Home loans   credit: Tali Bogdanovsky Mortgage loans back to pre-war level in March

The new home market is resurgent, but purchases of secondhand homes are stagnant, and mortgage loans are still below the multi-year average.

Roman Abramovich credit: Reuters/Maxim Shemetov Supreme Court blocks Abramovich donation to ZAKA

Overturning a lower court decision, the Supreme Court says that pending a full hearing of its appeal, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank should not transfer the NIS 8 million donation by Roman Abramovich.

Governor of the Bank of Israel Amir Yaron  credit: Yonatan Bloom BoI governor: Israel's actual rating is BBB

Amir Yaron says the market is pricing Israeli government debt higher regardless of the credit agencies, and warns of a 16% rise in direct taxes unless haredim participate fully in the workforce.

Gal Bar Dea credit: Eyal Izhar One Zero cumulative losses mount to NIS 800m

The Israeli digital bank lost NIS 357 million last year but says it will be profitable by the end of 2025.

Dori Nawi  credit: Eyal Izhar BoI blocks Nawi Brothers takeover of Isracard

The Bank of Israel will not permit nonbanking credit company Nawi Brothers Group to control the credit card company with a stake of just 25%.

Israel's big five banks credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdanovsky Regulator to declare big banks as concentration group

The Israel Competition Authority wants to encourage more competition in retail banking.

People prefer liquidity  credit: Shutterstock In a crisis, Israelis prefer liquidity to interest

Bank current account balances, which declined for most of last year, started to rise sharply after the outbreak of war, but the trend may now be reversing again.

Bank Leumi branch  credit: Eyal Izhar Leumi posts NIS 7b 2023 profit despite large US write-down

Last year's profit was 9% lower than in 2022, mainly because of a NIS 1.1 billion write down on Bank Leumi's stake in US bank Valley National.

Mizrahi Tefahot Photo: Eli Yizhar Mizrahi Tefahot ends 2023 with record NIS 5b profit

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Mizrahi Tefahot reported net profit of NIS 1.05 billion, down 4.5% from the preceding quarter and down 3.5% from the corresponding quarter of 2023.

Israel Discount Bank branch  credit: Shutterstock Israel Discount Bank 2023 profit up 20%

The bank's board of directors has decided to distribute a dividend of 20% of the profits in the fourth quarter amounting to NIS 184 million.

Yoni Assia credit: eToro PR eToro mulls downsized Wall Street IPO

The Israeli online trading platform's CEO Yoni Assia told "The Financial Times" eToro is mulling an IPO at a valuation of over $3.5 billion, well below the $10.4 billion of its aborted SPAC merger.

Yair Nechmad  credit: Nayax Nayax announces secondary offering, Brazilian acquisition

The unattended points of sale solutions company is buying VMtecnologia, and issuing 2.1 million new shares.

Bank Hapoalim branch  credit: Aviv Gottlieb Hapoalim posts NIS 7.4b 2023 profit, cuts dividend to 20%

The lower dividend is in line with recent Bank of Israel guidelines. The net profit is 12.7% higher than in 2022.

Alex Bouaziz Credit: Deel Deel buys South African payroll co PaySpace for $100m

By acquiring PaySpace, Deel becomes the first global payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) with its own full-stack payroll engine localized in 50 countries.

Matan Bar credit: Dana Tamari Melio lays off 40 employees in Israel

This is the fintech company's second round of layoffs since 2022 when 10% of 600 employees were dismissed.

Dori Nawi credit: Eyal Izhar Nawi Brothers Group seeks controlling stake in Isracard

The Israeli nonbanking credit finance company is to submit a request to the Bank of Israel to acquire control of the credit card company.

Car insurance premiums on the rise  credit: Tali Bogdanovsky Israel's car theft plague returns

Thefts are back to pre-war levels and more, with insurance premiums rising again accordingly.

Israel's big five banks credit: Eyal Izhar, Tali Bogdanovsky Moody's downgrades deposit ratings of Israel's big five banks

Israeli ratings agency Midroog explains that the ratings cut might extend beyond the banks to government companies like the Israel Electric Corp.

Mortage taking falls credit: Tali Bogdanovsky Mortgage taking continues to fall

NIS 5.5 billion worth of mortgages were taken in January 2024, the Bank of Israel reports, down 13% from January 2023 and down 45% from January 2022.

Gal Bar Dea and Ori Goshen credit: Cadya Levy One Zero - where banking meets AI

Digital bank One Zero CEO Gal Bar Dea and AI developer AI21 Labs CEO Ori Goshen, both companies cofounded by Amnon Shashua, explain what they can achieve together.

Amir Leybovitch, Yohan Kadoche, Alberto Garfunkel  credit: Sigma Clarity PR Former Psagot CEO Yohan Kadoche buying control of Sigma Clarity

Kadoche is acquiring a 52% stake in Sigma Clarity Investment House and will serve as chairman alongside Alberto Garfunkel.

Pagaya founders Credit: Inbal Marmari Pagaya raises $280m credit facility

The Israeli fintech company raised the debt directly for its needs and not for one of the funds that it operates, so the funds could be used for mergers and acquisitions.

Bank Leumi branch credit: Eyal Izhar "Banks must comply with US sanctions on Israelis"

Israeli ministers have protested, but experts with whom "Globes" spoke say local banks have no option but to freeze the accounts of the four Israelis that the US accuses of violence against Palestinians.

UNRWA credit: Anas-Mohammed Shutterstock Bank Leumi blocks UNRWA bank account

The Israeli bank has written to the UN Palestinian refugee agency saying it was seriously concerned that money from the account was reaching terrorist groups.

Moran Alon credit: Yedid Levy The millionaires' banker: Wall Street's too expensive

Moran Alon, who runs the Israeli branch of Swiss bank Pictet, talks to "Globes" about where the money should go in 2024.

Solar panels EIB to invest €250m in Israeli green projects via Leumi

Bank Leumi has set a strategy on climate change and the environment which aims to provide green credit worth NIS 35 billion by 2030.

Brex  credit: Shutterstock/T. Schneider Tech finance co Brex downsizes

300 people are being laid off around the world, many of them in Israel.

Roman Abramovich credit: Reuters Maxim Shemetov Court orders bank to transfer Abramovich's ZAKA donation

Despite the Attorney General supporting the bank, the Tel Aviv District Court has instructed Mizrahi Tefahot Bank to transfer Roman Abramovich's NIS 8 million donation to ZAKA.

Isracard CEO Ran Oz and Harel vice chairperson Ben Hamburger  credit: Tammy Bar-Shay, PR Harel gives up on acquiring Isracard

In the face of the Competition Authority's opposition, the board of insurance group Harel has decided not to pursue the deal to buy the credit card company.

Roman Abramovich  credit: Reuters/Artyom Geodakyan AG backs bank's refusal to transfer Abramovich ZAKA donation

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara says that if Mizrahi Tefahot Bank transfers Roman Abramovich's donation, it will be exposed to EU sanctions.

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