Benny Gantz and Shmuel Shapira / Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense, PR

Israel to begin Covid-19 vaccine human trials

Israel Institute of Biological Research head: We have a product and we will begin human safety and efficacy trials in October.

Haifa Photo: Tamar Matsafi Yesterday Beirut tomorrow Haifa Bay

With 800 hazardous materials stored in Haifa Bay, concerns are raised that Israel could see a similar catastrophe to Beirut.

High-tech office / Photo: Shutterstock, When doing good ends badly

Diversity policies in enterprises often achieve the opposite of the desired result. There are better ways.

Gilad Glick / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes As sleep patients stay home, Itamar Medical's time arrives

Covid-19 has made sleep clinics risky, which is where Itamar Medical's disposable home sleep apnea diagnosis kit comes in.

Printing cultured meat / Photo: Amir Cohen Reuters , Reuters High steaks

Investors are gobbling up Israeli meat substitute companies with exciting technologies and intriguing raw materials.

Adam Neumann in Tel Aviv Adam Neumann recharges his batteries in Israel

After five months in Israel, the WeWork founder is back in the US and acquaintances say he still has big plans.

Amiram Barkat Israel's fiscal Pandora's boxes

The government's parallel spending trick, known as "boxes",imperils Israel's hard-won credit rating and economic good name.

Amiram Shachar / Photo: Spot From college project to $450m exit

Spot founder Amiram Shachar's professors weren't impressed by his idea for cheaper cloud computing, but it's now central to NetApp.

Intel lab Israel has put too many eggs in the Intel basket

Intel CEO Bob Swan's comments about outsourcing production provides Israel with an opportunity to examine alternative options for huge government grants.

Privacy / Photo illustration: Shutterstock, Israel's outdated privacy laws jeopardize relations with EU

It may look like legislative colonialism, but Israel stands to lose a great deal from failure to meet Europe's GDPR standards.

Stores for rent  / Photo: Guy Nardi Covid-19 hastens decline of Israel's main street stores

Even before the Covid-19 crisis stores were struggling to compete with malls and online sales. "Globes" looks at three Israeli cities.

Leviathan gas field Photo: Noble Energy Chevron heralds new dawn for Israeli offshore energy

Market sources say that the first-ever oil major to come here would not have acquired Noble Energy without Israel's improved relations with the Gulf states.

Yaneer Bar-Yam / Photo: PR "Israel can eradicate Covid-19 within weeks"

Complex systems expert Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam believes "flattening the curve" is immoral and futile, and that we have a better choice.

Amnon Shashua "Mobileye could leave Israel in an instant"

Amnon Shashua fears Israel will miss a historic opportunity to lead the automotive revolution unless regulatory change is speeded up.












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