Electric vehicles at charging station  credit: Shutterstock Details emerge of proposed driving tax on electric cars

Under current Ministry of Finance proposals, the tax will average NIS 3,000-4,000 annually.

Tel Aviv Metro Credit: Shutterstock Ministerial c'ttee approves plans for 2 Tel Aviv Metro lines

The inter-ministerial committee has approved the M1 line southern section and the M3 line.

Zim CEO Eli Glickman Photo: Itay Rappaport ZIM keeps posting record profits

CEO Eli Glickman: Since our flotation just a year and four months ago we have distributed dividends that are fifteen times the amount we raised.

Optibus founders Eitan Yanovsky and Amos Haggiag  credit: Optibus Transport planning co Optibus raises $100m at $1.3b valuation

Co-founder and CEO Amos Haggiag: It wasn't easy to get the valuation we wanted.

Image of ElectReon technology credit: Company website ElectReon to charge Electra Afikim buses

The NIS 6.5 million project in Rosh Ha'ayin will enable public transport company Electra Afikim to charge 30 buses 24 hours a day.

Shai Agassi  credit: Tamar Matsafi Shai Agassi makes autotech comeback with Israeli LiDAR co

Agassi is executive chairperson of LiDAR developer Makalu Optics of Rehovot.

Road 6 Credit: Tamar Matsafi Extra bus and ridesharing lane to be built on Road 6

The number of buses on the Cross-Israel Highway hardly justifies an extra lane, so cars with three people have been added. It is just an excuse to continue investing in the car.

Electric car at charging station credit: Shutterstock Still more questions than answers in Israel's EV market

You bought an electric car? Great. But what will it be worth when you sell it? And outside Tel Aviv, where will you charge it?

Driverless parking  credit: Tesla Transport Ministry to allow driverless parking

The function whereby a car parks itself and returns to the driver is available on Tesla and Hyundai EVs sold in Israel.

Traffic jam on Ayalon Highway  credit: Eyal Izhar The price of living in a crowded country

Under-investment in Israel's infrastructure is costing us not just time and annoyance, but billions in lost GDP.

NTA deputy CEO: Light rail can operate this year

Outgoing NTA deputy CEO Keren Zohar insists the Tel Aviv light rail Red Line can start operations in November, if bureaucratic obstacles are removed.

Tel Aviv light rail subway Photo: Eyal Izhar Metro line cut back after Ra'anana, Kfar Saba objections

The Ministry of Transport insists that the section of the M1 line north of Glilot has not been cancelled but will be approved at a later stage.

Cycling in Tel Aviv  credit: Shlomi Yosef Tel Aviv area cycling infrastructure set for major expansion

The project is part of a national master plan aimed at raising the proportion of journeys made by bicycle to 10%.

Levinsky Street Credit: Cadya Levy Levinsky Market is just the start

The success of closing off Levinsky Street has encouraged Tel Aviv to banish cars from more side streets.

New cars Credit: Shutterstock Alexfan32 Prices of new cars to rise sharply after Passover

Car manufacturers are passing on higher energy, raw material and shipping costs to the importers.

Trial run of Red Line train in Petah Tikva  credit: Eyal Izhar Do prices along the Red Line have further to rise?

Transport experts say Petah Tikva and Bat Yam, at the two ends of NTA's first light rail route, will see the greatest impact, but it all depends on suitable urban planning.

New configuration of Downtown Rehovot Photo: Arceffect Adi Bueno Rehovot-Rishon Bus-Rapid-Transport plans unveiled

The 21 kilometer BRT service involves closing the main streets of Rehovot and Ness Ziona to cars.

Egged bus Photo: PR Egged opts to sell to Keystone Fund, despite lower bid

In a surprise move, the bus company has rejected the much higher bid from the Carasso-Migdal-Aluma consortium, after it refused to make a 15% down payment.

Down payment demand complicates Egged sale

The winners of the tender for the sale of 50% of the bus company, the size of whose bid astonished the capital market, object to paying 15% by April 25.

Hyundai Lantra hybrid Israel Q1 car deliveries strong despite supply disruptions

100,594 new cars and commercial vehicles were delivered in the first quarter of 2022, down 10% from the corresponding period of 2021.

Modi'in Railway Station Photo: Amir Meiri Jerusalem - Modi'in railway line opens

Israel Railways built three bridges and a tunnel totaling 650 meters, so that trains traveling westwards from Jerusalem could turn onto the Modi'in branch line.

Public transport Photo: Shutterstock Israel to provide free public transport for over 75s

The fares reform of Minister of Transport Merav Michaeli and Minister of Finance Avigdor Liberman includes a major rise in government subsidies.

Haifa Port Photo: Eyal Izhar 77 ships await entry to Israel's ports

One of the reasons that the crisis is hitting Israel hard is that the government is not allowing Israel's new ports to open their empty quays to unload any cargoes.

Zim Photo: Shutterstock Zim charters six more vessels

Zim will charter six 5,500 TEU wide beam newly built vessels with a group of investors led by MPC Capital.

Prof. Amir Yaron Photo: Bank of Israel Spokesperson BoI Governor: Replace excise on fuel with congestion tax

Prof. Amir Yaron said that Israel should switch from excise to the congestion fee, which is a smarter tax.

Parking in Tel Aviv Photo: Shutterstock Adi Shpigel Tel Aviv plans to double curbside parking tariffs

Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality plans to nearly double the price of blue and white curbside parking for residents from outside of the city from NIS 6.30 an hour to NIS 12.

NTA CEO Haim Glik Photo: Cadya Levy NTA CEO: Red Line will begin operating this year

Haim Glik told the Globes Real Estate and Infrastructures Conference that the light rail will begin commercial operations in 2022.

Tel Aviv light rail Photo: Eyal Izhar Tel Aviv light rail launch delayed until 2023

The Red Line is scheduled to open in November 2022 but the company auditing progress of the project expects delays until next year.

Taxis at Ben Gurion Airport  credit: Tamar Matsafi Transport Ministry challenged over airport taxi rip-offs

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel has taken up cases of flagrant overcharging of tourists at Ben Gurion Airport reported by "Globes".

Zim CEO Eli Glickman Photo: Itay Rappaport Zim worth over $10b

Due to the boom in global shipping, the company's share price has risen nearly 500% since its IPO in January 2021.

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