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Twistlock founders Ben Bernstein and Dima Stopel Photo: PR Israeli cloud security co Twistlock raises $33m

The Twistlock platform replaces multiple outdated layers of security.

Google Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative Google Flights launches in Hebrew

Google Flights is a search engine that helps consumers find the cheapest flights between destinations by comparing fares.

fax machine  photo: Shutterstock Check Point warns fax machines vulnerable

A new study by the Israeli cybersecurity company shows that faxes are not as safe as people think.

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel Photo: Eyal Izhar "We'll make Israel one of world's AI leaders"

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, who persuaded the government to invest in cybersecurity in 2010, hopes to duplicate this success in artificial intelligence.

Tony Detter, Tomer Dvir and Kevin Taweel Photo: Eyal Izhar After Soluto, Asurion seeks more Israeli acquisitions

The US company's board has given Soluto CEO Tomer Dvir a mandate to make acquisitions and investments in Israel.

Jeff Herbst photo: Amir Meiri "Nvidia is going straight for a fully autonomous vehicle"

Nvidia VP business development Jeff Herbst sees AI taking over everywhere, and Nvidia's platform leading the charge.

Volodymyr Stavniuk Photo: Yossi Zamir Ukraine offers low-cost high-tech professionals

15,000 Ukrainians are working for Israeli high-tech companies. The Ukrainian government wants to increase that to 150,000.

Cyber war Photo: Shutterstock Hamas preparing for cyber war

Hamas's hackers are still amateurish, but are gaining experience and sophistication, possibly with Iranian help.

Datorama  photo: PR What makes Datorama worth $850m to Salesforce?

Datorama has grown rapidly into a company with significant revenue and major customers, but its contribution to Salesforce lies ahead.

Cyabra founders Photo: PR Identifying fraud and fake news in intelligence

Former Israeli manipulators of the social networks for business and political campaigns have crossed the lines and are now helping to detect such campaigns.

Baidu autonomous test vehicle  photo: PR Israeli autotech and US-China trade wars

China's growing investment in Israel's autotech industry serves its strategic interests.

Yoav Keren, Yuval, Zantkeren, David Fridman, Itai Galmor photo: Amir Meiri "We want to soothe fears about cryptocurrencies"

BrandShield has developed a blockchain platform that issues fraud alerts.

Jadwiga Emilewicz  photo: Tomer Foltyn Poland wants Israeli high tech

Polish technology minister Jadwiga Emilewicz is keen to persuade Israeli entrepreneurs to establish R&D centers in Poland.

Shalev Hulio and Omri Lavie  photo: Eyal Izhar NSO: Cyber weapon co sale to Verint in jeopardy?

Verint was reportedly about to buy NSO at a $1 billion valuation.

Lior Shalev Photo: Shlomi Yosef Impact investment blends business and social aims

Lior Shalev, grandson of Teva founder Eli Hurvitz, targets the 'double bottom line' - both economic and social profit.

Google translate Photo: Shutterstock Google Translate's Hebrew-Arabic-Persian war of words

Why does Google mistranslate a Hebrew sentence on gender equality into Persian for celebrating the 14th anniversary of Al Qaeda in Israel?

Brian Krzanich Photo: PR Safety is why Intel bought Mobileye

The future of autonomous vehicles comes down to saving lives, and it’s why I led the $15.3 billion purchase of Mobileye, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Joseph Lubin  photo: Joe Bender ConsenSys takes on Israel

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin talks to "Globes" about his vision for Ethereum and its new development center in Tel Aviv.

Elad Brindt-Shavit High-tech embraces Israel's LGBTQ community

Israeli high-tech provides LGBTQ employees with rights and benefits that should be extended to all, writes Facebook Israel executive Elad Brindt-Shavit.

Yossi Vardi and Jeremie Abihssira  photo: Brett Kline Israelis strive to shine at Paris VivaTech

This year's Viva Technology show highlighted Africa's emerging high-tech scene, but Israeli startups made an exciting contribution.

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