Terms of Use

Last Update: August 1, 2018

I hereby declare that everything stated in the terms of use below is agreed and accepted as a condition for using the "Globes" website and the services provided through the website (hereafter - "the 'Globes' website"):


1. Use of the "Globes" website is conditional on consent to the terms of use contained in this document. Use of the website and the services offered by "Globes" and/or any part of them shall be considered consent to the terms of use and a commitment to act according to those terms.

2. "Globes" reserves the right to change the provisions and terms of use on the website at any time as it sees fit, at its exclusive discretion. Surfers on the website are asked to scrutinize the stated terms of use from time to time in order to inform themselves of these changes.

3. Where the term "Globes" appears, it refers to Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd. and those acting in its name and on its behalf. Similarly, where the term "'Globes' website" appears, it refers to the "Globes" website and the services offered in its framework in versions for computers, mobile devices, and the various "Globes" applications.

Responsibility and Rights

4.The content published by "Globes" does not constitute a recommendation or an opinion about the purchase or sale of securities. Any decision taken on the basis of any information appearing on the "Globes" website is the sole responsibility of the user.

5. "Globes" shall not be liable in any case or by virtue of any legal cause whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, or any other cause, to the user and/or any other person in respect of any indirect, special, penal, or consequential damage or compensation of any type pertaining to use of the website and/or content included in it or the absence of the possibility of using it including, among other things, compensation in respect of damage to reputation, loss of business income, loss of business information, interruption of work, computer malfunctions and/or any end-user device of the user, or any other damage or commercial loss, and shall bear no liability in respect of any third party lawsuit whatsoever.

6. "Globes" employs all reasonable means to safeguard the information disclosed by its users and acts in compliance with the provision of the law in general and the regulations for protection of privacy in particular. Nevertheless, "Globes" cannot guarantee absolute invulnerability from unauthorized entry into its servers and computers and forbidden use by third parties. "Globes" shall therefore bear no direct or indirect liability in cases of discovery and use of information disclosed by you caused directly or indirectly by unauthorized entry by others or as a result of actions and/or failures not subject to the control of "Globes." For additional particulars, read our page on privacy policy.

7."Globes" is not responsible in any way whatsoever for other websites connected via links appearing in articles or readers' responses published on the "Globes" website.

8. "Globes" is not responsible for content provided by a third party displayed automatically on the website, including securities information, advertisements. and readers' responses appearing on the website.

9. All copyrights and intellectual property pertaining to any material, including content, articles, pictures, illustrations, designs, etc. published on the "Globes" website or on its behalf belong exclusively to "Globes." It is forbidden to copy, distribute, display publicly, disclose to a third party, or make any commercial or noncommercial use of any part of the above without obtaining the express advance written consent of "Globes." Nothing in the above shall derogate from the rights of third parties publishing content on the "Globes" website under various agreements between "Globes" and those parties.

10. Any link to content appearing on the "Globes" website shall be to the original and complete Internet page. No direct link shall be made to any content whatsoever outside the context in which it originally appeared. Similarly, it is forbidden to display the page within an open or concealed frame belonging to a different website.

11. "Globes" is entitled to change its method of operation or to charge a payment for all or some services, sections, and channels on the website, and to discontinue their operation and permanently remove content from the website with no need for prior notice, at its sole discretion.

12. In the event that you find material on the website or on any website connected to it material that appears improper, illegal, immoral and/or that does not comply with the restrictions in the terms of use, you are hereby requested to notify us about it. The same applies if you believe that any content whatsoever published on the website was copied in a manner that breaches your rights and/or the content is damaging to you in some other way and/or represents a violation of any law whatsoever - please immediately notify "Globes" with a complete description attached at the feedback@globes.co.il e-mail address.

