Which companies do Israelis trust the most?

Israel's Most Trusted Companies 2023
Israel's Most Trusted Companies 2023

"Globes" and Statista present a comprehensive survey of customers, investors and employees to find Israel's 150 most trusted public companies.

For the first time, "Globes", in collaboration with its market research partner Statista, has awarded the title of "Israel’s Most Trusted Companies" across seventeen industries, on the basis of recommendations by Israeli residents.

The Most Trusted Companies were chosen on the basis of a comprehensive approach to assessing trustworthiness. Three pillars were considered: customer trust, investor trust, and employee trust.

The analysis of the findings was a three-stage process:

1. Market definition: All companies listed on a stock exchange, whether in Israel or abroad, with their headquarters in Israel, were considered in the study.

2. Extensive survey: The basis of the analysis was an independent survey among a sample of about 5,000 Israelis, who rated companies they knew for all three pillars of trust. Altogether, more than 17,000 evaluations of companies were submitted. The survey was carried out between November 20 and December 18, 2022.

Participants in the survey were presented with a random selection of relevant companies from which they could choose up to six with which they were familiar. On average, each participant assessed four companies.

For each pillar of trust, respondents were presented with a list of detailed statements to which to react. Examples:

From the point of view of a potential customer:

  • I trust this company to treat me fairly as its customer.
  • I trust this company’s products and services.
  • If I have a complaint as a customer of this company, I trust it to deal with it to my full satisfaction.

From the point of view of a potential investor:

  • I believe that this company will be a good long-term investment.
  • I trust this company’s values.
  • I am confident that this company is led by qualified people.

From the point of view of a potential employee:

  • I believe that this company treats its employees fairly.
  • I believe that this company pays its employees well.
  • I believe that this company offers good career development opportunities.

In determining the final score in the survey, the assessments of customers or investors were given greater weightings than those of employees: 40%, 40%, and 20%, respectively.

The 200 leading companies in the survey went on to the next stage: social listening.

3. Social listening: This is a process of identifying and evaluating what is said about a company on the Internet, on news sites, in articles, on social media, and so forth.

Mentions of companies were monitored in real time in January and February 2023, and from historical data from October 2022 to January 2023.

The interpretation of sentiment towards the companies was carried out by means of textual analysis and computational linguistics in order to mark mentions as positive, neutral, or negative. The social listening score was based upon the number of positive and neutral mentions as a proportion of all mentions.

The final score and the ranking of the 150 companies

In calculating the final score, the survey was given a 90% weighting and the social listening score 10%.

The 150 companies with the highest scores earned the title of "The Most Trusted Companies in Israel for 2023". The final list is presented by sector.

Survey results:

