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Tel Aviv Photo: Shutterstock National Plan change calls for much denser Israeli cities

They may seem crowded, but Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are actually far less densely populated than Athens, Paris, and Barcelona.

Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi  credit: Noam Moskowitz, Knesset Spokesperson's Office MK Rinawie Zoabi deals further blow to tottering coalition

Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi of Meretz has resigned from the coalition, leaving it in a minority in the Knesset.

Abraham Accords Credit: Shutterstock Israel-Saudi relations move up a gear

Israel and Saudi sources say the $2 billion investment in Jared Kushner's fund is economically significant but the diplomatic implications are even more important.

Jared Kushner Photo: Reuters Saudis commit $2b to Kushner’s Israel investment fund - report

Jared Kushner has raised $2 billion from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund to invest in Israeli tech companies, “The Wall Street Journal” reports.

Intel Core Photo: Intel Kiryat Gat bends planning rules for Intel

The city has obtained approval for cutting open space requirements so that Intel can construct more fabs, though there is no certainty that Intel will do so.

Dov Baharav Credit: Israel Electric Corp. New Israel Electric chairman quits, slams political intervention

Dov Baharav has stepped down after three weeks over political intervention in new appointments.

Benny Gantz  credit: Knesset spokesperson's office Israel plays the economic card against Hamas

As sporadic rocket fire continues, Israel has closed the border to workers from the Gaza Strip. The defense establishment believes Hamas will get the message.

Illegal guns Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson How many illegal guns are there in Israel?

It depends who you ask. Some say 10,000 and others say 500,000. "Globes" investigates.

Mansour Abbas Photo: Cadya Levy Temple Mount riots put pressure on Ra'am to quit coalition

Ra'am MK Mazen Ghanaim has threatened to quit the government coalition following police action but party chairman Mansour Abbas is eager to remain in the coalition.

Demonstration against separation fence   credit: IDF spokesperson Palestinians pour through fence; Israel turns blind eye

The Palestinian Authority's unemployment rate and Israel's labor shortage makes ignoring holes in the security fence a paying proposition.

Ayelet Shaked  credit: Yossi Zamir Gov't approves five new Negev settlements

The move comes despite objections by the Finance Ministry and planning bodies. Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked: We're fulfilling Ben Gurion's vision.

Two killed in Tel Aviv shooting

The incident began at around 9 pm in the Ilka Bar in Dizengoff Street in central Tel Aviv. Update: The terrorist has been shot dead in a gunfight in Jaffa.

Karine Elharrar  credit: Israel Democracy Institute How Israeli gas could reach Europe

Via Egypt, Syria, Iraq or Turkey, or even directly: several possibilities are mooted for Israel to help wean Europe off Russian gas.

Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett  credit: Yoav Dudkevitch for Yediot Aharonoth As the Israeli government totters, what's next?

Will there be an election? What happens to the government's economic legislation program? What about Yair Lapid's rotation? "Globes" provides some answers.

Idit Silman  credit: Danny Shem-Tov, Knesset Spokesperson's Office Israel's government loses Knesset majority

Idit Silman's desertion of the coalition in favor of Likud means that the government and opposition are now tied on 60 Knesset seats each.

Guns seized by the police Photo: GPO Haim Zach Israeli Arab terror fueled by availability of weapons

There is little overlap between organized crime and radical nationalism in Israeli Arab society, but firearms can be easily purchased. "Globes" investigates.

Terror attack in Hadera Photo: Police Spokesperson What's behind the spate of terror in Israel?

Israel has relaxed restrictions, the Palestinian economy is doing well, and the Gaza front is quiet, so why now?

Bnei Brak terror attack Photo: MDA spokesperson Five killed in Bnei Brak terror attack

Initial reports say that the attack in Bialik and Herzl Streets was carried out by two terrorists on a motor bike with one of the terrorists firing an automatic weapon.

Iron Dome Photo: Tamar Matsafi UAE, Bahrain, Morocco seek Israeli missile defense systems

Iron Dome, the Green Pine radar system and the Arrow system for defense against ballistic missiles, were mentioned at the Negev foreign ministers summit as possible procurements.

Ron Katz  credit: PR Israel fast tracks immigration for refugee tech workers

The "green track" will apply to Ukrainian and Russian refugees, whether or not they are entitled to enter Israel under the Law of Return.

Naftali Bennett  credit: Marc Israel Sellem, Jerusalem Post Prime minister tests positive for Covid-19

It is not yet known whether Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will make his planned official visit to India at the end of the week.

Terror attack in Hadera Photo: Police Spokesperson Two Border Police killed in Hadera attack

"Reuters" reports that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack by Israeli Arab gunmen from Umm El Fahm.

Terror attack in Hadera Two murdered in Hadera terror attack

The two terrorists were Arab gunmen from Umm El-Fahm, who were shot dead by the Border Police.

Arrow 3 Photo: Ministry of Defense German delegation in Israel to discuss Arrow procurement

Bundestag defense committee chair Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann told DPA, "The Israelis have working systems and everything must be done quickly."

Sophia Tupolev-Luz, founder, The Reboot Startup Nation initiative  credit: Cadya Levy Ukrainian techies: Is Israel being short-sighted?

It looks like a perfect match: qualified refugees, and Israel's tech worker shortage. But it's taking private initiatives to make it happen.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz on visit to Israel's Knesset  credit: Amit Shabi, Yedioth Aharonoth Germany mulls buying Israel's Arrow 3 - report

According to "Bild am Sonntag", Chancellor Olaf Scholz has discussed procuring Israeli missile defense systems.

Gas pipeline under construction in Turkey Photo: Shutterstock Israel-Turkey thaw boosts gas pipeline plans

With the EastMed underwater gas pipeline prohibitively expensive, Israel and the UAE are looking to sell gas to Europe via Turkey.

Beersheva terror attacvk Photo: MDA Spokesperson Four killed in Beersheva terror attack

The incident began at about 4.15pm when a gas station worker was found stabbed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy  Photo: Reuters Zelenskyy slams Israel for lack of support, in speech to Knesset

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized Israel for not imposing sanctions on Russia and not selling weapons to Ukraine.

Ar'ara in northern Israel  credit: Shlomi Yosef More Israeli Arabs earning degrees, but inequalities still wide

The Israel Democracy Institute's Annual Statistical Report on Arab Society portrays a revolution in attitudes to higher education.

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