Use of Trading Data

13. In order to obtain trading data from stock exchanges in Israel and abroad through the "Globes" website (hereafter - "the information"), the user confirms and undertakes as follows:

A. No financial data or any other material obtained through the service constitutes a recommendation or opinion concerning the purchase or sale of securities. The information should not be relied on in making decisions about an investment or sale. The user bears sole responsibility for any decision made based on any data whatsoever appearing in or obtained in the framework of the service.

B. The trading data publicly displayed on the website are not real-time data; they are displayed at a delay resulting from contractual restrictions imposed on "Globes" by the various stock exchanges and information providers.

C. The data displayed on the website are for information purposes only. No transaction should rely exclusively on the information displayed on the "Globes" website. Any use of the information requires checking and verification (for example through the trading systems of the relevant stock exchange) by the user, who shall bear sole responsibility for this use.

D. For subscribers to the Real Time service: access to the information and data in real time is provided personally and exclusively to the user. It is forbidden to publish or distribute any part of the information displayed on the website in any way whatsoever.

E. Even though "Globes" and its information providers strive to make the information provided by them as correct and accurate as possible, it is impossible to prevent errors, defects, and mistakes in the information and its transmission.

F. In view of the above, the user hereby acquits "Globes" and its information providers of all liability for any defect or error in the information, including how it was communicated and its content, and for any loss or damage caused by such errors or defects.

G. All rights in the information, including copyrights, distribution rights, and any other intellectual property belong to the information providers and/or the relevant stock exchanges, including the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The rights in the method of expression, processing, storage, and distribution of the information on the "Globes" website belong to "Globes."

Registration for the website

14. Access to all or some of the various services and content on the website may be conditional upon registration for the website. The registration data shall be stored in a database owned by "Globes" that is legally registered on the databases registry.

15. When registering for specific services on the website, it is required to disclose personal data: your first name, last name, and e-mail address. Only correct, complete, and accurate data are to be disclosed as a condition for registration. It is hereby clarified that it is absolutely forbidden to communicate false data in general, and to communicate data for the purpose of impersonating another person in particular.

16. Registration for the website is personal and designed for the private use of one person. It is forbidden to share your account with others and to disclose your entry data to a third party. You are responsible for properly guarding your entry password for services on the website and updating it from time to time in order to maintain its security.

17. There is no obligation to disclose to "Globes" any such information for purposes of registration, but without such disclosure, we will be unable to allow use of the services that require registration. "Globes" will use the date you disclose according to our privacy policy, as revised from time to time.

18. "Globes" is entitled to block or restrict the account of any user who violates any section of the terms of use for whatever period it considers to be appropriate, at its sole discretion, and with no prior notice.

Responses (talkback)

19. The content appearing in talkback on the website is has not been provided, edited, or examined by "Globes" and/or anyone on its behalf. "Globes" is not liable in any way for the content of the talkback and is not responsible for its correctness, accuracy, reliability, or quality, including mistakes, errors, damage to a person or a company, violations of the law and/or any harmful content liable to be published in it.

20. The user bears sole responsibility for any use by him or her of the talkback (for purpose of transactions in securities, for example), and assumes all of the risks incurred in such action. The user bears sole responsibility for any damage liable to result and/or be caused to him or her.

21. "Globes" reserves the right to disclose particulars of the talkback writer to any third party, insofar as it possesses such particulars, in compliance with the provisions of any applicable law.

22. Terms of use for a user for talkback on the "Globes" website:

A. The terms of use for the talkback system are the user's consent to the terms of use listed below. It is hereby clarified that any use and any disclosure of talkback and/or reading of talkbacks constitutes consent to the terms of use, and that any use that does not comply with these terms is absolutely forbidden.

B. The possibility of writing and publishing talkbacks is restricted to registered and identified users of the "Globes" website. It is absolutely forbidden to identify oneself and write talkbacks while impersonating a person and/or any other party.

C. "Globes" supports freedom of expression, but also supports civilized discussion to the same extent. Do not send talkbacks containing illegal, harmful, threatening, crude, harassing, malicious, racist, or defamatory content liable to constitute slander and/or libel and/or liable to violate another person's privacy.

