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Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel reliant on a stumbling, lukewarm US

After America's failures at home and abroad in 2021, we can only hope that Israel, and the world, will see better from it in 2022.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli The Abraham Accords one year on - who's next?

Following the general success of the agreements signed with Israel by four Arab countries a year ago, there are one or two good candidates to follow suit.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli A sobering centenary

The extreme concentration of wealth makes Oswald Spengler's "The Decline of the West" look alarmingly relevant, 100 years on.

Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua Photo: Heinz Troll European Patent Office What makes Mobileye worth more than $50b?

The Intel unit's advanced driver assistance systems are just the start. The Israeli company is also quietly developing a platform for a smart electric car.

Tel Aviv Rabin Square Photo: Eyal Izhar Strong shekel should make Tel Aviv cheaper

"The Economist" survey did not include housing prices, just services and products, many of which should not be more expensive if the shekel is strong.

Cybersecurity Photo: Shutterstock ASAP Creative Even if NSO goes, cyberattack is here to stay

The Israeli company may not continue operations but as long as intelligence agencies need surveillance technologies, there will be cyberattack companies.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel and the next world war

Forecasts about a coming world war don't stand up to scrutiny, and the dangers to Israel in any case lie elsewhere.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli The truth about disinformation

Factual refutation is helpless against deliberate disinformation. We need different tactics against this plague of our time.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Iraq-Israel normalization move continues to mystify

We still know nothing about the obscure American NGO, which brought together 300 prominent Iraqi Sunni and Shia leaders to urge Iraq to normalize relations with Israel.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli The miraculous Biden

The failures of Joe Biden's administration so far make even Donald Trump look good - a miracle if ever there was one.

El Al, Arkia and Israir planes at Ben Gurion Airport  credit: Danny Sadeh Is it merge or die for Israel's airlines?

The Covid-19 pandemic could be the spur for a move that should have taken place a long time ago.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Incredible incompetence

The Afghanistan debacle follows decades of bad US policy, but the blame for the current chaos lies squarely with the Biden administration. Israel take note.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Cognitive dissonance in the USA

All seems well, but one hears dire predictions on every side.

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Two silent but deadly global threats

Insufficient attention is being paid to cyber terrorism, and to the debt time-bomb that will not spare even the most thrifty country.

Amiram Barkat  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel's National Economic Council must get strategic

Under Avi Simhon, the Council gave up on dealing with our fundamental problems.

Dan Naveh Surely it's time to close down Israel Bonds

US-based Israel Bonds wastes public money on fat salaries and political perks and pays bondholders interest rates that Israelis can only dream about.

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