Amnon Shashua presents Mobileye's new radar chip credit: Mobileye Mobileye expands into lidar and radar

Mobileye is intensifying its collaboration with Chinese car maker Geely, and developing its own lidar and radar chips for autonomous vehicles.

Parking in Tel Aviv  / Photo: Shlomi Yosef Tel Aviv parking rents up 7% in 2020

The number of the city's residents seeking to rent a parking place near their home rose to a record 29,000 in August, Yad2 reports.

Israel grants Tesla car import license

Tesla becomes the first car manufacturer that has been allowed by the Transport Ministry to directly import its own cars into Israel.

Tesla Tesla in talks with local cos on Israeli charging network

Tesla is negotiating with Afcon and EV-Edge on the construction of four, and possibly five, Supercharger stations.

Parking in Tel Aviv  / Photo: Shlomi Yosef Tel Aviv street parking to shrink by 10,000 spaces

The latest reduction comes after the local planning and building committee also relaxed requirements for each new home to have its own parking space.

Tesla / Photo: Shutterstock illustration , Tesla cars on their way to Israel

Tesla has obtained a commercial import licence from the Ministry of Transport. Online sales are expected to start within days.

Trees in Jaffa's Jerusalem Blvd. Trees and parks to be axed for Metro and light rail

Thousands of trees will be felled and Tel Aviv parks turned into building sites. Environmentalists insist the damage can be reduced.

Miri Regev Tel Aviv Metro has already cost NIS 500m

As Minister of Transport Miri Regev mulls cancelling Israel's biggest and costliest ever project, "Globes" examines what work has already been done.

Metro / Photo illustration: Shutterstock illustration , Is the Tel Aviv Metro worth it?

The Ministry of Finance thinks so. But overshooting budgets and deadlines may erode the returns on the investment. "Globes" crunches the numbers.

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