D. It is forbidden to directly or indirectly violate the provisions of any law, particularly the Securities Law - 1968, and to publish talkbacks liable to cause other users to do so and/or to promote an illegal purpose and/or to cause damage.

E. "Globes" and any representative on its behalf shall be entitled to delete talkbacks completely or in part at the sole and absolute discretion of "Globes" without prior notice.

F. A user who violates these terms of use is liable to be permanently excluded from the talkback system. This exclusion is liable to include, insofar as it is possible, the removal of the users' past talkbacks and the possibility of publishing additional talkbacks in the system in the future. A user who violates these terms of use waives in advance any demand for indemnification in respect of harm or damage caused to him or her by such exclusion.

G. A writer and/or publisher of a talkback hereby undertakes to indemnify "Globes" for any expense and/or damage whatsoever resulting from a lawsuit and/or demand made by a third party in respect of a violation of any of the provisions in this document and/or any other right belonging to any third party whatsoever involving information and/or material sent and/or written and/or edited by him or her in any manner whatsoever.

H. A writer and/or publisher of a talkback confers on "Globes" for no monetary or other remuneration a license, unlimited in time, to use the content he or she published in "Globes." For example, "Globes" can republish the talkback at its discretion in any "Globes" publication, including any selection or mailing that assembles selected talkback, and can include the talkback in any article whatsoever, etc., while giving credit to the talkback writer according to his or her particulars as published on the website.

Purchase of subscription or service

23. The use of the "Globes" website and the services offered in its framework may require a monthly payment.

24. For purchasing a monthly subscription to the service on the "Globes" website, the customer will be billed for a monthly payment (hereafter - "the payment"). Payment will be via credit card by typing the particulars in the designated space for them on the website.

25. Payment will be made via a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel, provided that they allow payments to be made on the Internet.

26. The credit card will be billed monthly starting on the date on which approval is obtained from the credit card company, and will continue as long as the subscriber has not given written notice of his or her wish to discontinue use of the service. The notice should be sent to customer service by means of a contact form on the website or at the sherut@globes.co.il e-mail address.

27. Disconnecting the subscriber from the service and discontinuation of billing will become effective at the end of the month in which the notice was given by the subscriber (so that the subscriber will not be billed starting in the month following the month in which the notice was given).

28. It is hereby clarified that use of the service will be allowed only for subscribers whose account at the credit card company allows billing. This right of use will be discontinued if billing is no longer allowed for reasons not related to "Globes." The subscriber undertakes that he or she will have no complaints and/or claims against "Globes" with the termination of the subscription or the blocking of his or her user account under these circumstances.

Delivering information to "Globes"

29. A user sending information to "Globes," whether through the "Red Mail" form, an e-mail message, or in any other way, thereby makes a commitment that the information is correct and true to the best of his or her knowledge and was legally brought to his or her knowledge.

30. The "Globes" editorial staff is entitled to take action to check and verify the correctness of the information and anything else pertaining to it, and is entitled to publish the information as written, in edited form, or as part of another report published by "Globes" on its various publishing channels, all at its sole discretion.

31. The person sending the information has and shall have no cause for complaint or demand from "Globes" pertaining to rights to the report or its contents. The person waives any alleged copyright pertaining to the report. The person sending the information waives any remuneration in money or a monetary equivalent for it.

32. "Globes" undertakes not to disclose the identity of a source wishing to remain anonymous, except with the consent of the source and subject to the provision of the law.

Law and legal jurisdiction

33. The law applying to use of the "Globes" website shall be exclusively the laws of the state of Israel.

34. The authorized court in Tel Aviv shall have exclusive and unique legal jurisdiction in respect of any matter resulting from the use of the "Globes" website, including the services provided through the website and these rules.

I have read the terms of use on the "Globes" website and I consent to them and affirm that I will act in accordance with them.


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