Haredim in high-tech credit: Yossi Zamir Gov't cuts programs to promote inclusivity in Israel's tech industry

Two programs cut by the Ministry of Economy and Industry include subsidizing the cost of wages for haredi, Arab and Druze employees in businesses in Israel amounting to NIS 43 million.

UBS Global Wealth credit: Shutterstock UBS: Average wealth in Israel rose in 2023

Israel was ranked 18th in the UBS Global Wealth Report, with average wealth of $260,000 per adult last year.

Shlomo Dovrat  credit: Shlomi Yosef Shlomo Dovrat: Israel's technological standing is at risk

Speaking at the Aaron Institute for Economic Policy conference, Viola Group founder Dovrat said Israel was not keeping pace on AI, and that critical elements for economic growth were lacking.

Slicing up the public pie  credit: Shutterstock Taxes: Who pays, and who receives?

A new study attempts to give an accurate picture of the gaps between different sectors of Israeli society in taxation and public services.

Governor of the Bank of Israel Amir Yaron  credit: Yonatan Bloom BoI Governor: Geopolitical uncertainty has increased

Prof. Amir Yaron added that despite the war, the Israeli economy continues to display resilience in dealing with the challenges of the period.

Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdansky BoI keeps rate unchanged, cuts growth forecast

The Bank of Israel has announced that it has kept the interest rate unchanged at 4.5%, and cut the growth forecast due to uncertainty around the war.

Asaf Zagrizak interviews Ifat Ginsburg and Mika Mazor Ensuring continuity for family enterprises

During the Globes Family Companies Conference, a panel discussion was held on the planning and management of continuity for family businesses.

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich credit: Noam Moskovitch Knesset Spokesperson Israel's fiscal deficit widens further

The fiscal deficit has reached 7.6% of GDP over the past 12 months, the Ministry of Finance accountant general Yali Rothenberg reports.

Ben Gurion Airport  credit: Shutterstock How many people are leaving Israel? No-one really knows

Emigration is notoriously difficult to measure, and different Israeli agencies come up with different figures.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Bezalel Smotrich  credit: Alex Kolomoysky Yediot Ahronot Cabinet approves budget cut, coalition funds left untouched

Israel's cabinet today approved a 1% across-the board budget cut for all government ministries, except the Ministry of Defense.

Jeff Melanson credit: Tamar Matsafi "Family firms must have a strategy of innovation"

Jeff Melanson, an expert on innovation and a consultant to family businesses at US consulting firm LGA told the "Globes" Family Companies Conference that family businesses cannot rely on the past and must innovate for the future.

New cars at Haifa Port  credit: Shutterstock What embargo? Turkish-made cars still arriving in Israel

Vehicles worth some NIS 250 million manufactured in Turkey were delivered in Israel in May-June.

Average wage in Israel credit: Shutterstock Rita Kapitulski Average wage in Israel remains high

Initial estimates for May 2024 show that the average wage rose by 7.8% compared with May 2023, to NIS 12,891.

Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron  credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdansky Weak shekel makes rate cut unlikely

The weak shekel, the rise in Israel's risk premium, expansionary fiscal policy and geopolitical uncertainty all make a Bank of Israel rate cut unlikely on Monday.

Dan Senor credit: Rami Zarniger Dan Senor: Optimistic on Israel, fearful for US Jews

The "Start-Up Nation" co-author tells "Globes" about unprecedented antisemitism in the US and his belief that Israeli tech will come through the war stronger.

Eugene Kandel  credit: Miri Davidovitz, courtesy of Rise (formerly Start-Up Nation Central) Study suggests Q2 tech investment not what it seems

Independent research organization Rise finds worrying trends behind the upsurge in investment in privately-held Israel companies.

PayPal VP Efi Dahan credit: Shlomi Yosef Despite boycott calls Israelis selling more overseas online

In a PayPal-Rushinek survey, 50% of small and medium-sized businesses in Israel said that overseas online sales had enabled them to financially survive the current period.

Meirav Cohen  credit: Noam Moskowitz, Office of the Knesset Spokesperson Knesset acts to stop swindlers exploiting vulnerable people

An amendment to the Consumer Protection Law empowers the regulator to halt credit clearance for businesses that swindle the elderly, new immigrants, and the disabled.

Zeev Farbman credit: Eyal Marilus Lightricks to focus on AI and lay off 70 employees

The Jerusalem-based company is changing its business focus to generative AI at the expense of some of its app operations.

Yeshiva University students  credit: Reuters/Pacific Press Jews wary of top US universities

Aspiring to Harvard, Stanford and the like was natural for Jewish students, but many are now considering lower-ranked campuses less tolerant of antisemitism - or even Israel.

Jeff Melanson  credit: courtesy of the subject Building innovation strategy in a family company

Jeff Melanson, of US consultancy LGA, and the keynote speaker at the "Globes" Family Companies Conference, talks about resistance to change, and the likes of The New York Times and Nintendo that embraced it.

Tal Jacobson credit: Ohad Dayan Perion lays off 6% of workforce

The Israeli digital ad company is dismissing 35 employees, most of them in Israel.

Missile hits northern Israel credit: social media screenshot under copyright clause 27A "A whole economic fabric faces collapse"

Four prominent figures in the economy of northern Israel discuss the area's problems - and solutions - as the war continues.

Avi Simhon and Benjamin Netanyahu  credit: Amos Ben-Gershom, Government Press Office Netanyahu adviser urges incentives to release trapped profits

Prof. Avi Simhon sees the move yielding NIS 20 billion tax on dividend distributions. The Ministry of Finance is fiercely opposed.

Clothes shopping in Israel  credit: Eyal Izhar Analysts fear private consumption recovery may falter

The continuing war, high interest rates, and expected tax hikes are factors tending to damp consumer demand.

Ilana Kwartin credit: Lifaz Bar El Initiative helps young October 7 survivors rejoin workforce

Rishpon Healing Space and Youth of Light have built a job training program in a supporting environment to rehabilitate the survivors of October 7. After the successful pilot project an expanded program will begin next month.

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich credit: Danny Shem Tov Knesset Spokesperson Treasury proposes 5% spending cut to tame deficit

The across-the-board cut in ministries' budgets for 2025 is one of a series of measures aimed at restricting the fiscal deficit to 3.8% of GDP next year.

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu credit: Reuters/Pool Bond yields make danger to Israel's economy plain

Amid the military uncertainties, with the spread widening between Israeli and US government bonds, all eyes are on economic policy.

Rapyd credit: Rapyd Rapyd to lay off 30 and replace them overseas

Those being dismissed in Israewl will be replaced by teams in Eastern Europe, South Africa, and elsewhere where labor is cheaper.

Tel Aviv credit: Shutterstock War drives wealthy migrants out of Israel

For the first time in several decades more moneyed migrants are leaving Israel than settling, according to Henley's Private Wealth Migration report.

Tamar rig credit: PR Israel's sovereign wealth fund accrues nearly NIS 6b

The Citizens Fund was set up two years ago from 'excess' profits levied from the partnerships producing gas from Israel's offshore fields.

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