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Matti Golan

Bibi's Western Wall and conversion bluff

Netanyahu's sell out of US Jewry is not what it seems.

Appoint Fischer foreign minister

Stanley Fischer can do for Israel's foreign policy what he did for its economic and financial policy.

Matti Golan  illustration: Gil Gibli Why is Obama bothering to come to Israel?

It is quite possible that Obama's own agenda has issues that he will not want to jeopardize with a confrontation with Israel and the Palestinians.

Matti Golan  illustration: Gil Gibli Would anyone pay to read Adelson's newspaper?

Sheldon Adelson wants "fair and balanced" - but in his favor.

Matti Golan  illustration: Gil Gibli Did Adelson engineer Obama-Netanyahu crisis?

It is as if Sheldon Adelson is prepared to do almost anything, in addition to donating money, for President Barack Obama to be ousted from office.

Matti Golan  illustration: Gil Gibli Peres steps out of line on Iran

Even though Shimon Peres built Israel's defense infrastructure, as President he is not entitled to express opinions on controversial topics.

Matti Golan  illustration: Gil Gibli We're getting tired of junk legislation

Instead of trying to inflame the Arabs, Knesset members might start thinking about our real needs.

Matti Golan  illustration: Gil Gibli Haaretz lends respectability to strange bedfellows

Leonid Nevzlin joins others basking in the glow of a quality newspaper's reputation.

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