Meirav Cohen  credit: Jonathan Bloom State subsidizes employment for over-60s

So far, 913 people have found jobs through the Ministry of Social Equality's "Veterans at Work" program.

Israeli supermarket Photo: Shutterstock Defotoberg Economists insist higher inflation won’t strike in Israel

As inflation climbs to 7% annually in the US and 5.4% in the UK, “Globes” examines why the Bank of Israel insists it will only be 1.6% here in 2022.

Job center Rishon Lezion Photo: Aviva Gantzer Unemployment in Israel continues falling

The rate of unemployment in Israel fell to 4.1% in December from 4.6% in November, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Supermarket shopping Photo: Cadya Levy Inflation in Israel hits highest rate for decade

The Consumer Price Index in December was higher than expected; housing prices have risen 10.6% over the past year.

Aviv Kochavi Photo: Eli Dassa IDF officers' pensions 5.3 times state employee average

The average overall value of a pension paid to a former IDF officer is NIS 8.8 million compared with NIS 1.7 million for a state employees, the Finance Ministry reports.

Empty businesses Photo: Kadya Levy Bennett and Liberman agree aid for Omicron-hit economy

The new NIS 250 million package includes compensation for the self-employed and salaried employees forced into isolation.

Amir Yaron Photo: Yonatan Bloom BoI sees NIS 2.5b damage if Omicron wave continues 20 days

Governor of the Bank of Israel Amir Yaron: In that scenario, this is not a macro-economic event.

Ministry of Finance Photo: Rafi Kutz Israel's 2021 budget deficit narrowed to 4.5%

Israel's budget deficit narrowed sharply last year and beat the Finance Ministry forecast of 6.8%.

Avigdor Liberman  credit: Yossi Zamir Gov't formulating Omicron aid despite Liberman's declarations

Minister of Finance Avigdor Liberman's watchword has been "no lockdown - no aid", but a selective aid program is under discussion that includes the self-employed.

Chevron Photo: Reuters Jonathan Bachman Chevron bids for stake in climate-tech incubator

Energy major Chevron is part of a consortium of five companies bidding in the Israel Innovation Authority's tender to operate a climate-tech incubator.

Newly imported cars at Eilat Port / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Treasury mulls relaxing regulations on parallel car imports

Parallel car importers only control 3% of the Israeli market but bureaucratic relaxations could see this rise to 12%.

Zion Square Photo: Shutterstock Jerusalem ranked last in Israel for quality of life

Kfar Saba scored highest overall in the 51 areas that were evaluated for quality of life by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Salary slip Photo: Oria Tadmor Average salary in Israel falls 2.6%

The average salary in the tech sector in October 2021 was NIS 25,812, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Queue for Covid testing at Ispro Center, Modi'in  credit:  Nevo Trabelsy Is Omicron the beginning of the end?

The latest Covid variant could be what the world has been waiting for, but epidemiologists who spoke to "Globes" aren't so sanguine.

Amir Yaron Photo: Bank of Israel spokesperson BoI keeps rate unchanged, sees 5.5% growth in 2022

The Bank of Israel is in no rush to raise the interest rate, which would strengthen the shekel, which is already appreciating because of the current account surplus.

Supermarket  credit: Tamar Matsafi Has Israel's CPI lost touch with reality?

The Central Bureau of Statistics is having difficulty in keeping up with consumption changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ranking of the 50 fastest growing companies in Israel Globes and Statista present: Israel's fastest growing companies

For the first time, "Globes" ranks the 50 fastest growing companies in Israel, in collaboration with leading global business data company Statista.

Beersheva Photo: Shutterstock Gov't funding fails to coax tech cos away from Central Israel

One program alone has poured NIS 624 million down the drain in helping companies set up R&D centers in Beersheva, Knesset research reveals.

Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz Photo: GPO Haim Zach Report: 6,500 civil service jobs to become obsolete

A report prepared by Israel's Civil Service Commission sees 15% of civil service jobs soon becoming obsolete due to digitalization.

High-tech office Photo: Shutterstock Can Palestinians ease Israel's tech employee shortage?

Israel wants to issue permits for 500 Palestinian tech employees but there is little enthusiasm, with many preferring the 'remote' employment status quo.

traffic jam  photo: Shutterstock, ASAP Creative There's money, but road congestion solutions will take time

After two lost years, the Transport Ministry has its biggest budget ever. It will mostly go to public transport.

Hospital  credit: Einat Lavron Health, transport, food: How the budget affects our lives

Queues at clinics and traffic jams won't disappear tomorrow, but the 2021-2022 budget contains important long-term measures.

Naftali Bennett boards the plane to Scotland  credit: Haim Zach, GPO The climate crisis is about now, not 2050

Like other leaders, Naftali Bennett is avoiding real action in the hope that future technologies will come to the rescue.

Shekels Photo: Shutterstock Why is the shekel so strong?

Four factors that are making the shekel appreciate, yet keeping the Bank of Israel on the sidelines.

Why do we need the digital shekel?

"Globes" discusses the reasons the Bank of Israel might issue digital shekels and the advantages and drawbacks for the public and banks.

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk / Photo: Yossi Zaliger PR Bring Israeli tech brains back home

Repatriating just 10% of the Israeli techies based abroad will solve the industry's manpower problem, but it will take serious planning,  says Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk.

Yamit Naftali Photo: Daniel Shitreet Israel must meet its target for reducing methane emissions

Only through investment in innovative solutions together with regulatory support and budgetary planning based on a long-term economic model, will Israel achieve its ambitious target to reduce methane emissions.

Kibbutz Amiad Photo: Eyal Izhar Kibbutzim successfully embrace the capitalist spirit

With businesses worth billions and investors waiting in line, in the last six months alone 10 kibbutz companies have been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

New immigrants / Photo: Sasson Tiram How to encourage tech aliya

The government plans to fill Israel's technology worker shortage from the Diaspora. "Globes" offers some tips.

Globes Israel's Growth Champions Call for Entries: Globes ranks Israel's Fastest Growing Companies

Globes and international business data company Statista are seeking the Israeli companies with the fastest rate of revenue growth from 2017-20.

40 Under 40 Efrat Levy Globes 40-Under-40 seeks Israel's most promising young leaders

"Globes" Israel Young Leadership project, 40-under-40, is underway and registration is open for all those who see themselves as worthy contenders.

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