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What's in Globes [online]

First and foremost, news - all the top Israeli business stories.

Then there's analysis by "Globes" specialist writers to put the news in perspective. And in features you'll find interviews, background on issues of the day, reviews of companies, and more.

If you need to find your way around Israel's technology scene, the Globes [online] Technology guide is the best possible starting point. The guide takes in everything from leading companies to academic research. It covers start-ups and venture capital firms, intermediary organizations, government assistance - in fact every aspect of one of the world's most important centers of innovation.

Every week, we provide highlights of the "Globes" real estate supplement covering residential, commercial, and industrial real estate in Israel.

If you prefer the news to come to you, you can choose among our range of daily and weekly e-mail newsletters.

With our listing of Israel links, background on the Israeli economy, an archive going back to November 1995, and comprehensive market prices service, Globes [online] has the tools you need to keep informed about Israeli business.

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Globes Online is designed to be as convenient as possible for finding information.

The home page is divided into topics to make it easy to find the latest about your field of interest.

You can also browse current news, analysis, and features. Find these sections via the main menu on the left-hand side of every page. The 'News' section contains at least two business days worth of news.

If you are looking for something more specific, the site offers two type of search: Quickfind, and Freetext search.

With Quickfind, you select a subject from a predefined list, and the search engine instantly brings together the latest relevant articles. This saves clicking from page to page to find the subject you want.

Freetext search is a conventional search engine in which you define the search terms. There is also Advanced search, which enables you to do more sophisticated searching of either the Quickfind of Freetext type.

The search boxes are located at the top left of every page.

How to use Quickfind

Quickfind is a search by classification. The classifications are divided into sectors and topics.

Select the sector and/or topic you want from the drop-down lists. The 'Sector' and 'Topic' boxes can be used in combination. If for example you want to read about privatization of banks, select 'Financial services' in the 'Sectors' list, and 'Privatization' in the 'Topics' list. (Note that you must make a selection in at least one of the boxes. You cannot leave both set to 'All'.)

Click 'Go'. The latest articles about the sector and/or topic you chose will be brought to your screen.

If you regularly look for the same sector or topic, click the 'Save settings' box. Next time you visit the site, your selection will appear automatically, and all you will need to do is click 'Go'.

If you wish to search the archive for a particular period using the Quickfind method, click 'Advanced search'.

Quckfind is comprehensive and accurate. Because it looks for articles classified as belonging to the sector or topic you choose, all relevant articles, and only relevant articles, appear in your results.

Quickfind search applies to articles published from April 2002 onwards.

How to use Freetext search

Under 'Freetext search', type your search terms in the search terms box (the first box), and then use the second box to choose where you want the search engine to look for the word or words you have typed.

You can choose between:

1.Globes today - articles currently appearing on the site.
2.Archive - articles in the online archive stretching back to July 1996.
3.TASE stocks - quotations for stocks listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
4.Israeli stocks in NY - quotations for stocks of Israeli companies listed in New York.

For Globes today and Archive, the search will return articles containing all the words you typed in the search terms box. If you wish to vary the search conditions ('any of the words', 'exact expression'), you will need to use Advanced search.
For TASE stocks, type the company name.
For Israeli stocks in NY, you can type the company name or ticker.

As mentioned, Freetext search applies to articles published from July 1996 onwards.

How to use Advanced search

Advanced search enables you to narrow your search more precisely, usingthe Quickfind or Freetext search method, or both combined.

Searches in the Archive will give you a 7-second preview of articles in yoursearch results. Once you are certain that the article contains the information you want, you can buy full viewing rights.

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