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Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Cellcom moves to scupper Partner-Hot merger

The regulators will not allow more than one merger in Israel's telecommunications market, and so Cellcom's talks with Golan Telecom have a double aim.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Deal of the century is non-starter

Drawn up by a demented cartographer, the plan, however, does bury the Oslo agreement and demonstrate that Arab Israelis don't want to be Palestinians.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli An opportunity to create a fairer Israel

The Alaskan Native Corporations are an example of how we should use gas revenues to give all Israelis a greater share in their country's wealth.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel's political system is broken, so fix it

Term limits for heads of government and electoral districts are just two vitally needed reforms.

Avigdor Willenz Photo: Tamar Matsafi Avigdor Willenz has done it again

The Israeli entrepreneur has previously sold companies to Marvell, Amazon and Cisco. But why has Intel paid $2 billion for Habana Labs?

Amiram Barkat  illustration: Gil Gibli The shekel's strong, unemployment's low, what's the problem?

What the Governor of the Bank of Israel is afraid of, as Israel's political paralysis continues.

Amiram Barkat  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel's Q3 growth not all it seems

Analysts maintain that the composition of growth means that the Bank of Israel might still cut its interest rate.

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