Growth Photo: Shutterstock Israel's Q3 growth surprisingly high

The Central Bureau of Statistics estimates third quarter growth at an annualized 4.1%, making an interest rate cut at the end of the month less likely.

inflation CPI rose 0.4% in Oct, home prices rise again

Israel's Consumer Price Index has risen by 0.4% over the past year, while housing prices have risen 1.9%.

Pelephone CEO Ran Guron  photo: Shlomi Yosef Histadrut and Pelephone agree 400 layoffs

The layoffs will include early retirement packages for tenured workers and Pelephone employees will receive a 7% pay rise, and a 1% annual bonus.

Iron Dome Can Israel's economy withstand a protracted conflict?

Israeli economists estimate the potential damage to the country's economy, if the rocket attacks from Gaza continue.

British Virgin Islands Israel set to miss out on tax haven bonanza

Israel's political deadlock is hampering officials seeking to attract tech companies to Israel who are being forced out of tax havens.

Traffic on Ayalon Highway Traffic jams drive companies out of Tel Aviv

Lengthening travel times are causing people outside Tel Aviv to look for work closer to home.

Garbage on Ma'ayan Zvi beach / Photo: Dan Biron, Ministry of Environmental Protection, המשרד להגנת הסביבה Stop using plastic disposables, SPNI tells Israelis

At its upcoming climate conference, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel will name organizations that commit to ending plastic pollution.

Electric Volkswagen / Photo: PR Brussels and China will shape Israel's electric car market

New EU regulations and car industry changes in China are brewing a storm that will blow hard in Israel.

IAI T-Heron Photo: IAI IAI presses ahead with IPO despite Defense Ministry doubts

A PwC report for the Ministry of Defense is against a share offering for Israel Aerospace Industries, but the Government Companies Authority, backed by McKinsey, is in favor.

Eran Yaacov / Photo: Jonathan Bloom , Globes Tax Authority unable to collect NIS 1b in payments

Regulatory concern about money laundering has resulted in Israel's banks refusing to open accounts for overseas taxpayers, leaving them unable to pay.

Giora Eiland / Photo: Tamar Matsafi, Globes "Black Cube has ethical boundaries"

Black Cube consultant Maj. Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland talks about the Israeli private intelligence company's role in the Pemex bribery affair, and how its operatives make suspects talk.

Arab students Higher budgets for Israel's Arab sector are an investment

Poverty is a main cause of violence among Arabs, while leaving Arab society's potential untapped retards Israel's economic growth.

Shekel  / Photo: Shutterstock Is the shekel overvalued?

Meitav Dash chief economist Alex Zabezhinsky argues that the shekel is justifiably strong, but questions why it is the world's strongest currency.

Eli Asayag Israel Police crack down on building site deaths

The commander in charge of the newly formed Peles police unit has told "Globes" that investigations into building site deaths are now being treated as murder cases.

Aviv Kochavi IDF's future vision mired in budgetary uncertainty

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi's multi-year budget plan is being hampered by the political situation.

Israeli schoolchildren New players challenging old education system

A look at several organizations and schools, trying to create change in Israel's frozen education system.

Discount prices in West Bank Israeli bargain hunters flock to West Bank

From cigarettes to car repairs and dentistry, Israelis spend millions of shekels in Palestinian villages every year.

Netanyahu Gantz National unity gov't is Israeli Treasury's dream

A national unity government would be able to rein in the small parties' budget demands and enable the Ministry of Finance to push the measures it wants through the Knesset.

High-tech Photo: Shutterstock Don't take Israel's tech success for granted

Israel is a tech power despite not because of the government. Poor planning could see Israel squander its advantage.

Tech transfer Tech transfer is about more than revenue

The commercialization companies of Israel's universities take the Central Bureau of Statistics to task for measuring their success in terms of money.

Israel Innovation Authority offices in BE ALL Givatayim Innovation Authority sort of moves to Jerusalem

Despite moving to Jerusalem, some of the Israel Innovation Authority's employees are working secretly in Givatayim, "Globes" has found.

Tree transplanting in Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv / Photo: Shai Tsabari Spare that tree, and spoil the plan

Israel's unclear rules on tree preservation create uncertainty for developers and homeowners.

Beyond Meat Veganism goes viral

Food journalist Ori Shavit says 35% of Israelis describe themselves as flexitarian and 5% are vegans, as consumers seeks healthier, more environmentally friendly food.

Lab Technician.  Photo: Reuters Israel falls into line on generic drug co tax breaks

The move will enhance Israel's attractiveness for investment by international pharmaceutical companies.

Jewish Agency Diaspora philanthropy isn't what it used to be

Less of the money donated by North American Jews is reaching Jewish causes let alone Israel. "Globes" examines the reasons.

Anthony De Lannoy "Never mind the deficit, watch the demographics"

IMF executive Anthony De Lannoy, in Israel for Cyber Week, sees the time coming when the rest of Israel's population will refuse to finance social benefits for non-working haredim.

Eran Yaacov / Photo: Jonathan Bloom , Globes Israeli pays tax on NIS 4.5m cash hidden at home

"Globes" tells about the voluntary disclosure procedure in which a man paid NIS 1.4 million cash to the Israel Tax Authority but then found the banks refusing to accept the rest.

Shekel  / Photo: Shutterstock Why the shekel is the world's strongest currency

Harel Finances VP Yair Mendelson explains why the shekel has gained so strongly against the dollar, while most major currencies have weakened against the US currency.

Workplace pressure Outlawing of workplace bullying is overdue

While legislation on non-sexual harassment at work has stalled in the Knesset, South Korea has set an example for Israel to follow.

No shade in Dizengoff square Planners to start putting Israel into the shade

Shady places are about as rare as parking places in Israel's cities, but municipalities are finally addressing the matter.

Reta Alemu Nega "Israel should do more business with Ethiopia"

Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel Reta Alemu Nega talks about his country's fast-growing economy, and Israel's advantages there.

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