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2021 in Review

Itzik Abercohen and Rami Levy  credit: Gil Gibli Business - Supermarket chiefs Itzik Abercohen, Rami Levy, Eitan Yochananof, Eyal Ravid

Who needs lockdowns? Our food retailers have already figured out the trick to making record profits even without them.

Olympic medal  credit: Gil Gibli Culture and Sport – The Olympic medalists

Who, us? Sports champions? What will remain of Israel’s 16 magical days at the Olympic Games?

Ram Belinkov  credit: Gil Gibli The Economy - Treasury chief Ram Belinkov

Belinkov's comeback is proving itself in budget reallocations and institutional reforms after years of delay.

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis  credit: Gil Gibli Health - Sharon Alroy-Preis, courageous public servant

The voice of the head of Public Health Services in the Ministry of Health has been clear and consistent about the pandemic, in Israel and internationally.

The high-tech new wealthy  credit: Gil Gibli High Tech - The new wealthy

The money pouring into the technology sector has created thousands of new millionaires, and widened social gaps.

Israel's justice system  credit: Gil Gibli Justice – The public's loss of trust

Confidence in Israel's justice system, once so high, has slumped, and the time has come for the system to stop blaming everyone but itself.

Avi Nir  credit: Gil Gibli Media – Keshet CEO Avi Nir

The man who controls and (almost) never manipulates our collective consciousness.

Naftali Bennett  credit: Gil Gibli Politics - Naftali Bennett

To become prime minister, Bennett broke Israel's political mold. Whether temporarily or permanently remains to be seen.

Traffic jam  credit: Gil Gibli Society – Traffic jaaams

Relief is still a very long way off.

The world climate crisis  credit: Gil Gibli World - The climate crisis

2021 was the year the world realized: If we keep delaying, it may be too late.

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