Hagai Stadler Photo: Benny Deutsch

Solabia buys Israeli microalgae co Algatechnologies for $100m

The French biotech group has acquired 80% of the company based at Kibbutz Ketura near Eilat.

BP technician uses Fieldbit's glasses Photo: BP Fieldbit's smart glasses prevent oil spills

The Israeli company has developed AR solutions that enable field technicians in energy and other industries to avert disasters like BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Eilat homes Photo: Shutterstock Eilat's luxury housing market fails to take off

In years gone by some homes in the Red Sea resort sold for around NIS 10 million but last year there were only three deals of NIS 4 million or more.

Ofer Golan  photo: Cadit Levy "First win, then do damage control"

Likud campaign manager Ofer Golan takes "Globes" behind the scenes of the aggressive and controversial election ploys that brought Benjamin Netanyahu victory.

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Photo: Reuters US to pitch peace plan at Bahrain workshop

The US is hoping to talk about economics, and postpone politics and security until later - a formula that has failed in the past.

Madonna at Eurovision Photo: Reuters Eurovision tourist bonanza fails to materialize

Israel is lamenting the failure to attract more overseas visitors but the failure was to understand that the Eurovision Song Contest is about armchair TV entertainment.

Dr. Norman Bailey Unstable Iran spells danger for Israel

Faced with mounting internal and external pressures, Iran's leadership could decide to ignite Israel's borders.

Google Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative Five Google features developed in Israel

The annual Google I/O developers conference heard about features for flood prediction, and helping the deaf, and those with speech and reading difficulties.

Kare Schultz Photo: Shlomi Yosef Little chance of Teva CEO seeing share price bonus

Kare Schultz received millions of dollars of blocked shares, which he will receive if the share price reaches a certain level by November 2020.

Prof. Shulamit Levenberg Photo: Rami Chelouche Israeli researcher offers hope in overcoming paralysis

By implanting engineered tissue from stem cells taken from the gums, the Technion's Prof. Shulamit Levenberg provides new hope for people with spinal column injuries.

Amazon Photo: Reuters Amazon looks to stay beneath regulator's radar

In Israel, Amazon is looking to avoid the kind of backlash it faced in other countries from businesses and regulators.

Money laundering  photo: Shutterstock/ASAP Creative Your bank is talking to the taxman

Foreign banks have been notifying Israelis with unreported accounts that information on them will be given to the Israel Tax Authority.

Shlomi and Yossi Amir  Illustration: Gil Gibli Torah scrolls and high margins

Shrewd PR, an eye for location, and tough but fair practices, have brought Yossi and Shlomi Amir a NIS 1 billion valuation for their Fresh Market chain.

Prof. Irad Ben-Gal  photo: Eyal Izhar The times they are a-changing us

Prof. Irad Ben-Gal talks to "Globes" about dual digital and physical existence, and other ways technology will challenge our present assumptions about human life.

Israel's Embassy in Nigeria Photo: State Comptroller Israeli diplomats in slum-like conditions, Comptroller finds

Israel's Ambassador to Nigeria has complained about the rats and lice while the Ambassador to Brazil had to sleep on a mattress, the State Comptroller report says.

Daniel Schmil travels on Bubble Photo: Matan Portnoy Ridesharing in Tel Aviv - the pros and cons

"Globes" spent a week trying out Dan and Via's new Bubble ridesharing service.

Israel's 10 Most Promising Startups 2018 "Globes" names Puls Israel's most promising 2018 startup

"Globes" ranks this year's crop of companies that are most likely to make a disruptive difference.

















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