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Record housing deals ahead of tax hike for investors

A record number of homes were sold in Israel as investors scrambled to beat the purchase tax hike, the Finance Ministry chief economist reports.

Tel Aviv apartments Photo: Shutterstock Phaustov Buyers beware in Israel's booming housing market

What the British call 'gazumping' has become more prevalent as sellers seek the best possible price for their homes.

Development at Quris  credit: Quris Drug discovery on a chip - and no mice

Dr. Isaac Bentwich reveals Quris, which aims to save pharmaceutical companies hundreds of millions of dollars and years of development.

Dr. Norman Bailey Israel reliant on a stumbling, lukewarm US

After America's failures at home and abroad in 2021, we can only hope that Israel, and the world, will see better from it in 2022.

Lemonade IPO  credit: Company Facebook page What happened to the insurtech revolution?

High-tech companies like Israel-based Lemonade stormed Wall Street promising to reinvent the staid insurance industry, but their plummeting share prices tell a tale of disappointment.

Eyal Harel  credit: Eyal Izhar "Our upcoming laser system will change the Gaza front"

In a first interview, IDF head of planning Brigadier General Eyal Harel explains what Israel's future army will look like.

Rafael exhibition stand  credit: Rafael Israel's defense brain drain

State-owned defense companies IAI and Rafael are losing out to the likes of Intel and Apple in the struggle to retain top technology talent.

Ben Yehuda Street Photo: Shutterstock Downtown Jerusalem can prosper again

Better management of business and economic development by the Jerusalem Municipality can revive the fortunes of Jerusalem's city center.

Tomer Aizen  credit: Libi Katan Nao Lab food can help save the planet

Climate change is putting traditional farming under increasing pressure. Technology can provide a better way of feeding ourselves, says Wilk CEO Tomer Aizen.

Google Cloud services Photo: Shutterstock Siemplify could help Google enlarge cloud market share

Google has bought the Israeli company to improve its cybersecurity analytics platform Chronicle, and attract big new customers in the fast growing cloud market.

Queue for Covid testing at Ispro Center, Modi'in  credit:  Nevo Trabelsy Is Omicron the beginning of the end?

The latest Covid variant could be what the world has been waiting for, but epidemiologists who spoke to "Globes" aren't so sanguine.

venture capital  image: Shutterstock R&D partnerships point the way ahead for VC

As Sequoia Capital has acknowledged, the traditional VC model no longer serves companies' best interests. Tel Aviv may have one solution.

Cryptocurrency security  credit: Tali Bogdanovski Made in Israel: Cryptocurrency security

You don't have to be Israeli to work in secure multiparty computation, but it helps.

Isreali tech company Aquant  credit: Shlomi Yosef Has venture capital become too safe?

Booming valuations, big financial institutions moving in, and fewer new companies, perhaps spell the end of the traditional VC role.

No-code, low-code Photo: Shutterstock No-code can bypass the shortage of developers

No-code and low-code have huge advantages, but Israeli startups in the field also warn that their applications come with serious risks.

Ranking of the 50 fastest growing companies in Israel Globes and Statista present: Israel's fastest growing companies

For the first time, "Globes" ranks the 50 fastest growing companies in Israel, in collaboration with leading global business data company Statista.

Israel's Best Employers Israelis are proud of their work, but not of their pay

For the first time, "Globes", in collaboration with international market and consumer data company Statista, presents the 150 best employers in Israel.

















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