Venture Capital Firms A-C

Accel Partners
428 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301 Tel: (650) 614-4800 Fax: (650) 614-4880
Investment focus: communications; Internet/Intranet

Accelerate Technology & Business
33 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan 52511 Tel.: 972-3-575-1575 Fax: 972-3-2770 E-mail:
A start-up accelerator focusing on supporting early stage high-tech companies in the semiconductor, new materials, electronics and opto-electronics and IC equipment fields.

7 Yad Harutzim St., P.O. Box 12006, Herzliya 46722 Tel. 972-9-972-1091 Fax 972-9-972-1001 E-mail: Accelmed
Investment focus: Israeli medical device companies with proven clinical data.

ADC Ventures
The investment arm of ADC Telecommunications
P.O. Box 1101, Minneapolis, MN 55440-1101 Tel: (612) 946-3333 Fax: (612) 946-3292 Contact: Robert Switz, ADC Sr. Vice President, CFO and Head, Business Development
Investment focus: Next generation broadband technologies.

AG-Tech Fund
Managed by Nessuah Zannex
3 Abba Hillel St., Ramat Gan 52522 Tel: 972-3-753-2020 Fax: 972-3-753-2022 E-mail:
Investment focus: Biotechnology, e-health, healthcare and medical devices.

Agilent Ventures
The venture capital arm of US-based Agilent Technologies.
Israel office: Agilent Technologies Israel, Azorim Business Park, 94 Em Hamoshavot Rd., Petah Tikva 49527
Tel.: 972-3-928-8555 fax: 972-3-928-8501
Contact: E-mail: Noam Zahav
Investment focus: Telecommunications, biotechnology, informationa technology, test equipment, and semiconductors

AIG-Orion Venture Capital Advisors
3 Hayetzira St., Ramat Gan Tel: 972-3-753-8890 Fax: 972-3-753-8895 E-mail:
AIG Orion invests in Internet software and information technology.

Alice Ventures
Tel Aviv office: Ziv Towers, Building D, 24 Raoul Wallenberg St., Tel Aviv 69719 Tel.: 972-3-766-6547 Fax: 972-3-766-6559 E-mail: Hillel Milo
A multinational venture capital fund based in Milan and Tel Aviv.
Investment focus: Early stage communications, software and life science companies.

Alon Technology Ventures
Jointly managed by Gaon Asset management owned by B. Gaon Holdings and the Jupiter Group of the UK and CA~IB Bank of Austria.
Gibor Bldg. 14th fl., 6 Kaufman St. Tel Aviv 68012 Tel: 972-3-795-4121 Fax: 795-4122 E-mail: or E-mail:
Investment focus: High-tech

Alta Berkeley Venture Partners
Israel office: 13 Lupo Shmuel St., Jerusalem 93550 Tel: 972-2-671-6252 Fax: 972-2-671-6142 E-mail: Pini (Philip) Lozowick
A London and Geneva-based fund that invests in communications and computing technologies at the semiconductor or components, system, or software level of integration.

Anschutz Investment Company
US: 555 17th St., Suite 2400, Denver, CO 80202 Tel: (303)298-1000 Fax: (303) 299-8881
Europe: Polarisavenue 53, PO Box 2030, 2130 GE Hoofdorp, The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)23 568 59 70 Fax: +31 (0)23 568 59 74
Investment focus: High-tech, telecommunications, Internet and software services companies.

Apax Partners(Israel)
2 Maskit St. P.O. Box 2034 Herzilya 46120 Tel: 972-9-958-6330 Fax: 972-9-958-8366E-mail:
Funds: Apax Israel II; Israel Growth Fund
Invests in privately-held Israel affiliated companies in Internet and information technology, telecommunications, services, healthcare and life sciences and management buyouts.

Apropos IT Ventures
Jerusalem Technology Park, Malcha, Building 1, Entrance B, 1st Floor P.O. Box 48180, Jerusalem 91481 Tel: 972-2-648-2350 fax: 972-2-679-9931 US eFax: (775)-993-3039 E-mail: Business plans
Investment focus: Internet and information technology companies with Israel Talent.

AquAgro Fund LP
Contact: 6 Kaufman St., Beit Gibor 14th Floor, PO Box 17, Tel Aviv 68012, Tel: 972-3-7954111, Fax: 972-3-7954122
Investment focus: Innovative Israeli water and agriculture technologies, as well as other innovative clean technologies.

Arba Finance Company
America House, 3rd fl., 35 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., P.O. Box 33406 Tel Aviv 61333 Tel.: 972-3-696-4420 Fax: 972-3-695-0029 E-mail:

Investment focus: Incubation, seed stage, start-up, mezzanine and bridging financing for telecommunications, Internet, software, robotics, medical technology and other high-tech companies.

