Victor Bahar  credit: Inbal Marmari "BoI could raise its rate by mid-2022"

Bank Hapoalim chief economist sees growing pressure for an interest rate rise by the Bank of Israel, although not all his colleagues agree.

Kibbutz Amiad Photo: Eyal Izhar Kibbutzim successfully embrace the capitalist spirit

With businesses worth billions and investors waiting in line, in the last six months alone 10 kibbutz companies have been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Alex Kushnir  credit: Knesset spokesperson Finance C'ttee approves bill to raise women's retirement age

Under the bill, the retirement age for women in Israel will rise from 62 to 65 over eleven years.

EAPC signs UAE oil pipeline agreement Photo: EAPC spokesperson UAE preparing Egyptian alternative to Israeli pipeline project

If the Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline agreement with the UAE is canceled due to environmental concerns, the project could be switched to Taba in Egypt.

Foreign students at the Technion Photo: Technion Plan to import tech workers into Israel draws fierce criticism

Critics range from junior staff at tech companies and Israelis struggling to find work, to job placement agencies who even claim the plan's aim is to reduce salaries.

Matanyahu Englman Photo: Yossi Zamir Comptroller: Ill-informed Israelis overpay billions in tax

The report cites tax incentives on pension savings, and on retirement, which are frequently not realized due to their complexity.

Ethereum Photo: Shutterstock Aleksey Ivanov Bank of Israel gets its hands dirty with digital currency

In its digital currency pilot program, the central bank is having to confront tricky technical, financial, and even moral questions.

Foreign students at the Technion Photo: Technion Israel to bring foreign professionals to fill tech vacancies

The government will grant work permits to foreign tech students, import tech experts, and encourage Jewish tech professionals to immigrate.

New immigrants / Photo: Sasson Tiram How to encourage tech aliya

The government plans to fill Israel's technology worker shortage from the Diaspora. "Globes" offers some tips.

Eran Yaacov  / Photo: Shlomi Yosef , Globes Don't put us to the test, tax chief warns crypto players

Israel Tax Authority director Eran Yaacov declares that anyone using cryptocurrencies to evade tax will be caught.

Abu Dhabi Photo: Shutterstock, Mo Azizi Israel and UAE nearing free trade agreement

Israel's Ambassador to the UAE Amir Hayek told an Israeli business delegation to Abu Dhabi and local business leaders that there will soon be a regional FTA.

Holon employment bureau Photo: Eyal Izhar Job vacancies in Israel hit record as joblessness rises

Job vacancies in Israel climbed to a new record of 137,000 in Israel in September but unemployment rose to 7.9%.

Globes Israel's Growth Champions Call for Entries: Globes ranks Israel's Fastest Growing Companies

Globes and international business data company Statista are seeking the Israeli companies with the fastest rate of revenue growth from 2017-20.

40 Under 40 Efrat Levy Globes 40-Under-40 seeks Israel's most promising young leaders

"Globes" Israel Young Leadership project, 40-under-40, is underway and registration is open for all those who see themselves as worthy contenders.

High-tech office / Photo: Shutterstock, Look before you leave

Some Israeli tech companies hire and train inexperienced tech workers and then demand large payments, if they leave within a few years.

The seafront at Rishon LeZion  - parking lots all the way  credit: Shutterstock The deadly sins of Israeli urban planning

Replication, contempt, neglect: Israel’s leading urban planners cite failures and offer solutions.

Andrew Abir Are Israel's swelling currency reserves good or bad?

Some argue that the Bank of Israel's actions to protect Israeli exporters carry too high a cost.

Just 20,000 people drive Israel's tech industry - study

Sparks Consulting Group finds that concerns about a brain drain of Israel's elite group of talented people are well founded.

Fires in Siberia  credit: Julia Petrenko / Greenpeace Harness Israeli tech to meet climate crisis

Firstime Venture Capital founder Jonathan Benartzi argues that tech investment has a large role to play in combating climate change.

In Israeli high tech, salary is not everything

As tech salaries spiral, human resources experts tell "Globes" that employees can be retained by factors not related to money.

High-tech office / Photo: Shutterstock, 8.7% of the workers pay 24% of the taxes

Resentment at the high earnings of technology sector employees overlooks their outsize contribution to Israel's economy.

Dollars Photo: Shutterstock Israel failing to collect billions on tech share options

Tech employees in Israel need only pay 25% capital gains tax on share options rather than the much higher income tax rate.

Riskified CEO Eido Gal Photo: CRC Media Israel's newly rich techies arouse envy and emulation

In focusing on the glamor and money, the media overlooks the 97% of startups that fail and the 24/7 efforts of those that succeed.

Aura residential construction project / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Treat the disease, not the symptom, in Israel’s housing crisis

Investment home buyers are the solution, not the problem, and the government should stop punishing them.

Call for Entries: Globes ranks Israel's best employers

Globes and international business data company Statista are seeking Israel's best companies, in the opinion of their employees and their rivals' employees.

Polluting car Consumers and managers join ESG drive

An international survey by PwC finds a preference for working and buying from ESG-conscious enterprises, but Israel is well behind the trend.

Offshore mediterranean gas: Reuters Chevron's regional responsibility

The US energy giant must see the political as well as business need for a swift settlement with Cyprus on the Aphrodite-Ishai field.

Rapyd billboards Photo: Rapyd Tel Aviv's battle of the billboards

With a chronic shortage of talented employees, Israel's tech companies are investing in billboard ads to help fill their rapidly growing number of job vacancies.

Yoni Wasserman and Amit Rapaport  credit: Compete website Non-techies lead Israeli tech industry pay boom

Salespeople and project managers are benefiting as more Israeli startups decide to grow independently, says pay data company Compete.

Riots in Lod, May 2021  credit: Gregory Baldwin, Reuters Disenfranchised youth endangering Israel from within

The recent violence in Israel's mixed cities is a call to action on alienation, neglect, and crime among Arab youngsters.

Benjamin Netanyahu / Photo: Knesset Spokesperson Adina Walman , דוברות הכנסת Netanyahu's economic record: The good, the bad, the indifferent

Low unemployment, high growth rates (but not high enough), and a resounding failure on housing.

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