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Gad Perez

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Israel narrows the telecoms gap

Recent events mean the laggard Israeli telecommunications market has turned a corner, but the delays have been costly.

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Cellcom moves to scupper Partner-Hot merger

The regulators will not allow more than one merger in Israel's telecommunications market, and so Cellcom's talks with Golan Telecom have a double aim.

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Israelis are already winners from the fiber optic venture

However things play out in the market, the competition from Via Europa and Cisco means a great leap forward for our telecomunicaions infrastructure.

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli TV prices won't fall like mobile prices

The TV market cannot be compared to the mobile market, which was making excessive profits, while Hot and Yes both lose money.

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Have no optic illusions

The investors in Israel Electric Corporation's fiber optic cable venture will need deep pockets and strong nerves.

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Golan Telecom's prices are unsustainable

Telecommunications market sources are convinced that the price reduction is the mobile carrier's death rattle.

Gad Perez  illustration: Gil Gibli Ministry's excuses on 4G delays ring hollow

As far as promoting 4G technology, for the benefit of the industry and country, and dealing with the issue of antenna are concerned, the Communications Ministry has recorded a resounding failure.

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