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Dr. Norman Bailey

Norman Bailey  illustration: Gil Gibli Bahrain achieved much more than was reported

Former PA security chief Mohammed Dahlan, living in exile in the UAE, and a potential Palestinian leader, endorsed the conference.

Brinkmanship Trump style

Iran committed an act of war. Donald Trump's response was straight out of his book.

Investors beware Israel's election circus

The repeat election in September is economically, politically, and diplomatically damaging.

Unstable Iran spells danger for Israel

Faced with mounting internal and external pressures, Iran's leadership could decide to ignite Israel's borders.

Lack of accountability wins the election again

The fact that Israel has become a scientific, technological and military giant with a thoroughly dysfunctional political system is nothing short of a miracle.

The narrowing gulf with the Gulf

Iran's posturing presents Israel with diplomatic opportunities that mustn't be missed.

Inequality threatens civilization

Expanding capital ownership is the most urgent task faced by Western governments today.

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