Call for Entries: Globes ranks Israel's Best Law Firms

Globes and international business data company Statista are calling for entries for the ranking of the best law firms in Israel.

For the second time, Israeli financial newspaper "Globes", in partnership with international business data company Statista, is launching the Israel's Best Law Firms rankings, to be published in February 2023.

The aim is to provide law firms in Israel and worldwide with practical tools for locating the firms that can best meet their needs. The ranking also strives to give the most up-to-date look at the structure of the sector in Israel and the value it can offer over time.

The survey on which the rankings will be based will be conducted among lawyers and their peers, and among their clients, on the broadest scale.

Lawyers and legal experts interested in taking part in the survey are invited to apply here.


Between July 19th and September 30th, 2022 Statista will conduct a broad survey among lawyers and their clients in Israel, working in:

  • law firms ("peers")
  • corporate legal departments of companies (other than law firms, "clients")*

In order to categorize them, participants will be asked whether they work in a law firm or in a company using law services as a client.

In a second step, participants will be asked to select the legal fields for which they will be able to share their experiences (e.g., Labor and Employment, White Collar Crime, Insurance).

Peers will be asked to indicate up to five law firms that they would recommend, if they cannot accept a client or their instructions (due to a conflict of interest, capacity issues, different legal focus, etc.). Clients will be asked to name up to five law firms they would recommend based on their professional experience. Participants also have the opportunity to provide reasons for their recommendations.

Participants’ responses and the final list of recommended firms will be carefully reviewed. Recommendations for one’s own law firm will be excluded from the analysis.

The resulting list of "Israel’s 100 Best Law Firms 2023" will be based on the number of recommendations received from participants (peers and clients) and will be published in alphabetical order. In addition, the ten law firms with the most recommendations will be shown in ranked order, as will the top five firms in certain legal fields.

Please find further reading on the methodology here.

About Statista

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