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Dror Marmor

Home prices: Kahlon celebrated too soon

The minister of finance can no longer cite falling housing price figures for the past year.

Fake news: Trump Station at Western Wall

Transport minister Yisrael Katz is wasting NIS 10 million designing a plan for a Jerusalem station that will never be built.

Israel's local government system breeds corruption

Without diminishing the seriousness of anyone's crimes, it's clear that something is rotten in the whole set-up.

Diaspora homebuyers are foreigners

Bottom line, your nation's poor come before the rich people of another country.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Netanyahu won't anger US on settlements

For Housing Minister Uri Ariel, the current housing shortage supersedes attempts to reach peace with the Palestinians and the Americans.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Who is buying Israeli homes?

Nationwide foreign residents account for a negligible number of purchases but in some Jerusalem neighborhoods they account for 40% of purchases.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Housing Minister makes pointless promises

Uri Ariel has realized all to quickly that the power of the housing minister in Israel is mostly in pompous and populist statements to the media.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Burst the housing bubble now

Instead of initiating another lost decade and falling home prices (prices fell 22% in real terms in 1998-2007), it would be better to slash prices all at once.

Dror Marmor  illustration: Gil Gibli Banks control the real estate market

It is the banks which are the biggest player on the field in the capital intensive real estate industry.

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