Amir Yaron Photo: PR BoI again makes major foreign currency purchases

Despite his initial reluctance, Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron has now fully embraced forex intervention as an instrument for weakening the shekel.

Yuval Steinitz Steinitz: No more coal in Israel after 2025

Speaking at the climate conference in Madrid, the minister of energy said that use of coal in Israel would be reduced by up to half by the end of 2019.

Household debt 42% of Israeli households have overdrafts

42% of Israel's households had an overdraft in at least one of the past 12 months, while 29% of households had loans not related to mortgages, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.

Kinneret  picture: Shlomi Yosef Kinneret starting to rise after heavy rains

The heaviest rains on Monday were reported in the center and south of Israel.

Shai Babad and Moshe Kahlon  / Photo: Lior Mizrachi State Comptroller whitewashes report on Israel's deficit

Matanyahu Englman's report has been massively revised and will include no personal criticism of Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon and director general Shai Babad, sources inform "Globes."

Venn neighborhood community in Bushwick / Photo: Kfir Ziv Israeli venture capital discovers low tech

Israeli VCs are joining a global trend towards investment in innovative operational models rather than in new technology.

Salary gaps / Photo: Shutterstock Salary gap between Israeli men and women widens

The gross average salary per month of a woman in Israel in 2018 was 68.4% of the gross average salary per month of a man, down from 68.6% in 2017.

Traffic on Ayalon Highway All roads lead to a congestion charge

The Ministry of Finance plans to use existing transport schemes as infrastructure for collecting a congestion charge.

Poverty Political stagnation worsening poverty, report finds

According to the Latet organization's Alternative Poverty Report, 2,306,000 Israelis live in poverty.

Bank of Israel Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative BoI resumed huge foreign currency purchases in Nov

Israel’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of November 2019 stood at a new record of $122.383 billion.

Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's fiscal deficit running at 3.7% of GDP

Government spending so far this year is up 6.1%.

Salary slip Average monthly pay in Israel reaches NIS 10,856

The average salary jumped 4.6% between September 2018 and September 2019, but much of the rise is due to the incidence of the Jewish holiday season.

Amir Yaron  photo: Rafi Kutz "BoI amateurishly spent $1.5b in a week"

Energy Finance CEO Yossi Frank: After two hours, the foreign currency market was back right where it started.

School class Affirmative action in education fails, study finds

A Taub Center book advocates intensive intervention at a very young age.

Leviathan gas reservoir / Photo: Albatros Israel's sovereign wealth fund: No money, no management

Lower than expected revenues from the Tamar gas reservoir and government paralysis mean the fund meant to invest in Israel's future is yet to get off the ground.

Yoav Intrator / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes "J.P. Morgan is the biggest investment bank in Israel"

J.P. Morgan Israel managing director Yoav Intrator spoke at The Enterprise Technology Summit held by "Globes" and J.P. Morgan.

Drought / Photo: Shutterstock, Climate change will hit Israel especially hard, study finds

The average temperature in Israel is projected to rise 1.2 degrees by 2050.

Shekels Photo: Shutterstock Tax Authority steps up cash transaction limit enforcement

The running-in period of the Reduction of Use of Cash Law is over, and offenders will be subject to heavy fines and imprisonment.

Ari Bronshtein Elron CEO resigns amid dispute with Elsztain

Ari Bronshtein is the latest in a series of IDB Development-Discount Investment group executives who have decided to leave.

Arnon Bar-David / Photo: Cadya Levi Histadrut chief demands NIS 6,000 minimum wage

Arnon Bar-David was speaking at the 2019 annual industry conference.

Google quantum computer component Israel joins the quantum club

In a five-year, government-sponsored program, Israel will focus on quantum science and technological applications.

Rony Hizkiyahu  photo: Tamar Matsafi State-owned defense co to pay gov't NIS 200m dividend

Dividends from state-owned companies in Israel are expected to top NIS 1 billion this year.

Dr. Hedva Ber Hedva Ber to step down as Supervisor of Banks

Dr. Ber, who took up the post in 2015, led the separation of the credit card companies from the banks, and encouraged the adoption by the banks of new technologies.

Chinese president Xi Jingping and Greek prime minster Kyriakos Mitsotakis Israel a Chinese bridgehead?

If you want to know what the Chinese are after with Haifa Port, take a look at what they're doing in Greece.

Yaniv Garty "We have all it takes to win in AI"

Intel Israel chief Yaniv Garty talks about providing the complete AI solution, the trade war, corporate responsibility, and why it is worthwhile for Israel to offer Intel subsidies.

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel Photo: Eyal Izhar Israel's national AI plan unveiled

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel and Prof. Eviatar Matania head an effort to make Israel an AI power by replicating the success of government investment in cybersecurity.

British Virgin Islands Israel set to miss out on tax haven bonanza

Israel's political deadlock is hampering officials seeking to attract tech companies to Israel who are being forced out of tax havens.

Traffic on Ayalon Highway Traffic jams drive companies out of Tel Aviv

Lengthening travel times are causing people outside Tel Aviv to look for work closer to home.

Electric Volkswagen / Photo: PR Brussels and China will shape Israel's electric car market

New EU regulations and car industry changes in China are brewing a storm that will blow hard in Israel.

IAI T-Heron Photo: IAI IAI presses ahead with IPO despite Defense Ministry doubts

A PwC report for the Ministry of Defense is against a share offering for Israel Aerospace Industries, but the Government Companies Authority, backed by McKinsey, is in favor.

Eran Yaacov / Photo: Jonathan Bloom , Globes Tax Authority unable to collect NIS 1b in payments

Regulatory concern about money laundering has resulted in Israel's banks refusing to open accounts for overseas taxpayers, leaving them unable to pay.

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