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David Ezra credit: Aviv Hofi Penalty imposed on David Ezra for cash in suitcase affair

The Israel Tax Authority has imposed a NIS 850,000 financial sanction on Ezra who was caught at Ben Gurion airport in 2022 with €475,000 in cash in his suitcase.

Shlomo Filber credit: Yossi Zamir State deal with key Netanyahu trial witness canceled

The decision to cancel the state witness agreement stems from contradictions between the evidence he gave in trial and the evidence he gave when questioned by police.

El Al Boeing 777  credit: Danny Sadeh Competition Authority to examine El Al's high fares

El Al: We believe the examination will show that the company has behaved fairly and properly.

Roman Abramovich credit: Reuters/Maxim Shemetov Supreme Court blocks Abramovich donation to ZAKA

Overturning a lower court decision, the Supreme Court says that pending a full hearing of its appeal, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank should not transfer the NIS 8 million donation by Roman Abramovich.

Haredim at IDF recruitment office at Tel Hashomer  credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit Court orders halt to state payments to haredi yeshivas

The High Court of Justice found that from April 1 there will be no legal basis for payments to yeshivas where students are not conscripted into the IDF.

Adv. Vered Zlaikha, Partner and Head of Cyber Affairs and AI Practice at Lipa Meir & Co. Advocates  credit: Roni Cohen Cyberattacks against Israeli companies have tripled

Adv. Vered Zlaikha: Directors should outline strategies and risk management in companies, with cybersecurity one of those risks that must be considered.

Limassol, Cyprus  credit: Shutterstock Tax Authority targets Israelis' ties with Cyprus

Low taxation and cheap real estate have made nearby Cyprus an attractive destination for Israeli investment, with many Israelis moving there.

Shraga Brosh Shraga Brosh handed 14-month sentence for tax evasion

The former Manufacturers Association of Israel president was convicted of evading taxes worth NIS 1.5 million and forging a document that was submitted to the Tax Authority.

Mishael Vaknin  credit: Ofer Amram High Court quashes Postal Company chair's ouster

The High Court of Justice found the decision by ministers Shlomo Karhi and David Amsalem to dismiss Mishael Vaknin to be "unreasonable in the extreme" and contrary to the law.

Wolt credit: Shutterstock Israel's Wolt couriers await court ruling on job status

Israel's National Labor Court is set to rule on whether the country's Wolt couriers are employees or self-employed.

Arnon Milchan Israel Tax Authority credit: Eyal Izhar Shutterstock and Tali Bogdanovsky New immigrants will need to report income and assets abroad

Although new immigrants and returning Israelis will be required to report, the tax exemption on income outside of Israel will remain.

Bezalel Smotrich and Orit Strook in the Knesset  credit: Noam Moskowitz, Office of the Knesset Spokesperson Smotrich snags further NIS 170m coalition funds

Half the additional sum, which will come out of the budget reserve, will go to Orit Strook's Ministry of Settlements and National Missions.

Car insurance premiums on the rise  credit: Tali Bogdanovsky Israel's car theft plague returns

Thefts are back to pre-war levels and more, with insurance premiums rising again accordingly.

Daniel Birnbaum  photo: Eyal Izhar President Herzog cuts ex-SodaStream CEO's prison sentence

Daniel Birnbaum's prison sentence for insider trading was cut from 60 days to 23 days.

Knesset enacts international commercial arbitration law credit: Shutterstock Israel enacts International Commercial Arbitration Law

The Knesset has adopted into Israeli law the arrangement set by the United Nations for conducting international arbitration. 80 countries are already partner to the UN law.

Sahar Peleg credit: Eyal Toueg Israeli academia and high-tech sector can strengthen collaboration

A revision is needed in the economic model of license agreements, to maintain incentives for early-stage companies to succeed but not weigh them down with financing of development activities.

Bank Leumi branch credit: Eyal Izhar "Banks must comply with US sanctions on Israelis"

Israeli ministers have protested, but experts with whom "Globes" spoke say local banks have no option but to freeze the accounts of the four Israelis that the US accuses of violence against Palestinians.

Tamar rig credit: PR Court rejects energy cos NIS 100m royalties overpayment claim

"Globes" asks why there was a blanket ban on publication of the case's proceedings despite the huge interest to the public.

Ari Harow credit: Nitsan Shafir Former Netanyahu chief of staff Ari Harow convicted of fraud

According to the plea bargain agreement Harow will serve six months community work and pay a fine of NIS 700,000.

Roman Abramovich credit: Reuters Maxim Shemetov Court orders bank to transfer Abramovich's ZAKA donation

Despite the Attorney General supporting the bank, the Tel Aviv District Court has instructed Mizrahi Tefahot Bank to transfer Roman Abramovich's NIS 8 million donation to ZAKA.

Adv. Boaz Ben Zur credit: Flash 90/Yonatan Zindel Netanyahu's defense attorney in Case 4000 to step down

Adv. Boaz Ben Zur will be replaced by Adv. Amit Hadad who is representing Netanyahu in Cases 1000 and 2000.

Roman Abramovich  credit: Reuters/Artyom Geodakyan AG backs bank's refusal to transfer Abramovich ZAKA donation

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara says that if Mizrahi Tefahot Bank transfers Roman Abramovich's donation, it will be exposed to EU sanctions.

US Internal Revenue Service  credit: Shutterstock/Jorge Salcedo When US citizenship doesn't pay

The long reach of US tax law means Israelis with US connections should consider their status carefully.

Int'l Court of Justice hears South Africa's allegations against Israel credit: Reuters Int'l Court of Justice set to hear Israel's arguments

After Israel presents its case on Friday against allegations of genocide and war crimes, the ICJ will decide whether to issue an injunction. "Globes" assesses the likely outcomes.

Benjamin Netanyahu  credit: Amos Ben-Gershom, Government Press Office Netanyahu: Israel will not permanently occupy Gaza

As the hearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague gets underway on charges made against Israel by South Africa, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has posted a video clip in English.

Almog Doron, Yonatan Altman and Einat Carmi Barak credit: Shlomi Shoham, Eyal Toueg and Raz Rogovski Amit Pollak Matalon adds two new departments

Nine lawyers are joining APM including Advs. Almog Doron and Einat Carmi-Barak, who have served until now as the heads of the Mergers and Acquisitions and Labor Law Departments at Salomon Lipschütz.

Aharon Barak Aharon Barak to serve as judge in Hague genocide hearing

The former Israeli Supreme Court President will serve on the panel in the International Court of Justice's genocide and war crimes hearing against Israel.

Mishael Vaknin  credit: Tamar Matsafi High Court tells ministers to cancel firing of Postal Co chair

The court heard a petition against ministers Shlomo Karhi and David Amsalem by The Israel Postal Company and its chairperson Mishael Vaknin.

Benjamin Netanyahu credit: Marc Sellem Israel Jerusalem Post High Court rules Recusal Law will only apply from next Knesset

Six out of the 11 justices ruled that the law has a distinctly personal element that constitutes an abuse of the Knesset's constituent authority.

IDF soldiers in Gaza credit: IDF Spokesperson Int'l Court of Justice ruling could limit IDF operations

Following South Africa's charge of war crimes and genocide, Israel is concerned that the ICJ in The Hague will issue an order that would limit the IDF's activity in the Gaza Strip.

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