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BoI: Five-day school week would raise productivity

The Bank of Israel proposes greater investment in education and more overlap between school hours and work hours to bring productivity up to the OECD average.

Anthony De Lannoy "Never mind the deficit, watch the demographics"

IMF executive Anthony De Lannoy, in Israel for Cyber Week, sees the time coming when the rest of Israel's population will refuse to finance social benefits for non-working haredim.

Zohar Zisapel  / Photo: Jonathan Bloom , Globes Zohar Zisapel moving from auto-tech to AI investments

40 years after founding RAD with his brother, Zisapel is still putting his heart into technology investments.

Netanyahu at the National Center for Mariculture (NCM) in Eilat / Photo: Yud Photography Gov't funding tuna farming research in Eilat

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects the assertion that the government is funding the project because it was initiated by his brother-in-law.

Eran Yaacov / Photo: Jonathan Bloom , Globes Israeli pays tax on NIS 4.5m cash hidden at home

"Globes" tells about the voluntary disclosure procedure in which a man paid NIS 1.4 million cash to the Israel Tax Authority but then found the banks refusing to accept the rest.

American Airlines Will American Airlines impact Israel - US fares?

The announcement that the world's largest airline is resuming flights to Tel Aviv next year will add competition to the route.

Porsche Germans flock to Israel seeking technology

According to IVC, deals with German involvment accounted for 30% of the number of European deals in the Israeli ecosystem in the first half of 2019.

Shekel  / Photo: Shutterstock Why the shekel is the world's strongest currency

Harel Finances VP Yair Mendelson explains why the shekel has gained so strongly against the dollar, while most major currencies have weakened against the US currency.

Moshe BenBassat "Salesforce is a great home for my baby"

ClickSoftware founder Moshe BenBassat: What happens to my people, whom I worked with for 20 years, is very important to me. The atmosphere in the deal was one of mutual commitment.

Eli Tsipori No need for Bank of Israel forex market intervention

Israel's currency is strong because its economy is strong and the strong shekel rewards efficiency and benefits consumers.

Unicorn / Photo: Shutterstock Why are we seeing so many unicorns?

Tech companies are staying private for much longer than they used to, reaching huge valuations. Why? Follow the money.

Amiram Barkat Foreign speculators behind strengthening of shekel

In Israel, publication of the Bank of Israel protocols on the interest rate decision did not make waves, but the rest of the world attributed far more importance to them.

Amir Kahanovich "Bank of Israel should cut rate below zero"

Phoenix Excellence chief economist Amir Kahanovich believes interest rates will stay low for years to come and real estate prices could rise significantly.

Jonathan Bailey Passenger numbers double on Tel Aviv - Hong Kong route

Outgoing Cathay Pacific Israel country manager Jonathan Bailey sums up a remarkable 30 months in Tel Aviv.

No shade in Dizengoff square Planners to start putting Israel into the shade

Shady places are about as rare as parking places in Israel's cities, but municipalities are finally addressing the matter.
















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