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Yoav Karny  illustration: Gil Gibli US aid with a sting

A new military aid package reaffirms Israel's special relationship with the US; penalizing an IDF unit for human rights violations signals a change of tone.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Bezalel Smotrich credit: Ronen Zvulun Reuters Israel regressing to an underdeveloped country

The economy will quickly rebound from negative growth but in the longer term, unless the government wakes up and changes policies, the country's prospects are bleak.

Yoav Karny  illustration: Gil Gibli The obsession that led to war with Hamas

The concept that Islamism is preferable to Arab nationalism has guided Israeli policy for decades, and brought upon us the disaster of October 7.

Yoav Karny  illustration: Gil Gibli Loyal Joe

It will have surprised many Israelis to find out how deep US President Joe Biden's feelings for Israel run.

Yoav Karny  illustration: Gil Gibli The global significance of a hole in a fence

Hamas's murderous infiltration into Israel ties in with a larger effort to destroy the US-led world order.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Bank of Israel admits failure to tame inflation

In the announcement on its latest interest rate hike, the Bank of Israel acknowledges that it does not have the ability to control inflation.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli A political Chief Statistician? Too scary to think about

Netanyahu's attempt to appoint a crony to head the Central Bureau of Statistics threatens to sap confidence in the economy.

Yoav Karny  illustration: Gil Gibli Iran and Saudi Arabia upend Israel's defense strategy

The Chinese-sponsored reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Iran's growing military ties with Russia, cast a long shadow over Israel.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Senseless

When even common courtesy is condemned by political partisans, we are seeing the real threat to Israel's future.

David Gillis  illustration: Gil Gibli The truth about reasonableness

US commentators are welcome to contribute to Israel's judicial reform debate, but they should be wary about their sources.

Benjamin Netanyahu and government ministers in the Knesset  credit: Yossi Zamir Gov't endangering Israel's economy? What are the signs?

Doomsayers see political events in Israel undermining investor confidence. "Globes" surveys some indicators that will give early warning.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Stop shouting, start talking

The new government's actions and proposals are not ideal, but not the apocalypse either, and reasoned discourse should produce acceptable solutions.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Forecasting is for fools

The market has already priced in the expected and nobody foresees the unexpected, which is maybe why economists so often get their predictions badly wrong.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli 2023 could be a tough diplomatic year for Israel

The war in Ukraine and growing unrest in Iran pose challenges for Israel but the biggest problem will be if Netanyahu is unable to restrain his right-wing coalition partners.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli A tale of two elections

Both elections will seriously affect the future trajectory of Israel and the US, as well as their relations with each other.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli How to stop Israel's endless elections

Restoring stability to Israel's political system requires a couple of fundamental reforms.

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