Moshe Kahlon Photo: Eyal Izhar

Kahlon: No genuine reason for food price rises

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon tells "Globes" that companies are taking advantage of consumers by raising food prices.

Haredim Photo: Shutterstock Haredim aren't as poor as you think

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are smarter consumers, have interest-free loan funds, and are satisfied even if they are poor, the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs has found.

Or Bokobza, David Sheraz and Chen Avni Photo: Kfir Ziv Israeli startup venn builds neighborhoods of the future

Having developed its urban neighboring model in Tel Aviv's Shapira neighborhood, venn, already worth tens of millions of dollars, is targeting 100 cities worldwide starting with New York and Berlin.

Yossi Aton and Uri Bar Sheshet Photo: Rafi Kutz Urban renewal in Jerusalem finally moving ahead

Developers are waiting for a building permit for a project with 130 apartments in Kiryat HaYovel, as demolish and build programs slowly get the green light.

Changing careers Photo: Thinkstock Changing cabins in the Titanic

Don't try and solve a strategic career problem by creating an even larger problem, labor market expert Orna Rudi warns.

IDF dronists Photo: IDF spokesman Israeli army bets big on small drones

The most popular IDF training course for combat soldiers is for "dronists." Elbit is developing a small drone to replace the Chinese drones used by the army.

Isrotel hotel renovation Jaffa Photo: Yossi Cohen Jaffa becomes focus for new boutique hotels

Tourism in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is moving from the seafront towards more historic areas.

money laundering Israel's accountants and lawyers should be worried

The very flattering FATF report on Israel also contains some pointed recommendations.

Tomer Tzach Photo: PR CropX sensors tell farmers how to irrigate and fertilize

The Israeli company is set to deploy a network of automated irrigation systems worldwide, based on "Internet of the soil."

Aliza Bloch Photo: Jonathan Bloom Beit Shemesh's new mayor prepares for change

Aliza Bloch, who won the election in a tremendous upset, talks about economic growth, tolerance and transparency.

Ryanair Low-cost flights are not necessarily cheaper

Israelis are increasing their presence on the flights of easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air. But many things must be taken into account to ensure that fares really are cheaper.

Israel Railways Photo: Israel Railways Spokesperson Israel Railways hurtling towards financial disaster

Dragged into debt by its cargo subsidiary, and failing to exploit its commercial potential, Israel Railways is using accounting tricks to extort taxpayers' money.

Traffic jams Will we still get caught in traffic jams in five years?

Four major transportation projects are scheduled for completion in 2025, but they are not enough.

Tel Aviv light railway Eight transport projects to clear the jams

"Globes" reveals the projects designed to relieve road congestion, their cost, where they stand, and the likelihood that they will really change our lives.

Israel's 10 Most Promising Startups 2018 "Globes" names Puls Israel's most promising 2018 startup

"Globes" ranks this year's crop of companies that are most likely to make a disruptive difference.

Elisabeth Kogan Photo: PR Teva's loss is Israeli pharma industry's gain

Disinvestment by Teva from Israeli companies and thousands of employees laid off have had advantages for Israel's pharma industry, including successful startups.

Medical cannabis Photo: Shutterstock The state of medical cannabis

"Globes" surveys Israel's medical cannabis sector, in which  more than 100 companies are already operating.
















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