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  • Acronym Finder Israel Search
    The Acronym Finder is the web's largest database of its kind. Here you'll find definitions for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms about all subjects, including information technology, telecommunications, military, government, and more.
  • Army Technology
    Calls itself the website for defense industries. Includes an online equipment catalogue, current projects, an A-Z company index, exhibitions and conferences, industry organizations and more.
  • Centre for Defence and International Security Studies
    CDISS is an inter-disciplinary research center based in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Lancaster University in the UK.
  • CDISS Missile Threats & Responses Resource Base
    The CDISS Missile Threats & Responses Resource Base is a unique one-stop, open-source body of information on ballistic and cruise missile threats, weapons of mass destruction and the various means of defense against them.
  • The Conventional Arms Transfer Project - Arms Trade News
    The Conventional Arms Transfer Project serves as a resource of information and opinion to the public, Congress and the media on arms trade issues.
  • Defense Helicopter News Service
    The world's only military helicopter magazine, read in more than 110 countries.
  • Jane's
    Jane's is the world's leading source for global defence, geopolitical, transportation and law enforcement information.
  • Unmanned Vehicles News Service
    A comprehensive, independent and up-to-date global news and business information service for the unmanned systems industry.
  • US Government - ArmyLINK
    Internet gateway to the U.S. Army Public Affairs. Includes official US Army press releases, news from the Army News Service, online PAO directory and more.
  • US Department of Defense - DefenseLINK
    The information on this web site is intended to give a basic understanding of how the DOD is organized and its functions. Includes official DOD press releases, special reports, news from the American Forces Information Service, a virtual tour of the Pentagon and more.
  • Yahoo! Army Links

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