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Where junior execs fear to tread
Senior executives left lower-ranking colleagues behind to attend the BioTech Israel 2002 conference. The flight cancellations and absences were understandable but the real concern on everyone's mind was whether investment would also flee.

A chill wind
What is the state of the venture capital industry in the traumatic post-crash, post-terror era?

The people who made the industry
Fortunately for us all, Israel’s VC industry was not born in 2001 and it does have a certain history. The VC industry the one that today is perceived beaten, languishing and searching frantically for an owner / underwriter / liquidator for its many portfolio companies – was just one year ago at its zenith.

Still believers
2001 does not look as though it’s getting off to a bright start for Israel. The individual problems are well known, but put them together and you get an outlook that’s gloomy indeed: the peace process shot to bits; worsening political instability, as Israeli administrations prove less and less capable of lasting; and slumped stock markets, meaning less cash to fuel the locomotive of Israel’s economy, the high tech start-up sector.

53 (or more) years of Zionist start-up technology
Israel's Business Arena presents a list of milestones from chemist Chaim Weizmann and the Davidka cannon to VisionTech and TopTier, Checkpoint and Amdocs.

Cue competition
The announcement of the tender selling controlling interest in Bezeq will be published in the last week of April. Knock on wood that it will really happen. Meanwhile, four telecom companies, Cellcom, Ofek – the New World, Barak, and Golden Lines, will submit bids for the integrated inland communications license tender and for wireless frequencies, and will compete for three licenses entitling the holders to compete with Bezeq.

Published on December 30, 2001.

Why is Israel having elections?
On February 6, 2001, Israeli will hold elections for prime minister just 18 months after the May 17, 1999 general elections that brought Prime Minister Ehud Barak to office.

Introduction: In the face of cynicism and skepticism
The 3 winners of the Globes - Bar-On Prize for Business in Service of the Community, and their stories, provide the consummate answer to those who doubt the business sector's ability to affect and change. A new look at CreoScitex, Strauss and Scepia, winners of this year's award.

Marketing 2001 - Ups and downs for Israel's top tier execs
They opened, closed, moved on, bought, sold, succeeded, and failed. Now it is time to pass sentence. The best and the worst moments of the most important and interesting people in the Israeli marketing arena.

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