El Al and Eli Rozenberg / Photo: Yoav Yaari Eli Rozenberg has the toughest of tasks ahead

26 year-old Eli Rozenberg has never run a major business before. A source told "Globes" that he is eager to prove himself.

Bar on an Emirates aircraft / Photo: Company website Emirates sets up Kosher Arabia for airline food

Ahead of the launch of Tel Aviv - Dubai flights, Emirates Flight Catering has through a partnership set up a dedicated kosher food production facility in the UAE.

El Al plane  / Photo: El Al, PR El Al to restart passenger flights next month

The airline will begin operating scheduled flights from Tel Aviv to New York, London and Paris on October 12.

Arkia Neo 321 LR Ofra Haza  / Photo: Arkia spokesperson Arkia employees agree 130 layoffs, pay cuts

The airline's management, workers committee and Histadrut agreed to cut nearly 25% of the workforce.

El Al Eli Rozenberg buys control of El Al

Rozenberg's Kanfei Nesharim company, which now has a 42.85% stake in the airline, says it will emphasize punctuality and improved service.

El Al plane  / Photo: Yoav Yaari Eli Rozenberg only bidder in El Al's TASE offering

The man that parent company Knafaim least wanted to see in charge of the airline is on the way to buying a controlling stake.

El Al 737-900 / Photo: Yoav Yaari El Al TASE $150m offering to go ahead Wednesday

Eli Rozenberg has said he will buy shares worth $101 million, which would give him control of the airline.

Meir Gurvitz Meir Gurvitz quits El Al race

Gurvitz said he was ending his bid because of the Ministry of Finance's refusal to let El Al make a private placement.

Tel Aviv's empty Ben Gurion Airport / Photo: Yossi Fattal Ben Gurion airport to stay open during lockdown

Passengers leaving Israel will need to arrive at the airport with a valid ticket four hours before the flight.

Eilat  / Photo: Yud Photography Eilat wants lockdown exemption

"If people can fly to Greece, why can't they spend a vacation in Eilat?"

Bahrain / Photo: Hamad I Mohammed, Reuters , Reuters Issta: Three-night Bahrain package for $500

Bahrain is cheaper for tourists than Dubai says Issta CEO Ronen Carasso.

United Airlines launches Tel Aviv - Chicaqgo flights / Photo: Itzik Biran United inaugurates Tel Aviv - Chicago flights

The US airline will operate three weekly flights between Ben Gurion airport and O'Hare airport.

El Al  / Photo: Yoav Yaari Treasury nixes private placement for El Al

In comments on the draft prospectus for El Al's equity offering, the Ministry of Finance also makes clear there will be no state loan.

Abu Dhabi seafront  / Photo: Shutterstock, Abu Dhabi advises hotels to offer kosher food

Abu Dhabi's Ministry of Tourism is preparing for an influx of Israeli and Jewish guest during the Sukkot holiday next month.

El Al El Al agrees to $150m public offering next week

The financially troubled airline has also been given the green light by the Finance Ministry to conduct a private placement before September 16.

Israir Photo: PR Israir to launch Tel Aviv - Dubai flights next month

Israir will market four-night vacation packages to the UAE starting from $700.

Meir Gurvitz Meir Gurvitz pays flying visit to Israel to promote El Al bid

Sources close to the real estate businessman say that the meetings he held in Israel today will 'reshuffle the deck.'

El Al plane  / Photo: Yoav Yaari Rozenberg sets up company to buy El Al in public offering

Eli Rozenberg has appointed Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt to Kanfei Nesharim's executive committee.

Greece Greece to end restrictions on Israeli tourists

From September 15, there will be no restrictions on the numbers of Israeli entering Greece providing tourists have a valid negative Covid-19 test.

El Al 737-900 / Photo: Yoav Yaari Gov't Cos Authority head slams Treasury's 'absurd' El Al plan

Yaakov Kvint has blasted the Ministry of Finance's plan to buy shares in the airline's offering but not exercise its voting rights.

Virgin Atlantic Photo: Shutterstock Virgin Atlantic restarts London - Tel Aviv flights

The UK carrier is operating three flights this week between London Heathrow and Ben Gurion airport.

El Al plane  / Photo: Yoav Yaari Sapir to Treasury: El Al board chose my bid

El Al chairman Yehuda Levy is encouraging David Sapir to obtain a $400 million loan for the airline from Deutsche Bank.

El Al 737-900 / Photo: Yoav Yaari Treasury presents new El Al aid plan

Under the plan, El Al will have to carry out a public equity offering by September 15.

El Al El Al will struggle to compete with Emirates and Etihad

The opening of Saudi airspace is a double-edged sword for El Al. It will shorten flight times, and cut costs to the east but bring in formidable rivals.

Meir Gurvitz Meir Gurvitz - an unlikely suitor to buy El Al

Many Tel Aviv Stock Exchange veterans raised their eyebrows when they heard that Gurvitz, whose real estate company has been through three debt settlements, was interested in buying El Al.

Rony Timsit  / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Jerusalem Inbal rebrands as hotel for Israeli guests

Inbal Hotel general manager Rony Timsit has relished the challenge of the switch to domestic tourism caused by Covid-19.

Bar on an Emirates aircraft / Photo: Company website Israelis dream of Emirates, Etihad and Muslim pilgrims

Normalization with the UAE opens up enormous aviation and tourism potential - in both directions.

Greece Reopening Israel's skies is not so simple

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to open up Israel to Greece and Cyprus on August 1, but don't start packing yet.

Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef  / Photo: Shlomi Amsalem "Closing borders is easier than opening them"

Israel Population and Immigration Authority director general Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef is circumspect about when the country's skies are likely to reopen.

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