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Josh Frydenberg on a visit to Yad Vashem  credit: Personal photo They lit Sydney Opera House in blue and white. And then...

The eruption of antisemitism in Australia moved Josh Frydenberg to make a documentary to combat the hate. The former treasurer in the Australian government talks to "Globes" about politics and the Jewish community, and his optimism about Israel.

UK prime minister Sir Keir Starmer  credit: Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett Tax implications for Israelis of the UK election

New immigrants from the UK and Israelis with investments there could be caught by tax changes the new Labour government intends to introduce.

Gauzy co-founder and CEO Eyal Peso  credit: Nasdaq Inc. Controllable light unto the nations

Israeli smart glass developer Gauzy made its Nasdaq IPO last month. Co-founder Eyal Peso explains where it came from, and where it's going.

Slicing up the public pie  credit: Shutterstock Taxes: Who pays, and who receives?

A new study attempts to give an accurate picture of the gaps between different sectors of Israeli society in taxation and public services.

Dan Loeb  credit: Reuters/Brendan McDermid Invests in Israel, sues Intel, avoids Nvidia

Dan Loeb grew his hedge fund from $3 million to $7.7 billion, although he missed the AI revolution. Now his combative activist spirit is also tackling anti-Israel campus protests.

Dan Senor credit: Rami Zarniger Dan Senor: Optimistic on Israel, fearful for US Jews

The "Start-Up Nation" co-author tells "Globes" about unprecedented antisemitism in the US and his belief that Israeli tech will come through the war stronger.

Len Blavatnik  credit: Tim Bishop What does Len Blavatnik want at News 13?

"Globes" spoke to people who know Blavatnik well, to assess his role in Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich’s appointment as CEO of News 13, which has sparked a revolt among the channel’s journalists.

Finance Ministry  director general Shlomi Heisler at ''Talking North'' event  credit: Cadya Levy "Burdens must be shared equally"

Finance Ministry director general Shlomi Heisler talks candidly to "Globes" about aid to the north and south, and keeping the fiscal deficit under control.

''The View'' presenters credit: PR Showcasing Israeli tech cos on global television

Israel's small advertising market forces local agencies to expand elsewhere. American and British television shows, for example.

Yeshiva University students  credit: Reuters/Pacific Press Jews wary of top US universities

Aspiring to Harvard, Stanford and the like was natural for Jewish students, but many are now considering lower-ranked campuses less tolerant of antisemitism - or even Israel.

Jeff Melanson  credit: courtesy of the subject Building innovation strategy in a family company

Jeff Melanson, of US consultancy LGA, and the keynote speaker at the "Globes" Family Companies Conference, talks about resistance to change, and the likes of The New York Times and Nintendo that embraced it.

Teva executive VP of global R&D and chief medical officer Dr. Eric A. Hughes  credit: Teva Teva exec reveals the AI tools pharma really wants

Fantasies of an AI revolution in drugs have met the reality of the industry's conservatism. But Teva’s head of R&D offers a glimpse into the AI tools his company actually uses, and is looking for. Startups take note.

Missile hits northern Israel credit: social media screenshot under copyright clause 27A "A whole economic fabric faces collapse"

Four prominent figures in the economy of northern Israel discuss the area's problems - and solutions - as the war continues.

Ilya Sutskever credit: Cadya Levy Safe Superintelligence seeks Tel Aviv talent

After failing to oust Sam Altman, OpenAI cofounder Ilya Sutskever is basing his new AI startup in California and Israel, as he strives to put the AI revolution back on track. "Globes" investigates.

Benny Landa  credit: Miguel Gutierrez At 78, Benny Landa is still ambitious, but also worried

The restlessly inventive Landa, with huge successes to his name (and some failures), wants to contribute 2% to Israel's GDP, but warns: If our economy collapses, so will our defense.

Kibbutz company exits  credit; Tali Bogdanovsky Why prosperous kibbutz industry shuns the stock market

Some listed kibbutz companies give excellent returns, but there have been no new flotations for a decade, as kibbutz members turn to private equity instead.

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