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Israel's Best Employers Israelis are proud of their work, but not of their pay

For the first time, "Globes", in collaboration with international market and consumer data company Statista, presents the 150 best employers in Israel.

Israeli marina Photo: Tamar Matsafi Israel's Transport Minister objects to plan for marinas

Merav Michaeli has backed environmental groups opposed to the six planned marinas to provide berths for 3,500 yachts at the expense of 3.5 kilometers of beaches.

Moshe Hogeg  credit: Jonathan Bloom How crypto fell from grace

A technology meant to generate trust has become fertile ground for the oldest con in the book.

Boaz Levy and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed ibn Zayed Dubai Airshow: Huge interest in Israeli defense systems

After the disappointment of Iron Dome losing out to Korea on the UAE's missile defense deal, the Dubai Airshow has left Israeli defense firms cautiously optimistic.

Tomer Moskowitz Photo: Spokesperson Enforcement and Collection Authority Tourists trickle back to Israel as 2% refused entry

Immigrant Authority head Tomer Moskowitz explains how to distinguish between tourists and migrants and is confident the US will grant Israelis a visa exemption.

Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz Photo: GPO Haim Zach Report: 6,500 civil service jobs to become obsolete

A report prepared by Israel's Civil Service Commission sees 15% of civil service jobs soon becoming obsolete due to digitalization.

Big pharma finds Israel's drug development role

AION Labs will set Israeli computing talent to solving international pharma companies' problems. CEO Mati Gill and adviser Christian Tidona explain.

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