, it's worth pondering the culture and psychology of risk-taking.

Working from home / Photo: Shutterstock, Working from home: Curse or cure?

A government report sees many benefits from remote working, but recent experience has not left everyone happy.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz / Photo: Knesset Spokesperson Adina Walman , דוברות הכנסת The most profligate Israeli government ever

With 36 ministers and 16 deputy ministers, the new government will be grotesquely bloated, and Gantz has foregone all influence on economic policy.

Ori Heffetz  / Photo: Nati Shochat "People don't understand exponential growth"

Behavioral economist Prof. Ori Heffetz explains why many people cannot understand the magnitude of the coronavirus threat, and why it's a nightmare to stay at home in lockdown.

Yisrael Katz Photo; ASAP Creative Shutterstock Treasury will find Katz a difficult master

Yisrael Katz has his own agenda, and little patience for dissenting voices.

Yuri Milner  / Photo: Norbert von der Groeben Reuters , Reuters Yuri Milner: Remote will be the new normal

The famed tech investor has donated $3 million to fight the virus in Israel and tells "Globes" about the trends and investment opportunities being created.

Prof. Raf Melnick  / Photo: Rafi Kowalchuk "Government must inject money where needed"

Former adviser to the prime minister Prof. Rafi Melnick says the deficit is no longer a consideration and the government should inject money, even directly to households.

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu at coronavirus aid press conference / Photo: La'am The entire system is collapsing

Our economic leaders show no grasp of the scale of the crisis or of what needs to be done, warns Avi Tiomkin.

Work from home  / Photo: Shutterstock, Remote work - not what you expected

How do we ensure that everyone continues to deliver results in this new situation?

Coronavirus in Japan  / Photo: Reuters Coronavirus - ten tips for global employers

As Covid-19 spreads worldwide, here are ten practical measures that employers can take immediately.

Douglas Irwin / Photo: Inbal Marmari "Coronavirus accelerating retreat from globalization"

Trade expert Prof. Douglas Irwin discusses threats to the world economic order, and how Israel can cope.

Chinese workers in protective clothing / Photo: Reuters What if your Chinese supplier doesn't supply?

Israeli firms doing business with China need to examine their legal remedies for costly disruptions.

Netta Cohen Making the Negev boom

Netta Cohen, outgoing CEO of Ben Gurion University tech transfer company BGN, reflects on his 16 years in the job in which technology in Beersheva has flourished.

Facebook Tel Aviv offices Photo: Uri Berkovitz Open space offices produce invisible walls

Research based on advanced sensors has found that open space offices decrease face-to-face interactions between colleagues.

Shai Babad and Moshe Kahlon  / Photo: Lior Mizrachi Israel's growth is not as good as it seems

Prof. Omer Moav argues that it's per capita growth that counts, and the 1.3% average annual rise in Moshe Kahlon's tenure as finance minister is below the OECD average.

HR forum meeting HR seeks new role in a changing workplace

A forum of Human Resources professionals discusses the challenges posed by the way we work now.

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