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Most Promising Startups 2021

DataRails  credit: Shlomi Yosef More than offensive cyber

In the world's eyes, NSO has become the ugly face of Israel's tech industry. But this year's ranking of promising startups showcases several companies really trying to make the world a better place.

No unicorns: How the 10 most promising startups were chosen

"Globes" asked 63 venture capital funds to name the startups they see as most likely to succeed, excluding companies already valued at $1 billion or more.

Eyal Cohen, Oded Har-Tal  Didi Gurfinkel, DataRails  credit: Shani Tzidkiyahu #1 Other startups want to replace Excel - DataRails makes it better

DataRails, which tops "Globes'" 2021 startup rankings, comes to the aid of CFOs everywhere, integrating Excel with other systems to produce real-time analysis and clear visualizations.

Connecteam workers  credit: Connecteam #2 Connecteam: “We're here for the people who'll never use"

Amir Nehemia had no desire to be a Robin Hood, but Connecteam, the app he and his team developed, has become a super-app for “invisible” low-tech workers.

StreamElements: Reem Sherman, Gil Hirsch, Or Perry  credit: Shlomi Yosef #3 StreamElements: Talent agency of the future for young content creators

StreamElements recognized the power of independent video broadcasters years ago. Today, it provides the missing link between major brands and Generation Z.

Granulate founders Tal Saiag and Asaf Ezra #4 Granulate: Relief for enterprises' worst pain point - cloud costs

Asaf Ezra and Tal Saiag planned to found yet another cyber startup, but changed direction when they discovered just how much enterprises could improve computing resource utilization.

#5 Nexite: Providing mall stores with Ali Express-level data

Most people still shop at brick-and-mortar stores. Nexite’s smart tags help fashion retailers know what’s in stock, which items customers look at, and what gets left behind.

StuffThatWorks founders Yossi Synett and Yael Elish credit: Shlomi Yosef #6 StuffThatWorks: A database to compare treatments for every disease

StuffThatWorks helps patients find therapies and medications using crowdsourcing and AI.

Aquant  credit: Shlomi Yosef #7 Aquant: Packing 20 years experience into 20 seconds

Aquant ensures that even a rookie technician can draw on a veteran's knowledge, about anything from from washing machines to medical equipment.

Empathy  credit: Avishai Lipner #8 Empathy: Helping the bereaved cope with loss and bureaucracy

Ron Gura and Yonatan Bergman’s startup provides technological and emotional assistance in the $100 billion US end-of-life industry.

Unit Finance  credit: Cadia Levy #9 Unit Finance: Turns any company into a bank

Israel’s Unit Finance joins the new wave of fintech that’s breaking banking down into its elements.

#10 ActiveFence: Making the Internet a safer place

ActiveFence helps Internet companies deal with dangerous, malicious content, from pedophilia to Nazism. on Nasdaq Photo: Nasdaq Globes' past startup picks: Where are they now?

With the Globes Most Promising Startups of 2021 about to be announced, we look at previous winners that have made it, and some still trying.

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