Mickey Boodaei Photo: Omri Erel

Biometric authentication co Transmit Security raises $543m

The Israeli cybersecurity company, which strives for a passwordless world, completed the financing round at a valuation of $2.2 billion.

Dan Naveh Surely it's time to close down Israel Bonds

US-based Israel Bonds wastes public money on fat salaries and political perks and pays bondholders interest rates that Israelis can only dream about.

Intel Capital team  with incoming head Roi Bar-Kat and outgoing head Yair Shoham  credit: Eyal Tueg "Is there over-enthusiasm about tech? Absolutely"

Intel Capital Israel's incoming and outgoing heads give a sober but optimistic view of the current technology investment scene.

Rephael Sweary, President WalkMe Photo: WalkMe WalkMe president: We can turn profitable whenever we want

Rephael Sweary describes how WalkMe invented a new tech category, and what brings the big customers.

Amir Shlachet credit: Eyal Izhar Oiling the wheels of e-commerce

Amir Schlachet left a stellar banking career to co-found Global-e. From the perspective of a $7 billion market cap, he tells "Globes" it was not a classic startup tale.

Israel Canada sets up country's newest hotel chain

Undeterred by the Covid crisis, which provided opportunities, Israel Canada hotels head Reuven Elkes tells "Globes" about the hotels already open and those being built or renovated.

Benjamin Netanyahu / Photo: Knesset Spokesperson Adina Walman , דוברות הכנסת Netanyahu's economic record: The good, the bad, the indifferent

Low unemployment, high growth rates (but not high enough), and a resounding failure on housing.

Riots in Lod, May 2021  credit: Gregory Baldwin, Reuters Disenfranchised youth endangering Israel from within

The recent violence in Israel's mixed cities is a call to action on alienation, neglect, and crime among Arab youngsters.

Call for Entries: Globes ranks Israel's Best Law Firms

Globes and international business data company Statista are calling for entries for the ranking of Israel's best law firms.

Change block party heads meeting in early June credit: Raanan Cohen Five challenges for Israel's new government

Naftali Bennett's inherently unstable coalition faces both domestic and foreign pressures that could easily tear it apart.

Dr. Yaron Daniely credit: Eyal Izhar "We're concerned at the decline in early-stage startups"

Dr. Yaron Daniely of healthcare VC firm aMoon intends to take an active approach to turning academic research into viable companies.

Siblings Ofir and Efrat Dvash  credit: Eyal Izhar A land flowing with artificial honey

Israeli family foodtech company Bee-io seeks to save the bees we need from extinction while producing the pure honey we crave.

Vitania Tower Photo: Eyal Izhar Tel Aviv glass towers spread south

Having completed a first 40-floor tower near the La Guardia Interchange, Vitania is building two more, as high-rise office, hotel and residential developments spread south.

Rani Zim Photo: Oren Kahn Rani Zim: Israel's newest tycoon

From founding a fast growing shopping center chain to mutual fund management through the acquisition of Psagot, Rani Zim says he is only just starting out.

Philips imaging equipment Credit: Company website Philips switch to health technology is Israel's gain

Having sold all its non-healthcare activities, Philips CEO Frans van Houten tells "Globes" about future plans, with Israel figuring largely.

Tel Aviv's Ludvipol neighborhood Photo: Eyal Izhar Tel Aviv's forgotten neighborhood

In the shadow of the Kibbutz Galuyot Interchange, Ludwipol is a battleground between residents and real estate developers.
















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