Aria Ventures
85 Medinat Hayehudim St., P.O.Box 12245, Herzliya 46733 Tel: 972-9-956-7484 Fax: 972-9-951-4152 E-mail:
Investment focus: Seed stage companies in the IT, enterprise hardware and software, communications infrastructure and applications, Internet &intranet, telecommunications technologies, software products and applications.

Ascend Technology Ventures
14a Ahimeir Street, Ramat Gan 52587 Tel: 972 3 751 3707 Fax: 972 3 751 3706 E-mail:

Ascend invests in communications, internet and internet infrastructure, software, semiconductors and medical devices.

Herzliya Business Park P.O.Box 4029, Herzliya 46140 Tel: 972-9-970-1886 Fax: 972-9-970-1887 E-mail:

A spin-off of Jerusalem Global Ltd. for Asian and Japanese entities wishing to establish connects with Israeli high-tech companies and for Israeli companies seeking to enter Far Eastern markets.

Astra Technological Investvestments
Atidim Tower, Kiryat Atidim P.O.B 58177, Tel Aviv 61580
Tel.: 972-3-649-1990 fax: 972-3-649-1992
Contact: E-mail: CEO Gil Klopman

Investment focus: Acquiring minority interests in Israeli or US high-tech start-ups with a strong biotechnology or biomedical focus.

Atara Technology Ventures
Atara is the venture capital investment arm of Israel Phoenix Assurance Company.
30 Levontin St., Tel Aviv 65116 Tel.: 972-3-7141-793 Fax: +972-3-7141-165 E-mail: David Furst

Investment focus: Early stage, seed and start-up financing for Internet, IT, telecommunications and software companies.

Aviv Building, 49th floor 7 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan 52520 Telephone: 972-3-6114050 fax: 972-3-6114051 E-mail:

Investment focus: Early and mid-stage Israeli related companies.

AxcessNet is the Israeli affiliate of Broadview.
P.O. Box 3587, Ramat Hasharon 45930 Tel: 972-9-743-4710 Fax: 972-9-742-3889 E-mail: E-mail:

A facilitator of the Israeli IT and the global industry and the exclusive representative of Broadview for transactions with Israeli companies.

Azritech Ventures
A subsidiary of the Azrieli Group.
Azrieli Center 1, Tel Aviv, 67021 Tel: 972-3-608-1300 Fax: 972-3-608-1380 E-mail: Zeev Zeevi

Investment focus: Seed through third-stage start-ups in telecommunications, IT and medical equipment companies.

BCS Investment Company
3 Daniel Frisch St., Tel Aviv 64731 Tel.: 972-3-696-3221 Fax: 972-3-696-8828 E-mail: Yariv Caspi

Investment focus: high-tech, media and communications companies from seed capital to mezzanine stage.

Battery Ventures
Israel Office: 85 Medinat Hayehudim St. POB 4075, Herzelia 46140 Tel: 972-9-9544555 Fax: 972-9-955-4898 E-mail: venture partner Avi Domoshevizki

Investment focus: All high-tech fields in all stages of growth from seed-stage onwards and tech buyouts, amounting to $5-50 million over the life of the investment.

Benchmark Capital
9 Hamanofim St. Herzliya Pituach 46725 Tel.: 972-9-9617600 Fax: 972-9-9617601 E-mail:
Focus: Early-stage high-technology

BDB Technologies & Hi-Tech Investments Ltd.
Contact: Aviv Tower, 7 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan 52520 Tel: 972-3-6138881 Fax: 972-3-6139991 E-mail: BDB Technologies

Investment focus: Cleantech and medical devices

BHCO Group
Israel office: Nahalat Ytshak 13, Tel Aviv, 67442 Tel: 972-3-6921791 Fax: 972-3-6912790 E-mail: BHCO Israel general manager Charles Amar

Investment focus: BHCO is a holding company that provides a business platform for cleantech entrepreneurs and R&D centers.

Biomedical Investments
Golda House, 23 Shaul Hamelech St., Tel Aviv 64367 Tel: 972 3 696 6557 Fax: 972 609 5322 E-mail:

Investment areas: Medical equipment, biotechnology

Biocom VC
40 Einstein St., Ramat Aviv Tower, Tel Aviv Tel.: 972-3-643.8890; fax: 972-3-643-6662 E-mail: David Schlachet

Investment focus: Biotechnology, enabling platform technologies, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

BlueRun Ventures

Israel office: Ackerstein Towers, 11 Hamenofim St., Herzlia Pituach, 46120 Tel: 972-9-9514884 Fax: E-mail: Inquiries

Investment focus: Components, systems, software, material science, and services start-ups

Boticelli Venture Funds
28 Bezalel St. Gibor Sport Building (15th floor), Ramat Gan 52521 Tel.: 972-3-575-3222 Fax 972-3-575-3666 E-mail: Judith

Investment focus: Advertising, interactive and media enabling technologies.

