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Eli Cohen and Korean counterpart Yoo myung-Hee / Photo: Yossi Zamir Israel, South Korea complete free trade agreement talks

The customs duties exemptions in the draft agreement do not apply to Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, or East Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu  photo: Meir Amiri Netanyahu dismisses deficit as easy to handle

Benjamin Netanyahu recounts that when he was minister of finance he dealt with a deficit that was three times as large.

New enlarged Knesset / Photo: Pelleg Architects Knesset building enlargement for 140 MKs approved

The Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Commission has approved the project.

Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: Eyal Izhar Latest poll: Likud leads, Yemina weakening

With Israel's repeat election now a month a way, poll results are inconsistent, but campaigning has yet to start in earnest.

Benny Gantz Gantz open to rotation talks with Netanyahu

Blue & White chairman Benny Gantz has told YNet that he is open to a national unity government with Netanyahu providing he is prime minister first.

Boxcar donated by SNCF at Drancy  photo: Brett Kline A French Holocaust site that is home to immigrants

The annual ceremony at the former internment camp at Drancy was sparsely attended, but the place carries a unique message.

Reta Alemu Nega "Israel should do more business with Ethiopia"

Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel Reta Alemu Nega talks about his country's fast-growing economy, and Israel's advantages there.

Rabbi Rafi Peretz / Photo: Pool, Reuters Annexation without representation

Education Minister Rafi Peretz's plan for Israeli sovereignty on Judea and Samaria without voting rights for non-Jewish inhabitants is only an extension of what has been practiced here for 50 years.

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)  photo: Reuters  Palestinian leaders are a bone in Arab world's throat

Gulf states tell Palestinians: We favor a political solution, but hurry, because we have other interests, and we won't wait.

Donald Trump  photo: Carlos Barria, Reuters No deal of the century

The US economic plan for our region leaves out key issues and key players, lacks sources of finance, and has no takers.

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