Industry Rank Industry Company Name Headquarters Location
*1Automotive & Auto TechMobileye GlobalJerusalem
*2Automotive & Auto TechEldan-TechTel Aviv-Yafo
*3Automotive & Auto TechfreesbeBnei Ayish
*4Automotive & Auto TechS.Shlomo HoldingsNir Tzvi
*5Automotive & Auto TechShagrir Group Vehicle ServicesHolon
*1Aviation & TransportationEl Al Israel AirlinesLod
*2Aviation & TransportationIsrael Shipyards IndustriesHaifa
*3Aviation & TransportationIsrair GroupTel Aviv-Yafo
*1Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Med-TechTaro Pharmaceutical IndustriesHaifa
*2Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Med-TechTeva Pharmaceutical IndustriesTel Aviv-Yafo
*3Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Med-TechRekah Pharmaceutical IndustryHolon
*4Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Med-TechClal Biotechnology IndustriesTel Aviv-Yafo
*5Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Med-TechKamadaRehovot
*1Business & Professional ServicesFiverr InternationalTel Aviv-Yafo
*2Business & Professional ServicesNovolog (Pharm-Up 1966)Modi'In-Maccabim-Re'ut
*3Business & Professional ServicesInfinyaHadera
*1Construction & Real EstateAzrieli GroupTel Aviv-Yafo
*2Construction & Real EstateBIG Shopping CentersHerzliya
*3Construction & Real EstateAshtrom GroupTel Aviv-Yafo
*4Construction & Real EstateIsrael Canada (T.R)Herzliya
*5Construction & Real EstateElectra Real EstateTel Aviv-Yafo
*6Construction & Real EstateGav-Yam Lands Corp.Haifa
*7Construction & Real EstateDanya CebusOr Yehuda
*8Construction & Real EstateMegureit IsraelRamat Gan
*9Construction & Real EstatePrashkovsky Investments and ConstructionRehovot
*10Construction & Real EstateAfrica Israel ResidencesOr Yehuda
*11Construction & Real EstateMivne Real Estate (K.D)Tel Aviv-Yafo
*12Construction & Real EstateBaran GroupBeit Dagan
*13Construction & Real EstateG CityTel Aviv-Yafo
*14Construction & Real EstateDuniec Bros.Rishon LeZion
*15Construction & Real EstateAura InvestmentsTel Aviv-Yafo
*16Construction & Real EstateAlony-Hetz Properties & InvestmentsRamat Gan
*17Construction & Real EstateAlmogim HoldingsTirat Carmel
*18Construction & Real EstateAmot InvestmentRamat Gan
*19Construction & Real EstateAri Real Estate (Arena) InvestmentTel Aviv-Yafo
*20Construction & Real EstateRotshtein RealestatePetah Tikva
*21Construction & Real EstateNetanel GroupHolon
*22Construction & Real EstateOron Group Investments & HoldingsBe'er-Sheva
*23Construction & Real EstateShapir Engineering and IndustryPetah Tikva
*24Construction & Real EstateBonei Hatichon Civil Engineering & InfrastructuresHolon
*25Construction & Real EstateDorsel HoldingsYokne'am
*26Construction & Real EstateRani Zim Shopping CentersPetah Tikva
*27Construction & Real EstateYa'acobi Brothers Group (YSB)Rishon LeZion
*28Construction & Real EstateZvi Sarfati & Sons Investments & ConstructionsRishon LeZion
*29Construction & Real EstateMaslavi Construction CompanyKiryat Ono
*30Construction & Real EstateThe Israel Land Development CompanyBnei Brak
*31Construction & Real EstateHanan Mor GroupNess Ziona
*1Consumer GoodsElectra Consumer ProductsRishon LeZion
*2Consumer GoodsMaytronicsJezreel Valley
*3Consumer GoodsGan Shmuel FoodsGan Shmuel
*4Consumer GoodsG. Willi-Food InternationalYavne
*5Consumer GoodsAlbaad Massuot YitzhakMassuot Yitzhak
*6Consumer GoodsSano Bruno's EnterprisesHod HaSharon
*7Consumer GoodsShaniv Paper IndustryOfakim
*8Consumer GoodsSalomon A. AngelJerusalem
*9Consumer GoodsZanlakolAfula
*10Consumer GoodsNeto Malinda TradingKiryat Malachi
*1DefenseElbit SystemsHaifa
*2DefenseGilat Satellite NetworksPetah Tikva
*3DefenseIMCO IndustriesNesher
*1Energy & UtilitiesMeshek Energy - Renewable EnergiesKibbutz Ga'ash
*2Energy & UtilitiesAmiad Water SystemsUpper Galilee
*3Energy & UtilitiesDelek GroupHerzliya
*4Energy & UtilitiesDor Alon Energy In IsraelKibbutz Yakum
*5Energy & UtilitiesSupergas EnergyNetanya
*6Energy & UtilitiesPaz Oil CompanyKibbutz Yakum
*7Energy & UtilitiesAradKibbutz Dalia
*8Energy & UtilitiesInter Industries PlusNazareth Illit
*9Energy & UtilitiesTomer EnergyHerzliya
*1Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsRav-Bariach (08) IndustriesAshkelon
*2Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsScope Metals GroupBnei Ayish
*3Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsMendelson Infrastructures & IndustriesKiryat Ata
*4Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsCaesarstoneSdot Yam
*5Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsHamat GroupAshdod
*6Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsKlil IndustriesKarmiel
*4Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsAckerstein GroupHerzliya
*5Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsKornit DigitalRosh HaAyin
*6Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsPlasson IndustriesMa'agan Micha'el
*7Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsLachish IndustriesSderot
*8Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsGaon GroupOr Yehuda
*9Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsPolyram Plastic IndustriesMoshav Ram-On
*10Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsPalram IndustriesZevulun
*11Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial GoodsAshot Ashkelon IndustriesAshkelon
*1Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesThe Tel-Aviv Stock ExchangeTel Aviv-Yafo
*2Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesIsracardBnei Brak
*3Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesMeitav Investment HouseBnei Brak
*4Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesLibra Insurance CompanyHolon
