Shai Novik Photo: Eyal Yitzhar Enlivex reports further success in Covid-19 trial

Seven severely ill patients treated with Enlivex's Allocetra, which stops the immune system running out of control, have fully recovered.

Covid-19 patient  / Photo: Ruby Castro Walla! News Third lockdown fears as new Covid-19 cases rise

1,568 people tested positive for the virus yesterday, Israel's Ministry of Health reports, the largest number of new infections since mid-October.

Cancer Cancer drug development co Biosight raises $46m

Biosight, based at Airport City near Tel Aviv, is developing innovative cancer therapeutics for hematological malignancies and disorders.

Gil Naor. Credit: Shay Zilberman Israeli medical valve co MitrAssist raises $50m

The Caesarea-based company has developed a medical valve that is inserted into a catheter for symptomatic patients with primary or secondary mitral regurgitation.

Prof. Peretz Lavie. credit:  Annie Tritt – WSJ "Israel is losing its status in science"

Incoming National Council for Civilian R&D chair Prof. Peretz Lavie warns that Israel's "startup nation" image masks severe under-investment.

Coronavirus Israel's mortality rate up by over 20%

The number of excess deaths fairly closely matches the number of reported deaths from Covid-19.

Shmuel Shapira  / Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense, PR Israel Covid-19 vaccine head: We lack support

Israel Institute of Biological Research director general Prof. Shmuel Shapira is frustrated by over-regulation and the preference for foreign-made vaccines.

Seven Stars Mall Herzliya / Photo: Cadya Levy, Globes Malls reopen as new daily virus cases climb above 1,000

Black Friday spending in Israel was down 10% on last year, according to credit card data.

Teva  photo: Reuters EU fines Teva €60.5m for "pay for delay" pact

The agreement was with Cephalon, which Teva subsequently acquired, concerning sleep disorder treatment modanifil.

Ohad Goldberg Israel changed plans to buy AstraZeneca vaccine

AstraZeneca Israel CEO Ohad Goldberg says Israel ordered 10 million doses directly, after discovering WHO-program factories did not meet Health Ministry standards.

SavorEat founders  / Photo: Sharon Biron Food-tech co SavorEat raises NIS 42.6m in TASE IPO

The Israeli company produces meat alternatives from an innovative plant based formula, a smart robot for 3D printing, and roasting using advanced cooking methods.

Starfinder Lab aMoon and Roche to cooperate on digital health

The Israeli venture capital fund and the pharmaceutical giant will invest in nine early stage startups.

Tammy Galili and Dr Moshe Benshaul / Photo: Shlomi Yosef , Globes The lows and highs of Ilex Medical

The lab test company's chairman Moshe Ben Shaul and CEO Tammy Galili, father and daughter, tell "Globes" how change means opportunity.

Liat Goldshaid-Zmiri Looking $100 million

CEO Dr. Liat Goldshaid-Zmiri describes how a casual e-mail led to aesthetic medicine company Luminera's acquisition by AbbVie.

Avinoam Sapir Avinoam Sapir: Cannabis is like a medicine

The former Teva Israel CEO, now CEO of Tikun Olam Cannbit, talks about the business and therapeutic potential of medical cannabis.

Tal Ohana  / Photo: Shlomi Yosef , Globes Negev city mayor takes initiative to cut Covid-19

Tal Ohana did not sit around waiting for the government to act and has transformed Yeruham from a 'red' city to 'green' by taking responsibility for the situation.

Adam de la Zerda and Visby Medical's miniature PCR device / Photo: Reuters The Israeli professor, the fast corona test, and the FDA

Prof. Adam de la Zerda talks about the device that could be a game-changer in the fight against Covid-19.

Luis Voloch and Noam Solomon / Photo: PR The startup databasing our immune system

Immunai helps drug companies make immune therapies more accurate and customized.

Gil Sheratzky and Ori Gilboa / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes "Covid-19 has better PR, but texting while driving is deadlier"

SaverOne claims to have the long-sought solution to drivers being distracted by their phones. Now it's up to the regulators.

Gilad Glick / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes As sleep patients stay home, Itamar Medical's time arrives

Covid-19 has made sleep clinics risky, which is where Itamar Medical's disposable home sleep apnea diagnosis kit comes in.

Yaneer Bar-Yam / Photo: PR "Israel can eradicate Covid-19 within weeks"

Complex systems expert Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam believes "flattening the curve" is immoral and futile, and that we have a better choice.

Laboratory testing for coronavirus  / Photo: Ministry of Health, PR Israeli tech collaborates on Covid-19 challenges

As Covid-19 rages, companies with solutions meet hospitals with problems on digital health community platform HealthIL.

Naftali Bennett  / Photo: Alex Kolomoisky, Yedioth Ahronoth Bennett benefits as gov't stumbles on Covid-19

In opposition, Naftali Bennett has gained popularity with policies to combat the virus, and is unscathed from his role in the government, which opened the economy.

Amnon Shashua / Photo: Rafi Kotz, Globes Amnon Shashua: No need for another lockdown

The Intel SVP tells "Globes" that the million Israelis with underlying conditions who are endangered by Covid-19 should be given special protection.

Dr Eliav Barr "I don't care who wins, as long as we get a vaccine"

MSD executive Dr. Eliav Barr describes his company's coronavirus vaccine strategy, and possible threats to come.

Gil Kerbs / Photo: private photo AI in the kitchen

Founder Gil Kerbs tells "Globes" about Newt and its personalized nutrition app, which provides motivation as well as menus.

Kare Schultz / Photo: Cadya Levy, Globes Teva at the double

Good results, falling debt and Covid-19 have all contributed to the Israeli drugmaker's share price nearly doubling since March.

Cannabis conference  / Photo: Yossi Biron "Cannabis exports were seen as election gimmick"

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, a consultant to medical cannabis firm Univo, regrets the delay on export permits.

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