Hypocrisy scales new heights

Dr. Norman Bailey

The latest twists of US and EU policy in the Middle East beggar belief.

Just when I think I have lost the capacity to be outraged; just when I think that political hypocrisy has reached its limits and can go no further, I am proven wrong.

Let's see:

(1) A trillion dollars and thousands of lives were spent and lost in a war in Afghanistan that started in 2001 and hasn't ended yet. The war was originally begun to punish al-Qaeda for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon. The disgusting Taliban government of Afghanistan was told to turn over the al-Qaeda leadership. It refused, and was overthrown by a NATO force led by the United States, which then decided to stay on and democratize a country that had never been democratic in its entire history and which had been chewing up and spitting out invaders since the time of Alexander the Great.

Then, suddenly, without the legally required notification of the Congress, the US government decides to do business with this very same Taliban, in a deal brokered by the Emir of Qatar, no less, and free five Taliban terrorists from their tropical paradise prison in return for one American deserter, captured when he abandoned his unit. Since he was also a declared anti-American, one has to suppose that he spent the time being indoctrinated by his hosts, and teaching them about American army doctrine and tactics. If this had been written in a novel it would have been laughed at.

(2) The United States and the European Union declare Hamas, which has been tyrannizing over the Gaza Strip since Israel evacuated it and which has lobbed hundreds of rockets into southern Israel during that time, a terrorist organization. This is the equivalent of calling Mars a planet. Then, after the end of the "negotiations" between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, negotiations that never actually took place and talks where the participants talked a great deal but never to each other, that same terrorist organization is invited into the Palestinian Authority government and miracle!, the United States and the European Union declare that they will deal with such a government.

If an individual or a private company or organization were to deal with the Taliban or with Hamas it would be subject to prosecution and a fine or prison. But, hey, the government does what it likes, no? To blazes with the fact that if the Hamas/Fatah marriage of convenience (Fatah gets protection and Hamas gets money) were to last, and Hamas were to take over the PA, which would be a sure thing if elections were held as have been announced, future rocket barrages would be launched against central and northern Israel as well as the south. All major population centers would be at risk. If Israel were to retaliate militarily, as it certainly would, the Jewish warmongers would be roundly denounced by the same US and European governments.

You can't make this sort of thing up. Iran, reeling from effective trade and financial sanctions, is saved by the six powers in return for promises and endless meetings. Hamas, bankrupt and reeling from a joint Egyptian and Israeli blockade, is saved by gaining access to the money that is given to the PA, a great of which is stolen, as confirmed by a recent report by the auditing authority of the EU. Hamas, having destroyed the economy of the Gaza Strip and being cut off from outside support, couldn't pay its legions of bureaucrats, so guess who will pay them? Remember, this is a fantasy novelyes, the very same Emir of Qatar!

Luckily, marriages of convenience end when no longer convenient to the parties. The likelihood that Hamas and Fatah will stay married is slim. The likelihood that elections will actually be held is also slim. But one thing is sure--there is literally no end to the monumental hypocrisy of governments, academics and NGOs when it comes to Palestinian matters. And in closing, can't the Saudi government be persuaded to stage another coup in Qatar? Come on, ladies and gentlemen, the son is even worse than was his father.

Perhaps the Pope's prayer session with presidents Peres and Abbas will result in divine intervention. That is every bit as likely as the scenarios outlined above.

Norman A. Bailey, Ph.D., is Adjunct Professor of Economic Statecraft at The Institute of World Politics, Washington, DC, and teaches at the Center for National Security Studies and Geostrategy, University of Haifa.

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www.globes-online.com - on June 11, 2014

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