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Dr. Yaron Daniely (left) and Dr. Ronny Gal  credit: Cadya Levy The exec who decides which drugs Novartis will develop

Dr. Ronny Gal, Novartis's Chief Strategy and Growth Officer: Our aim is that half our innovative products should come from outside the company.

Indian mynah bird in Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv Fewer butterflies, more invaders: Nature in retreat in Israel

The 2023 report on the state of nature in Israel makes grim reading.

"We trained for a lot more than this"

An Israeli combat navigator shares his experience of preparing for an Iranian attack, and the night it happened.

Ambassador Jack Lew  credit: Cadya Levy "Integrating Arabs isn't just the right thing; it's the smart thing"

US ambassador to Israel Jack Lew speaks to Globes about Arabs in Israeli society, US-Israel relations, normalization with Saudi Arabia, and his concern for the hostages.

Tamir Pardo   credit: Ran Biran The small Rosh Haayin company challenging Elon Musk

hiSky Satellite has been operating under the radar since 2015, but now things have changed. Experts are drawing parallels with Musk's Starlink.

Tel Aviv's planned Azrieli Spiral Tower Tel Aviv looks to the skies

In the coming decade, the current tallest buildings in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim will be dwarfed by a new generation of high-rise developments.

Adv. Sharon Nahari  credit: Vladimir Dima New hope for Israeli cryptocurrency users

Adv. Sharon Nahari discusses the the prospects of a voluntary disclosure procedure at the Israel Tax Authority for digital currencies.

Trullion founders Isaac Heller and Amir Boldo  credit: Trullion The entrepreneurs shaking up accounting

Trullion’s odd-couple founders seek to bring AI to the accounting department.

TechMod tech-park aims to transform Modi'in

At an investment of NIS 1.15 billion, the project will provide 10,000 jobs in a city where 75% of residents work elsewhere.

Dot Compliance founder Doron Sitbon AI that speeds up decision making in biomed

Dot Compliance provides AI-based solutions for quality control in life sciences, where time is a great deal of money.

Nayax CEO Yair Nechmad  credit: David Zisser "I did some risky things"

Nayax co-founder and CEO Yair Nechmad talks about the reasons for the payments company's Nasdaq offering, and how it was built without VC investment.

Qwak founders Yuval Fernbach, Lior Penso, Ran Romano, Alon Lev  credit: Qwak The company making life easy for AI teams

Four entrepreneurs realized that enterprises find it hard to implement AI, and founded Qwak to provide an end-to-end solution.

AI credit: Shutterstock AI compliance in the US: Israeli techs nightmare

If the US Department of Justice takes aim at AI, how can companies ensure benefits while mitigating risks with regulation and enforcement, and what can we learn from recent cases?

Exodigo team   credit: Eyal Toueg "There are always surprises underground"

Exodigo's technology doesn't come cheap, but not knowing what's under the surface can cost an infrastructure or mining company a great deal more.

Michael Kagan credit: Cadya Levy Israel's $2 trillion CTO

In an exclusive interview, Nvidia CTO Michael Kagan tells "Globes" about life at the AI chip company, after 25 years at Mellanox.

2024 ''Globes'' most promising startups "Globes'" ten most promising startup of 2024

This year's crop includes technologies from underground mapping to metabolism monitoring to autonomous tractors, and of course features plenty of AI.

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