*5Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesHarel Insurance Investments & Financial ServicesRamat Gan
*6Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesAltshuler Shaham FinanceTel Aviv-Yafo
*7Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesMenora Mivtachim HoldingsRamat Gan
*8Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesFirst International Bank of IsraelTel Aviv-Yafo
*9Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesBank LeumiTel Aviv-Yafo
*10Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesY.D. More InvestmentsRamat Gan
*11Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesClal Insurance Enterprises HoldingsTel Aviv-Yafo
*12Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesMizrahi Tefahot BankRamat Gan
*13Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesThe Phoenix HoldingsGivatayim
*14Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesBank of JerusalemAirport City
*15Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesPlus500Haifa
*16Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesBank Hapoalim B.M.Tel Aviv-Yafo
*17Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesDiscount Investment CorporationTel Aviv-Yafo
*18Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesIsrael Discount BankTel Aviv-Yafo
*19Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesMigdal Insurance and Financial HoldingsPetah Tikva
*20Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesAyalon Insurance CompanyRamat Gan
*21Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesPeninsula GroupTel Aviv-Yafo
*22Financial Services, Fintech & InsurancesZur Shamir HoldingsPetah Tikva
*1Health & SocialBait BakfarKfar Saba
*2Health & SocialGolden HouseTel Aviv-Yafo
*3Health & SocialMediterranean TowersGanei Tikva
*1Holding & Investment CompaniesElectraRamat Gan
*2Holding & Investment CompaniesAfcon HoldingsPetah Tikva
*3Holding & Investment CompaniesUnicorn TechnologiesTel Aviv-Yafo
*4Holding & Investment CompaniesElcoTel Aviv-Yafo
*1IT, Software & Cyber SecurityCheck Point Software TechnologiesTel Aviv-Yafo
*2IT, Software & Cyber SecurityWix.comTel Aviv-Yafo
*3IT, Software & Cyber SecurityHilanTel Aviv-Yafo
*4IT, Software & Cyber SecurityMalam - TeamPetah Tikva
*5IT, Software & Cyber SecurityOrbit TechnologiesNetanya
*6IT, Software & Cyber SecurityIturan Location and ControlAzor
*7IT, Software & Cyber Securitymonday.comTel Aviv-Yafo
*8IT, Software & Cyber SecurityOne Software TechnologiesPetah Tikva
*9IT, Software & Cyber SecurityFormula SystemsOr Yehuda
*10IT, Software & Cyber SecuritySenstar TechnologiesYehud
*11IT, Software & Cyber SecurityMatrix ITHerzliya
*12IT, Software & Cyber SecurityCellebrite DIPetah Tikva
*13IT, Software & Cyber SecurityNICERa'anana
*14IT, Software & Cyber SecurityAbra Information TechnologiesKfar Saba
*15IT, Software & Cyber SecurityE & M ComputingRamat Gan
*16IT, Software & Cyber SecurityCyberArk SoftwareNewton
*17IT, Software & Cyber SecurityPlaytika HoldingHerzliya
*1RetailTerminal X OnlineBnei Brak
*2RetailRami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006Jerusalem
*3RetailMax StockCaesarea
*4RetailBrimag Digital AgeAzor
*5RetailGolf GroupNetanya
*6RetailRalco AgenciesAzor
*7RetailDelta Galil IndustriesHaifa
*8RetailBrill Shoe IndustriesRishon LeZion
*1Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareTadiran GroupPetah Tikva
*2Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareSolarEdge TechnologiesHerzliya
*3Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareTower SemiconductorMigdal HaEmek
*4Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareCamtekMigdal HaEmek
*5Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareSpace-CommunicationRamat Gan
*6Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareP.C.B. TechnologiesMigdal HaEmek
*7Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & HardwareAiroboticsPetah Tikva
*1TelecommunicationsAllotHod HaSharon
*2TelecommunicationsSuny Cellular CommunicationPetah Tikva
*3TelecommunicationsBezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corp.Holon
*1Travel, Restaurants & LeisureDan HotelsTel Aviv-Yafo
*2Travel, Restaurants & LeisureFattal HoldingsTel Aviv-Yafo
*3Travel, Restaurants & LeisureHolmes Place InternationalCaesarea
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The selection of "The Most Trusted Companies in Israel for 2023" was carried out in accordance with scientific and independent journalistic criteria. The analysis and evaluation of the findings were performed by the statistics and market research department of Statista. Events that took place after February 9, 2023 were not taken into account in the analysis. This ranking should therefore not be used as a sole source of information. The information supplied in the ranking should be considered in conjunction with other available information. The quality and trustworthiness of companies not included in the ranking are not in dispute.

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Statista publishes rankings on various topics around the world in conjunction with selected media companies. This research and analysis service is based upon the success of statista.com, one of the world’s leading business data and information portals, providing relevant data for businesses, research, and market and consumer surveys on a range of subjects.

Published by Globes, Israel business news - en.globes.co.il - on May 11, 2023.

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Israel's Most Trusted Companies 2023
Israel's Most Trusted Companies 2023
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