Privacy Policy

Most recent update: December 20, 2023

A. General

1. "Globes" is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of its users and customers.

2. The purpose of this policy is to make clear how "Globes" will store, process, and share with others the personal data of its users when they visit the websites operated by "Globes" or use the services provided by us. "Globes" will use these data in compliance with every relevant law.

3. The use of "Globes' website, services, and applications constitutes your consent to this policy. If you have any question or comment about this policy, please contact our customer service desk at the following e-mail address:

4. "Globes" reserves the right to change and update this privacy protection policy at any time.

B. Why do we collect personal data?

We collect personal data in order to improve the services we provide, display more relevant content in general and personalized content in particular, generate a connection with users, send sales promotion bargains, and display relevant advertising to users on the "Globes" websites and other websites.

C. What personal data is collected?

1. Usage information - In order to improve the user experience on the website and offer basic services, we collect information about the use made of by all of the surfers on the website. We save the identity of the device, the type of browser used by the surfers, from which Internet site they reached "Globes," which pages they visited, how much time they spent on the website on the average, and how many times they returned to visit the website on the average. These reference data do not identify the users personally unless they connected to the website in an identifiable way.

2. Voluntarily disclosed information - When you register for using our specific services that require registration or identifiably contact us, we collect the personal information disclosed by you that are necessary in order to offer you those services. These data include your full name, your e-mail address, your phone, the shares in the personal portfolio you keep at "Globes," etc. This information is stored in a database owned by "Globes" that is legally registered in the databases registry. We may ask you to provide us with additional personal information during your use of our services.

3. Your customer data - If you are a customer of "Globes," we will store all of the necessary data in the framework of the transaction. These data include the address or phone for provision of the service, the data for contacting you, your payment data, etc. This information is stored in a special database owned by "Globes" and legally registered in the databases registry.

D. With whom do we share this information?

1. Service providers - Your personal information is shared with service providers working with us to the extent necessary to operate the website and in order to provide the services it offers, for example in order to operate the responses platform on the website or send mailings and updates about news articles.

2. Advertisers - We share information about the activity of surfers on the "Globes" website with advertisers and online advertising platforms, provided that this information does not personally identify the users. We use web beacons in order to share anonymous statistical information with advertisers, for example about the average number of a user entries into a particular section, articles read, areas of interest, etc., so that they will be able to display to you more relevant advertising on both the "Globes" website and other websites that share the platform.

3. "Globes" will not disclose, transfer, or sell identifying information (name, e-mail address, street address, etc.) about its users to third parties, including advertising platforms, for marketing and/or advertising and/or any other purpose without obtaining the user's express consent in advance.

E. What use may we make of your data?

1. For sending updates - At your request, we will inform you of articles published on the website in your fields of interest or will provide you information on changes in trading on the capital market that you have asked to receive.

2. For advertising/marketing mailing - Subject to your consent, we may send you advertising and sales promotion mailings, including advertisements that we send on behalf of advertisers or third parties working with us.

3. For improving the website and widgets - Through the use of summary information about the behavior of many users, we can estimate how changes should be made in the structure of the website or widgets, the content appearing on them, etc. in order to generate a better, more interesting, and richer user experience.

4. For presenting relevant content - Monitoring clicks enables us to discern which topics are generating the most interest and how surfers reached the content that interested them. In this way, we will be able to offer users more relevant and interesting content on a personal level, instead of again displaying articles to them that they have already read.

5. For displaying relevant advertisements - We will share information about you with advertisers and advertising platforms in order to display more relevant advertising to you on the website and our applications. As noted above, this information does not personally identify you and does not include the personal data that you disclosed to us.

F. Information about the use of cookies

When users are surfing on the "Globes" website, we store information in cookie files installed on their devices.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file designed to collect information about your use of the website. The file is managed by your Internet browser.

Some of our cookies are produced directly by us and some by service providers that we work with. In any case, the use of cookies is subject to the restrictions on the use of personal data set out in this privacy policy.

2. Our cookies can be classified into several types:

Technical cookies - These cookies are necessary for navigating the website and also for gaining access to various services. In particular, technical cookies enable you to access the website, write comments, gain access to services such as a reading list or a personal securities portfolio, and make your surfing easier. By saving the articles that you recently read, we can recommend more relevant articles to you, while at the same time refraining from repeatedly recommending the same articles to you. Technical cookies can also be used for security purposes (for example, we will remember your user name when you are asked to identify yourself again on the website). If you disable these cookies, you will be unable to access various services on the website.

Measurement cookies - In order to offer our users relevant and interesting content, we save cookies that measure your use of the site: which pages you viewed, how you clicked in order to reach them, how long you spent reading, etc. These data enable us to improve the surfing experience on the website. For example, by saving the history of the articles, we are able to recommend articles to you on various topics and to avoid recommending to you articles that you have already read. In addition, by using summarizing information for these data, we can assess which parts of the website are more popular and which less, and improve the surfing experience accordingly.

Marketing and advertising cookies - These cookies are issued by our advertising partners. They enable us and them to collect non-identifying information about your usage habits on the "Globes" website and the websites of our partners in order to display relevant advertisements to you that are likely to interest you. We emphasize that these cookies are separate from the cookies relating to your personal account.

In addition, these cookies also enable us to count the total number of advertisements displayed to the user, to identify specific advertisements displayed to him or her, to monitor clicks on each advertisement, and if relevant, whether the user acted following the advertisement (for example, left contact information or registered for the marketing service).

These cookies enable us to improve the usage experience of advertisements on the "Globes" website and on our shared websites, for example by limiting the number of times you will be exposed to the same advertisement. We can also display to you advertisements on topics likely to interest you according to your usage habits.

Social networks - These cookies enable you to share or recommend content from "Globes" on social networks without having to identify yourself each time.

3. How is it possible to cancel the use of cookies on the "Globes" website?

By using our website, you consent to the use of these cookie files. At the same time, you have the option at any time to block the reception of cookie files from "Globes" or from third parties on the "Globes" website by changing the cookie settings on your browser:

A. Blocking technical and measurement cookies - If you block these cookies, your entry into the website will continue to be counted in our systems, but will be measured each time as if you had entered the website for the first time.

Google Analytics

B. Blocking cookies issued by social networks: If you block these cookies, you will be unable to share articles or recommend content directly from within the "Globes" website.


C. Blocking cookies for marketing and advertising purposes: Termination of reception of advertising cookies will not cause fewer advertisements to appear on the website; you will continue to receive advertisements, which are likely to be less relevant and interesting to you.

Artimedia - Information Only
Google Ads
Nielsen Marketing Cloud
Oracle DataCloud (BlueKai)
Tippola - Information Only
Zemanta (OutBrain)

D. Rejecting the receiving of cookies via your browser - At any time, you can choose to disable all of the cookie files from the "Globes" website. You can also set the browser so that it notifies you when cookies are seeking to be saved on your device and asks you for approval to receive them. At the same time, we remind you that disabling all of the cookie files will prevent you from using the "Globes" website properly and confine you to a basic usage.

Changing cookie settings on the browser:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer

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