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Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Social entropy paralyzes investment

Up until a few weeks ago, who would have questioned a decision to invest in Hong Kong or Chile?

Ben Shapiro The US can learn from Israel's social cohesion

Ben Shapiro argues that as American nationhood disintegrates, inspiration can be taken from Israel's sense of solidarity.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Trump exposes Israel

The US president's feckless behavior in the Middle East arena has multiplied the threat Israel faces from Iran and its proxies.

Amiram Barkat  illustration: Gil Gibli No incentive for Israel Inc. to streamline

Cutting ridiculous public spending doesn't require a Knesset majority or a new government. All it needs is a sense of responsibility.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli The Lebanonization of the world

Criminal and terrorist money is becoming a very significant part of the global economy.

Yaniv Pagot  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel Chemicals would seem to be undervalued

Experience has taught me not to disparage market wisdom, while not embracing collective wisdom as if it were infallible, argues  Ayalon Investment House's Yaniv Pagot.

Hot logo Hot wreaks revenge on rivals

Through Suny, Hot is hitting the soft underbelly of the mobile phone companies that compete against it in the TV and landline Internet infrastructure markets.

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