Electric vehicles at charging station  credit: Shutterstock Details emerge of proposed driving tax on electric cars

Under current Ministry of Finance proposals, the tax will average NIS 3,000-4,000 annually.

Coping with a crisis Credit: Shutterstock Sequoia warns on long crisis and slow recovery

The US venture capital firm, which has extensive Israeli investments, has told startups to increase revenue and profits at the expense of market expansion.

Yali Rothenberg  credit: Rafi Kutz Israel's debt: GDP ratio falls faster than expected

Revised Finance Ministry figures show a substantial decline in 2021 from the 2020 Covid-related peak.

Amir Yaron Credit: Yonatan Bloom BoI hikes rate for second successive month

The Bank of Israel Monetary Committee has decided on an interest rate rise of 0.4% - a more aggressive rise than it had previously indicated it would implement.

Haredi women at a high-tech company  credit: Darren Whiteside, Reuters Haredi integration into high tech stalling

From populations missing out to low government investment, the Innovation Authority finds causes for concern about the economy's main engine.

BeyondMinds shuts down, lays off 65

The Israeli enterprise AI solutions startup is closing after advanced talks to sell the company to a tech giant broke down, CEO Roey Mechrez told "Globes."

Online tech training co Masterschool raises $100m

The Israeli startup provides a business model, in which students only pay for courses, in monthly installments from their salary, if they are placed in a tech job.

Tel Aviv Photo: Shutterstock National Plan change calls for much denser Israeli cities

They may seem crowded, but Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are actually far less densely populated than Athens, Paris, and Barcelona.

Auto-tech Photo: Shutterstock Israel's reliance on tech a risk as economic winds change

A decline in overseas demand and more selective investment could make the locomotive of the economy falter.

Shekel Photo: Shutterstock Vladirina 32 Bank of Israel seen acting aggressively on interest rate

Prico CEO Yossi Fraiman: The expectation of higher rates is  strengthening the shekel, and will cool demand in the mortgage market.

Avigdor Liberman  credit: Yossi Zamir Knesset passes bill giving parents extra tax credits

The bill passed with the support of the Joint Arab List after opposition members said they would vote against all government legislation.

Growth Photo: Shutterstock Israel's GDP shrinks

According to initial estimates, GDP fell by an annualized 1.6% in the first quarter of this year in comparison with the previous quarter.

Supermarket shopping  credit: Tamar Matsafi CPI up 0.8% in April

Inflation for the twelve months to the end of April was 4%.

Mortgages credit: Shutterstock Mortgage lending falls back

The total of new mortgages in April was 22% down on March, but still relatively high for the month of the Passover holiday.

Avigdor Liberman Credit: Eyal Izhar Paternity leave to be part of Israel's 2023 budget

Under the plan, fathers will receive at least two weeks paid leave and Transport Minister Merav Michaeli hopes to increase it to a month.

Avigdor Liberman Credit: Knesset Spokesperson Yaniv Nadav Israel's fiscal deficit falls below 1%

The deficit for the twelve months to the end of April was 0.6% of GDP, the Ministry of Finance Accountant General reported today.

Traffic jam on Ayalon Highway  credit: Eyal Izhar The price of living in a crowded country

Under-investment in Israel's infrastructure is costing us not just time and annoyance, but billions in lost GDP.

Shekel-dollar ASAP Creative Forex reserves shrink as shekel weakens

The Bank of Israel refrained from foreign currency purchases for the third consecutive month in April.

Israel job center Holon Photo: Eyal Izhar Unemployment in Israel hits 50-year low

The unemployment rate in Israel fell to 2.9% in the first half of April, from 3.7% in the second half of March, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Leviathan rig Credit: Albatross EU gas crisis could be NIS 100b bonanza for Israel

Israel seems in no rush to take advantage of the opportunity created by Europe's efforts to wean itself off Russian gas, says gas market expert Gina Cohen.

Israel flag On Independence Day eve Israel's population tops 9.5m

The population has grown by 1.9% or 176,000 since last Independence Day, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Israel Tax Authority  credit: Eyal Izhar Tax Authority to return millions deducted from pensions

In the settlement of a class action, the Israel Tax Authority has admitted unlawfully taxing tax-exempt pension payments.

Tech employees Photo: Shutterstock How's life for foreign techies in Israel? Complicated

There's a fast entry track for foreign experts, but not having an Israeli ID card makes everyday transactions difficult, and after five years time's up.

Ayelet Shaked   credit: Marc Israel Sellem Gov't announces licensing relaxations for small businesses

The measures, promoted by Ayelet Shaked and Abir Kara, will not require legislation in the Knesset, where the government has lost its majority.

Hyundai Pallisade Credit: PR Israel ratifies free trade agreement with South Korea

Israel is also negotiating free trade agreements with China and Vietnam.

Unemployment Credit: Aviva Gantzer Unemployment in Israel rose in March

The unemployment rate in Israel rose to 3.7% in the second half of March, from 3.2% in the first half of the month, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Benny Gantz  credit: Knesset spokesperson's office Israel plays the economic card against Hamas

As sporadic rocket fire continues, Israel has closed the border to workers from the Gaza Strip. The defense establishment believes Hamas will get the message.

Housing under construction in Or Yehudah  credit: Eyal Izhar Leumi sees home prices continuing to rise steeply in 2022

In a recent survey, Bank Leumi projects a 9-13% rise this year, and says moderating demand will be slow to affect prices.

Electricity pylons  credit: Shutterstock IEC to install one million smart meters

The new meters will enable private suppliers to compete in power distribution and offer variable tariffs.

Morocco eager for tech cooperation with Israel

On a visit to Israel, Morocco's Ministry of Industry, Trade and the Digital Economy head Abdel Wahid Rakal said that Moroccan software engineers could help solve Israel's shortage.

Inflation Photo: Shutterstock March CPI reading lower than expected

Inflation in Israel over the past 12 months remains at 3.5%, while housing prices have risen 15.2%.

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