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Eli Tsipori  illustration: Gil Gibli No need for Bank of Israel forex market intervention

Israel's currency is strong because its economy is strong and the strong shekel rewards efficiency and benefits consumers.

Eli Tsipori  illustration: Gil Gibli Teva would have welcomed a merger with Pfizer

Teva was not the right match for Pfizer, probably because Mylan's financial ratios were much better.

Eli Tsipori  illustration: Gil Gibli State seen collecting NIS 250b from Sheshinski gas tax

Revenue from the natural gas fields will not make a major difference in Israel's budget in the coming years, but it can be used to reduce budget deficits.

Expect more layoffs and plant closures at Teva

With falling revenue, a huge debt and nothing in its arsenal, the Israeli company can only make even more cuts.

Teva still mired deep in a battle for survival

With a huge long-term debt, Teva's biggest problem is the lack of revenue growth engines to replace Copaxone.

Still too soon to talk about Teva's recovery

Teva has no growth engine to compensate for Copaxone and the fall in US generics prices.

Teva still far from recovery

The Israeli pharmaceutical company's aggressive streamlining plan is bearing fruit but the fundamental problems remain.

An opportunity to break up Bezeq

The banks' move on Eurocom is meant to cover up for their sins, but there is a public interest that takes precedence over theirs.

Teva a victim of Copaxone's success

Teva's reliance on Copaxone made the company complacent, obese, and excessively self-confident.

Sano toiletries outstrip rivals in profitability

The government is criticizing the high prices charged by toiletries importers while the industry profit margins leader is local manufacturer Sano.

Kite Pharma was a $12b missed opportunity for Israel

Some Israeli media headlines depicted Kite as an Israeli exit. But it is a US company that does no business in Israel and has no employees here.

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