BRM Capital
Israel Office: Akerstein Towers, 11 Hamenofim St., Herzliya Pituach 46725 Tel.: 972-9-954-9555 Fax: 972-9-954-9557 Email:

Israel office: Gibor Sport Tower, 28 Betzalel St., Ramat Gan 52521 Tel.: 972-3-754-9581 Fax: 972-3-754-9582 E-mail:

The Britain-Israel Technology Foundation fosters collaborative R&D links between British and Israeli companies.

Canaan Partners
Israel office: 11 HaMenofim St., Ackerstein Towers, Building B Floor #5, PO Box 2148, Herzliya Pituach 46120 Tel: 972-9-971-5719 Fax: 972-9-971-5954 E-mail: Izhar Shay

Investment focus: high-tech, cleantech, and the life sciences in the US, India, and Israel.

Canada-Israel Opportunity Funds
1090 Don Mills Rd., Toronto, Ontario M3C 3R6 Tel: (416) 444-6660 E-mail:
The Funds participate in direct investments with entities in the Shrem Fudim Kelner Group and the Polaris II Fund.

Investment focus: Israeli high-tech companies.

Carmel Ventures
Delta House, 16 Hagalim Avenue, Herzeliya 46725 Tel: 972-9-959-4894 Fax: 972-9-959-4898 E-mail:

Investment focus: post-seed, companies developing software platforms and applications for the digital economy.

Catalyst Fund
3 Daniel Frish St., Tel Aviv 64731 Tel: 972-3-695-0666 Fax: 972-3-695-0222 E-mail:

Investment focus: Late-stage Israeli companies in the IT, software, telecommunications, semiconductor, biotechnology and medical devices sectors.

Cedar Fund
9 Keren Hayesod St., POB 505, Herzliya 46105 Tel: 972 9 957 7227 Fax: 972 9 957 7228 E-mail:

The Challenge Fund Etgar
1 Hashikma St., P.O. Box 55 Savyon 56530 Tel: 972-3-562-8555 Fax: 972-3-562-1999 E-mail:

Two funds for early-stage high-tech and non-high-tech companies.

Clal Industrial Investments
3 Azrieli Center, Triangle Tower 45th fl. Tel Aviv 67023 Tel.: 972-3-6075777 Fax: 972-3-607-5778 E-mail:

Funds: Venture Capital Fund focuses on IT, telecommunications, software and life sciences (biotechnology and medical devices); Israel Infinity Fund focuses on early-stage high-tech telecommunications, IT and healthcare; Millennium Materials Technologies Fund specializes in the development and commercialization of novel advanced materials and industrial processes; Clalit Venture Capital Fund focuses on diversified mezzanine investment opportunities in Israel and Israeli related technology companies; the Harvest Fund (with Evergreen) is a secondary venture capital fund; IJT Technologies (with Evergreen) focuses on high-tech; Peace Technology Fund, jointly managed with Virginia-based International Capital Advisors, to invest in the Palestinian economy and encourage Israeli-Palestinian cooperation; Israelseed III; Periscope I (with Evergreen) focuses on high-tech.

Clal Biotechnology Industries
3 Azrieli Center, Triangle Tower 45th fl. Tel Aviv 67023 Tel.: 972-3-6075733 Fax: 972-3-607-5734 E-mail: Ophir Shahaf or David Haselkorn
Tel: 972 3 765 0306 Fax: 972 3 765 0329

Clalit Capital & Investments
5 Druyanov St., Tel Aviv Tel: 972 3 526 3370 Fax: 972 3 528 0769 E-mail:

Clalit Capital Fund

Comverse Investments
Efrat-Comverse House, 23 Habarzel St., Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv 69710. Tel: 972 3 645 4910 Fax: 972 3 645 4916 E-mail:

ComSor Investment Fund

Columbine Ventures
Top Tower, 22nd fl., 50 Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv 64332 Tel.: 972-3-620-9010 Fax: 972-3620-9011 E-mail: Carine Wiener

Investment focus: Early stage financing for Israel and Israel-related biotechnology, therapeutics, medical devices, bioinformatics and diagnostic technology companies.

Concord Ventures (full invested, liquidated)
85 Medinat Hayehudim St., P.O.Box 4011, Herzeliya 46140 Tel: 972-9-960-2020 Fax: 972-9-960-2022 E-mail:

Investment focus: datacom and telecommunications, Software applications and Internet infrastructure, medical technologies and biotechnology.

Coral Ventures
Main office: 60 South Sixth St., Suite 3510, Minneapolis, MN 55402 Tel: (612) 335-8666 Fax: (612) 335-8668

A private venture capital company focusing on technology (communications, Internet, software, information and systems) and healthcare (biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics) industries.

Investment focus: Healthcare and high-tech.

Corex Industries Management
Corex Building, Maskit St., Herzliya Pituah 46733 Tel: 972 9 957 2777 Fax: 972 9 957 2772 E-mail

Investment focus: Expansion, mezzanine and bridging investments in IT, telecommunicaitons, Internet, electronics and software companies.

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