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Eylon Levy credit: Haim Zach GPO Israel's prince of public diplomacy

There is much more to spokesperson Eylon Levy than his eyebrows, which he famously raised last month to swat aside a ridiculous question from Sky News.

IDF troops in the Gaza Strip  credit: IDF spokesperson IDF hits Khan Younis as fighting resumes

Israel has called on residents of the southern Gaza Strip city to evacuate to safe areas.

Mohammed bin Salman Credit: Shutterstock Saudis offer investment to Iran if it curbs proxies - report

Saudi Arabia has proposed cooperation and investment in Iran if it stops its regional proxies from turning the Israel-Hamas war into a wider conflict, "Bloomberg" reports.

Trevor Asserson  credit: Dror Katz The British-Israeli lawyer holding the BBC to account

Trevor Asserson says the BBC's biased coverage of the war in the Gaza Strip breaches its own rules - and he intends to prove it.

Elon Musk and Benjamin Netanyahu at Kfar Aza credit: GOP Amos Ben Gershom Musk in Israel: Repairing the image, promoting business

Touring a devastated kibbutz and meeting Israeli leaders, Elon Musk helped the Israeli narrative, but the business motives were just beneath the surface - and there was nary a word about anti-Semitic posts.

Red Cross ambulace with Israeli hostages credit: Reuters Ibraheem Abu Mustafa Ceasefire extended by two days

Another 11 Israeli hostages are being released today completing the 50 hostages promised during the four-day pause in fighting.

Galaxy Leader credit: As ships reroute, cargo prices jump

Judah Levine of Freightos: Ships are sailing around Africa to avoid attack by Houthi terrorists.

Elon Musk and Benjamin Netanyahu at Kfar Aza credit: GOP Amos Ben Gershom Elon Musk visits Gaza border kibbutz

The billionaire businessman was accompanied to Kfar Aza by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benny Gantz credit: Ohad Tzvigberg Gantz won't leave the government over budget dispute

Benny Gantz's National Unity party will try to fight against the coalition funds still in the budget in the Knesset by persuading Likud rebels to oppose it.

Benny Gantz  credit: Marc Israel Sellem, The Jerusalem Post Coalition funds cut 70%? Depends how you look at it

In response to Benny Gantz's threat to vote against the revised 2023 budget, Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the dispute is over just 1% of the budget total.

Hostages reunited with families in second round of releases credit: schneider Hospital Hamas releases 14 more Israeli hostages

Israel has now received 58 hostages from Hamas over the past three days including 18 foreign workers.

Adv. Lt. Col. (res) Avi Kalo credit: Amit Photogenim "Hamas may find other ways to delay hostage exchanges"

Former head of the IDF Intelligence Corps. MIA Department Lt. Col. (res.) Avi Kalo tells "Globes" why Hamas is playing games with the hostage return agreement.

International Red Cross brings Israeli hostages over the Rafah crossing credit: Reuters Ibraheem Abu Mustafa Second round of hostage, prisoner swap completed

Israel received 26 hostages from Hamas over Friday and Saturday as well as 15 foreign workers.

Shmuel Abramson  credit: Ministry of Finance spokesperson's office Chief economist: War will cut GDP by 1.4% in 2023

Economic growth in Israel for 2023 is now forecast at 2%, which, given the growth in the population, amounts to stagnation.

March of Gaza border residents demanding return of hostages  credit: Ronen Katz Qatar: 13 hostages to be released initially

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs says a ceasefire in Gaza will come into effect 7 am Friday, and the first hostage release will be at 4 pm.

Cairo credit: Nora_n_0_ra Shutterstock Egypt plays second fiddle to Qatar on Hamas mediation

"Globes" examines why Egypt is taking a back seat in Israel-Hamas talks and its determination not to accept Gazan refugees.

Sam Lessin credit: YouTube screenshot Silicon Valley investor Sam Lessin: Ban TikTok

The outspoken former Facebook VP tells "Globes" that TikTok not only threatens Israel but also the US and slams Elon Musk for his antisemitism.

Hostages credit: private image Hostage release delayed

National Security Council head Tzachi Hanegbi said that the start of the release of Israeli hostages would not begin before Friday.

Israeli hostages taken to Gaza's Shifa Hospital credit: IDF Spokesperson Hostage release arrangements revealed

This evening Hamas will send Israel a list of at least 10 hostages to be released tomorrow.

Meir Ben-Shabbat credit: Noam Moskowitz Knesset Spokesperson "The ceasefire will allow Hamas to reorganize"

Former National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat says the government has an enormous commitment to release every hostage possible, while understanding the risks of a pause in fighting.

Poster of hostages credit: Tamar Matsafi Israel's cabinet approves hostage release deal

About 50 hostages held in Gaza, women and children, will be exchanged for about 150 security prisoners, mainly women.

Prof. David Passig credit: Cadya Levy "Hamas erred in its assessment of Israeli society"

Prof. David Passig believes that Hamas misunderstood Israeli society but warns that the pre-October 7 social rift will come back to haunt us.

Prof. Avi Simhon  credit: Alex Kolomoisky, Yedioth Ahronoth "The Israeli people didn't elect the Budgets Division"

National Economic Council chair Avi Simhon says Israel's economy will withstand the war, and stresses that policy belongs with politicians, not officialdom.

Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdansky Smotrich backs BoI Governor for second term

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich supports extending Yaron's appointment as Bank of Israel Governor for a second five-year term.

Guns credit: Reuters Ilia Yefimovich Israel gambles on guns

Since the October 7 atrocities, Israel’s gun laws have been eased, but some believe the proliferation of firearms could backfire.

Amos Yadlin credit: Alan Chapelski Amos Yadlin: No Hamas and no Israeli occupation

The former IDF Head of military intelligence Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin sees Gaza being demilitarized with Israel retaining full security freedom of action.

Shifa Hospital credit: IDF Spokesperson Israel delivers medical aid to Gaza's Shifa Hospital

IDF Spokesperson: IDF medical teams together with Arabic speaking soldiers are present in the area in order to ensure that the equipment reaches those that need it.

Arab summit in Riyadh credit: Reuters Mustafa Kamaci Israel-Hamas war brings Saudi normalization closer

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is satisfied with what is happening in the Gaza Strip, because a fatal blow to Hamas and Islamic Jihad means weakening Iran's proxies in the region.

Gaza credit: Shutterstock Could the Palestinian Authority control Gaza?

Under Mahmoud Abbas, the PA looks incapable of succeeding Hamas but after an interim regime, the PA under a new leader is the way forward preferred by the US.

Paris protest against anti-Semitism November 2023  credit: Brett Kline Strange bedfellows at Paris march against anti-Semitism

The far-right turned up, the far-left boycotted, and non-white faces were rare.

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