unemployment  photo: Ariel Yarozlimksy 20% of new unemployed won't have jobs after crisis

Israel National Employment Service research unit director Dr. Gal Zohar paints a bleak picture of the job situation after the crisis ends.

Hedva Ber  / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes BoI sharply cuts capital requirements for Israel's banks

The Bank of Israel expects a large increase in credit losses for banks, plus a huge need for an immediate increase in the supply of credit to the public.

WeWork Tel Aviv / Photo: Shiran Carmel Startups balance short-term cuts and long-term growth

Over 80% of Israeli startups say that they are planning to make salary adjustments or layoffs by the end of April.

Eran Yaacov Photo: Rafi Kutz Israel tax chief opposes tax payment postponement

Eran Yaacov is against a general postponement but stresses that individuals can request postponements.

EY Israel  / Photo: Einat Levron EY Israel puts staff on vacation

The financial consulting and accounting firm said the measures were necessary if the firm is to meet the challenge in the coming months.

unemployment  photo: Ariel Yarozlimksy Unemployment in Israel soars above 800,000

Employment service director general: The new restrictions will cause a new wave of unemployment.

Yuri Milner  / Photo: Norbert von der Groeben Reuters , Reuters Yuri Milner: Remote will be the new normal

The famed tech investor has donated $3 million to fight the virus in Israel and tells "Globes" about the trends and investment opportunities being created.

Amir Yaron / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes BoI Governor: Without economy there's no health

Prof. Amir Yaron has sharpened the dilemmas facing Israel in its attempts to halt the spread of Covid-19.

Gil Shwed  photo: Tamar Matsafi Check Point CEO: We're hiring, not firing

Gil Shwed: This is a period during which cybersecurity is coming under daily attack, as the world switches to working remotely.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Photo: Eyal Izhar Treasury mulls allowing public to withdraw early from study funds

Opponents of the measure fear that it will have a negative impact on Israel's capital market.

Unemployment Unemployment in Israel up to 18.6%

About 91% of the unemployed have been put on unpaid leave by employers hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Prof. Amir Yaron Bank of Israel to buy NIS 50b in gov't bonds

Israel's central bank is using the quantitative easing to help ease credit conditions and encourage financial stability during the virus crisis.

National Insurance Institute Is there enough money to pay Israel's unemployed?

National Insurance Institute estimates that the cost of unemployment benefits will jump from NIS 320 million to NIS 900 million in March.

Amir Yaron / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Bank of Israel wants business as usual by May

The Bank of Israel will submit a plan to the prime minister that enlarges the budget deficit, with measures for supporting the business sector and encouraging demand.

Prof. Raf Melnick  / Photo: Rafi Kowalchuk "Government must inject money where needed"

Former adviser to the prime minister Prof. Rafi Melnick says the deficit is no longer a consideration and the government should inject money, even directly to households.

unemployment  photo: Ariel Yarozlimksy Unemployment in Israel jumps to 16.5%

The first wave of newly unemployed is from the tourism, hotel, civil aviation, catering, and entertainment and leisure sectors.

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu at coronavirus aid press conference / Photo: La'am The entire system is collapsing

Our economic leaders show no grasp of the scale of the crisis or of what needs to be done, warns Avi Tiomkin.

Work from home  / Photo: Shutterstock, Remote work - not what you expected

How do we ensure that everyone continues to deliver results in this new situation?

Coronavirus in Japan  / Photo: Reuters Coronavirus - ten tips for global employers

As Covid-19 spreads worldwide, here are ten practical measures that employers can take immediately.

Douglas Irwin / Photo: Inbal Marmari "Coronavirus accelerating retreat from globalization"

Trade expert Prof. Douglas Irwin discusses threats to the world economic order, and how Israel can cope.

Chinese workers in protective clothing / Photo: Reuters What if your Chinese supplier doesn't supply?

Israeli firms doing business with China need to examine their legal remedies for costly disruptions.

Netta Cohen Making the Negev boom

Netta Cohen, outgoing CEO of Ben Gurion University tech transfer company BGN, reflects on his 16 years in the job in which technology in Beersheva has flourished.

Facebook Tel Aviv offices Photo: Uri Berkovitz Open space offices produce invisible walls

Research based on advanced sensors has found that open space offices decrease face-to-face interactions between colleagues.

Shai Babad and Moshe Kahlon  / Photo: Lior Mizrachi Israel's growth is not as good as it seems

Prof. Omer Moav argues that it's per capita growth that counts, and the 1.3% average annual rise in Moshe Kahlon's tenure as finance minister is below the OECD average.

HR forum meeting HR seeks new role in a changing workplace

A forum of Human Resources professionals discusses the challenges posed by the way we work now.

Employment market Not all workers are employees

Labor laws and employment safety nets must be redefined for the gig economy.

Prof. Uri Sivan Technion president: Tech giants eroding our status

Prof. Uri Sivan says that inadequate government budgets, the research needs of the tech giants and the Internet have undermined the position of universities.

David Schenker / Photo: Shlomi Yosef , Globes "China trade is a national security issue"

US Assistant Secretary of Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker slams Israel's laxity over China, but still calls Israeli-US relations "amazing".

Working at home See you in the virtual office

What will happen to work when reality is no longer real, asks Nirit Cohen.

London  photo: Reuters New tax treaty seen boosting UK-Israel trade

The revised Israel-UK Protocol now in force has been warmly welcomed.

Robotics exhibition in Switzerland Switzerland and Israel: An entrepreneurial win-win

A new Swiss initiative will enable startups from the two countries to learn from each other's strengths.

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