Kare Schultz  / Photo: Kadia Levy Kare Schultz: Teva set for single-digit growth in 2021

Although cuts, consolidation and streamlining will continue, the Teva CEO told the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference that the company will return to revenue growth this year.

Tehila Ben Moshe Photo: Ophir Farkash Biond Biologics sells cancer drug rights to Sanofi for $125m

The Israeli company could also be entitled to $1 billion in milestone payments plus royalties for its immunotherapy treatment.

Vaccination center in Rabin Square Eyal Izhar What data is Israel actually giving Pfizer?

Experts are alarmed about possible breaches of confidentiality and the lack of transparency in Israel's vaccine deal with Pfizer.

Dr. Alex Tendler and Dr. Lana Volokh. credit: PR Fighting cancer from within

ExoProTher Medical is using the body's own anti-cancer agent to treat brain cancer.

Pfizer vaccine  / Photo: Company website More Pfizer vaccine doses delivered to Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that 72% of over 60s have had their first jab and inoculations for 50-60 year olds will begin next week.

Medical devices Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative Israeli angiography co CathWorks raises $30m

The company's FFRangio system, which is a non-invasive diagnostic technology that is used during routine angiography.

Prof. Vardit Ravitsky Should Israelis refusing the vaccination be punished?

International bioethics expert Prof. Vardit Ravitsky weighs the pros and cons of a 'green passport' for those already vaccinated.

Covid vaccination MDA Spokesperson Israel trades medical data for vaccine doses

"Globes" reveals how Pfizer was persuaded to make it a top priority to provide Israel with millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses.

Benjamin Netanyahu Ruby Kastro Walla! Netanyahu: All Israelis will be vaccinated by March

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Pfizer have agreed that Israel will serve as a model for the vaccination of an entire country.

Pfizer vaccination  / Photo: Company website First Moderna vaccine consignment lands in Israel

500,000 Moderna vaccine doses are expected in Israel in the coming few weeks and Pfizer will deliver more vaccine earlier than expected.

Vaccination Israel is world's guinea pig after swift vaccine rollout

All eyes will be on Israel to see not only if the jabs work but also if the country can use its success to come smoothly out of lockdown.

Research in Israel finds Pfizer vaccine effective

Sheba Medical Center's Prof. Gili Regev found encouraging results in the 300 people examined that have had their first Covid-19 vaccine jab.

Tel Aviv during first lockdown  / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Israeli cabinet set to tighten lockdown

As new virus infections rise sharply, a full lockdown will be imposed with schools closing and only essential workplaces remaining open.

Ori Yehudai Simplivia Healthcare buys diagnostics co Novamed

FIMI controlled Simplivia, which develops devices for the safe administration of hazardous drugs, operates out of the former Teva factory in Kiryat Shmona.

Moderna to supply Israel with vaccine 'shortly'

The US biotech company last night reported that its mRNA vaccine has received Israeli Ministry of Health approval.

Pfizer vaccine  / Photo: Company website Pfizer denies halting Covid vaccine delivery to Israel

An unsourced message circulating on social media proves to be improbable and inaccurate.

Vaccinations Photo: Shutterstock Israel's Covid-19 vaccination enigma

There is no mystery as to how Israel has already managed to vaccinate 1.25 million people, but it is unclear how it received so many Pfizer vaccine doses so quickly.

Pfizer vaccination  / Photo: Company website Israel's green passport provides vaccination incentive

The document will exempt Israelis from isolation when returning from abroad and Cyprus has announced that tourists with proof of vaccination can enter without isolating.

Taburi cord blood bank Edward Stern Taburit wins Sheba cord blood bank tender

Taburit founded Sheba Medical Center's umbilical cord private blood bank after pioneering the field, and has been operating the blood bank since.

Pfizer vaccine  / Photo: Company website The plague of vaccine nationalism

Salesforce GM & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ashwini Zenooz tells "Globes" about efforts to bring Covid-19 vaccinations to the world's developing countries.

Asaf Danziger credit: Eldad Rafaeli "One day every cancer patient will use our product"

NovoCure's innovative cancer treatment has already made it the third most valuable Israeli company on Wall Street. CEO Asaf Danziger talks to "Globes".

Zvi Marom  / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes "It's not right that Israeli high tech is foreign owned"

BATM CEO Zvi Marom warns about Israel's high tech future, while the sector is mainly foreign owned, and says the vaccination won't beat Covid-19.

Management A trip to better management skills?

More and more Israeli senior executives are discovering the benefits and perils of mind-altering drugs.

Prof. Peretz Lavie. credit:  Annie Tritt – WSJ "Israel is losing its status in science"

Incoming National Council for Civilian R&D chair Prof. Peretz Lavie warns that Israel's "startup nation" image masks severe under-investment.

Tammy Galili and Dr Moshe Benshaul / Photo: Shlomi Yosef , Globes The lows and highs of Ilex Medical

The lab test company's chairman Moshe Ben Shaul and CEO Tammy Galili, father and daughter, tell "Globes" how change means opportunity.

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