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Andrew Abir Are Israel's swelling currency reserves good or bad?

Some argue that the Bank of Israel's actions to protect Israeli exporters carry too high a cost.

Israel's Wall Street tech top ten worth $136b

Five of the companies held IPOs this year and the names are all unfamiliar because the tech companies offer B2B products.

Just 20,000 people drive Israel's tech industry - study

Sparks Consulting Group finds that concerns about a brain drain of Israel's elite group of talented people are well founded.

Yanay Ofran credit: Eyal Izhar The man making antibodies smarter

Using artificial intelligence, Biolojic Design founder Prof Yanay Ofran believes he can produce antibodies that are a match for any disease.

Israel Navy Base in Haifa Photo: Bar-El Israeli army joins battle to bring down housing prices

The IDF is speeding up its departure from bases in high-demand areas. But will this provide enough land to satisfy demand?

Jifiti founders Photo: PR Point of sale credit boosts Israeli fintech

The 'buy now pay later' per purchase credit trend sweeping the world is good news for the Israeli startups in the sector.

M51's Tel Aviv offices  credit: Ofir Dor Int'l ad fraud trail leads to Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard

Companies like Google and Amazon fell victim to a scam that infected Android devices to present false data to advertisers.

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