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Lyon Roth

The checklist president

Want to know how President Obama will bring Middle East peace? The profligate way he has solved every other problem perhaps provides a clue.

Will there be Jews for Malia and Sasha?

If Barack and Michelle Obama's daughters want to follow in Chelsea Clinton's footsteps, they had better hurry.

"I'd like to see Teva in India and China"

Teva chairman Dr. Phillip Frost talks about the pharmaceutical company's future and his own past.

Israel's finest export - Israelis

Israel needs to stop stigmatizing its expat citizens and harness their potential.

An investment bank on steroids?

The SEC has called investment banking's biggest hitter a cheat. The allegations against Goldman Sachs may mean the capital market umpires becoming a whole lot stricter.

A green light unto the nations

Israel can play a leading role in curing the West of oil addiction.

March madness for stocks

March happens to mark the anniversaries of one crash, one rally, and one supremely sane company's IPO.

Greece paint

As the financial make up crumbles in Greece and the other PIGS, the US can learn an awful lesson about the perils of cheap money.

Can America get back to the future and reclaim its mojo?

Republican Scott Brown’s shock victory in a Democrat stronghold shows Americans starting to throw off self-interested, pork barreling politicians and find themselves again.

Satan lands in Haiti

Their enemies call them Great Satan and Little Satan, but the US and Israel have angel faces when it comes to disaster relief.

Tiger, get back where you belong

His wife and his sponsors will strip Tiger Woods of hundreds of millions, but there's one thing they can't take away from him.

How the healthcare debate is making America sick

President Obama's legislative overdose will not cure the US healthcare system's worst symptoms. But there is the Israeli model.

The Grinch that stole Chanukah

A year on, unwitting victims of Bernie Madoff still suffer, while the lawyers enjoy the pickings. A seasonal lesson.

Thank you, Dubai

Your obnoxious adherence to the Arab boycott made Chanukah come early for the Israelis.

Mission not yet accomplished

Israel has emerged from recession in a way the US can only envy, but perils lurk.

Friends indeed: reflections on a Harvard Law School reunion

The recession made alumni perhaps poorer, but wiser, and certainly appreciative of one another. Israeli universities take note.

Help wanted

The aid being poured into the US economy is not accompanied by a clear job creation strategy.

Death, taxes, and aliya

A quirk of US tax law means you can die without your estate paying tax, but only in 2010. After that, you need another exit strategy.

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