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Elbit Systems Hermes 650 credit: Elbit Systems Elbit Systems unveils Hermes 650 Spark tactical drone

The UAS can carry up to 260 kilograms and operate with a range of up to 300 kilometers for 24 hours.

Wix president Nir Zohar credit: Alan Tzatzkin Wix ends 2023 with first-ever GAAP net profit

The Israeli website building platform company is two years ahead of the target it set for itself.

Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdansky Bank of Israel could cut rate again next week

With inflation falling, estimates have changed and more and more economists believe we will see a further interest rate cut this month.

Teva CEO Richard Francis credit: Teva Spokesperson Teva CEO: It's a long way back to being 'share of the nation'

Richard Francis is confident that Teva's share price will continue to rise but says it will take many years to get back to its 2015 peak.

Shekels credit: Shutterstock Vladerina32 Shekel weakens after dire growth data

Yossi Fraiman: The growth data could make it easier for the Bank of Israel Monetary Committee to cut the interest rate again next week.

Chaim Katzman  credit: Arik Sultan Katzman proves doubters wrong at G City

After selling off assets, and a private plane, Chaim Katzman says, "We did exactly what we said we would do."

Elbit Systems president and CEO Bezhalel Makhlis credit: Assaf Shilo Israel Sun Elbit Systems wins $300m contract in Europe

The contract is for weapon, reconnaissance, driving, and situational awareness systems for approximately 230 armored vehicles.

Cellebrite CEO Yossi Carmil credit: Geva Talmor Cellebrite becomes only Israeli co to exceed SPAC valuation

The Israeli digital intelligence company currently has a market cap of $2.3 billion.

Meir Shamir  credit: Cadya Levy Clal Insurance investing up to NIS 319m in Shamir Energy

Mivtach Shamir subsidiary Shamir Energy invests in energy production from both conventional and renewable sources.

Biotech news credit: Tali Bogdanovsky, Shutterstock Kadimastem plans listing on Nasdaq through merger

The Israeli biotech stem cell company will delist from the TASE.

Nova CEO Gabi Weisman credit: Nova Nova market cap jumps to nearly $5b after strong Q3 results

Following publication of the financial results, Jefferies raised Nova's price target from $140 to $200, an 18.4% premium on the current market price.

Brainsway on the rise credit: Tali Bogdanosky New business model transforms Brainsway's fortunes

The company, which has developed and marketings a helmet for deep transcranial magnetic stimulation, has seen its share price rise 230% in the past year.

Tamar gas rig  credit: Albatross Tamar partners approve stage two of production expansion

The decision by Chevron and the other partners in the gas reservoir comes six months after then energy minister Israel Katz approved greater exports to Egypt.

Inflation credit: Tali Bogdansky Israel's annual inflation rate falls to 2.6%

The Consumer Price Index was unchanged in January, but the latest index of home prices shows a rise.

Russell Ellwanger Photo: Eyal Yizhar Tower CEO Russell Ellwanger to remain at the helm

Ellwanger has no desire to retire and insists that despite the cancelation of the acquisition by Intel, the Israeli chipmaker is in its best situation ever.

FIMI CEO Ishay Davidi credit: Yonatan Bloom FIMI acquires joint control of Payton Industries

Israel's biggest private equity firm will jointly control the transformer manufacturer.

Teva's R&D labs in Netanya  credit: Teva PR Teva enlarges workforce for first time since 2016

The Israeli pharmaceutical company had 36,472 employees at the end of 2023, up 3.8% from 2022, as it returned to growth.

Top investors credit: MN Communications Top investment managers see opportunities in Israel

"Globes" spoke to the head of the Israeli offices of four of the world's biggest investment organizations to discuss investment trends.

Israel's big five banks credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdanovsky Moody's downgrades deposit ratings of Israel's big five banks

Israeli ratings agency Midroog explains that the ratings cut might extend beyond the banks to government companies like the Israel Electric Corp.

Yossi and Shlomo Amir credit: PR, Tali Bogdanovsky Amir brothers to win control of Shufersal

All six institutional investors, which own 64% of Israel's largest supermarket chain, support selling 40% of their shares to Shlomi and Yossi Amir.

Mortage taking falls credit: Tali Bogdanovsky Mortgage taking continues to fall

NIS 5.5 billion worth of mortgages were taken in January 2024, the Bank of Israel reports, down 13% from January 2023 and down 45% from January 2022.

Riskified credit: Shutterstock Israeli fintech co Riskified lays off 6% of workforce

The company is parting with 40 employees because the challenging macroeconomic environment has led to low growth.

Shekel credit: Shutterstock Vladirina 32 Shekel strengthens sharply despite Moody's downgrade

Bank Leumi: The market expected the rating cut and responded to it before it happened.

Shufersal  credit: Eyal Izhar Williger-Delek Israel make improved bid for Shufersal

The US consortium led by Michael Alpert has dropped out of the race while the Amir brothers offer to buy a controlling stake in the supermarket chain expires today.

Rising share price credit: Shutterstock Beamr jumps 400% on Nvidia collaboration

The Israeli video optimization company will present its joint research on automated video modernization with Nvidia at a Denver conference.

CyberArk executive chairman Udi Mokady credit: David Shopper CyberArk market cap up $1.6b in two days

After reporting strong fourth quarter results, the cybersecurity stock has now risen 1,658% in less than a decade, to become Israel's fifth most valuable company traded on Wall Street.

Tower Semiconductor fab  credit: Shlomi Yosef Tower proposes building fab in India - report

"The Indian Express" reports that Tower Semiconductor has submitted a proposal for an $8 billion fab, with a 50% Indian government subsidy.

The shekel illustration: Gil Gibli Shekel weakens moderately after Moody's downgrade

Analysts point out that the downgrade of Israel's sovereign rating on Friday was widely anticipated and was already priced in by the market.

Shikun & Binui CEO Tamir Cohen credit: Sivan Faraj African projects cause Shikun & Binui heavy losses

The cancellation of a highway project in Ethiopia and the devaluation of the Nigerian currency are weighing heavily on the Israeli construction company.

Gal Bar Dea and Ori Goshen credit: Cadya Levy One Zero - where banking meets AI

Digital bank One Zero CEO Gal Bar Dea and AI developer AI21 Labs CEO Ori Goshen, both companies cofounded by Amnon Shashua, explain what they can achieve together.

The shekel illustration: Gil Gibli Will Moody's downgrade hit the shekel?

Bank Hapoalim: The credit rating cut was expected and has been priced into the market but lowering the credit outlook was unexpected.

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