Lawyer Doron Levy / Photo: Shay Ben Senior Israeli tax lawyer Doron Levy: Countries are increasingly focused on preventing tax evasion

The Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. (APM) law firm senior partner offers valuable insights into the intricate aspects of expatriation tax, emphasizing the significance of meticulous planning and seeking professional guidance for individuals contemplating relocation overseas

Credit: JDC Strengthening and Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

The current reality requires expanding the basket of solutions to further bolster Israeli citizens' mental resilience • Formulating policy, developing evaluation metrics and extensive use of technologies - may help • The Joint-Israel (JDC) is already operating in that direction in collaboration with additional partners

Credit: Ram-Mograbi-Arditi Opportunity During Turmoil: Tel Aviv's Real Estate Appeal

Amidst challenges, Tel Aviv thrives with a resilient spirit, drawing global investors with its tech prowess, strategic planning, and enduring real estate potential

From left to right:  Ilan Rubinstein and Gerson Schapiro, Ruby Capital \ Credit: Arik Sultan "Our international expertise enables us to feel comfortable investing in the local market"

Ilan Rubinstein and Gerson Schapiro, two of the three founders of real estate financing firm Ruby Capital, recently sat down with us to discuss entrepreneurship, global experience, and the compelling reasons to invest in Israel. During the interview, they shared their insights into Israel's real estate market, expressed their belief in its potential, and spoke about their sense of corporate responsibility

Kyiv, Ukraine / Credit: Shutterstock Israeli companies will be able to benefit from the hundreds of billions of dollars that will be poured into the restoration of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine still goes on, though at a low intensity. This is exactly the time for Israeli real estate, energy, infrastructure, communications, and healthcare companies to consider entering a country that will be desperate for international aid during its rehabilitation process

Adv. Doron Levy responses on the Arrangements Law: There has been an attempt to reduce the uncertainty for investors and companies with respect to their tax payments

The government has published an amendment draft bill for the Arrangements Law with effect to the Income Tax Ordinance, VAT Law, Real Estate Taxation Law, and more • Adv. Doron Levy details the propositions – and explains how to best prepare

"Businesses have a strategic role in promoting socio-economic change in Israel"

The business sector is becoming an increasingly central part of tackling Israel’s socio-economic challenges. JDC Israel has developed models that will enable any company, large or small, to make an impact.

"Dreams by BMBY" - creating love from the first site

It’s a simple but powerful axiom that people buy when they "fall in love". They buy passionately, emotionally, and expeditiously. Similarly, the difference between falling in like and falling in love is the most critical factor in determining whether a sale will be made.

100% commitment to net zero emissions

Energean was the first gas production company to commit to zero CO² emissions by 2050, inter alia using the unique Green Prinos method that returns the CO² deep into the ground

Community partnership, creative innovation and how they lead to disease reduction

Whether in Israel, Africa, Europe, or America, we all share a childhood dream of changing the world. We often dream about being doctors, fire fighters, or superheros and making the impossible, possible. As we grow up, these dreams often dissipate and fade away. But NALA’s dreams are a reality and as each project comes to fruition, the world becomes a better place.

Photo by CANVA Art Investments The Beautiful Side of Asset Allocation

“Diversification and patience are two key elements for understanding Art Investments” says Ofer Levin financial strategist and art collector

Source: Shutterstock How to sell to 100 enterprise clients in less than a year

Put the exit dream aside. Every startup aspires to accumulate a large number of enterprise customers - the kind whose logo, when posted on the site, would display a kind of "industry standard” and identify them as a reliable market-leading company. About half of startup companies fail at this task - how can they succeed in their own right and sell their services directly to enterprise-level organizations?

credit: freepik The Coronavirus hurts the real estate market. Meet the technology that offers a solution

“bmby”, an Israeli company from Yokneam, has developed a unique technology for selling apartments online without the need to leave home. The company was selected as one of 20 promising technology companies in the US real estate industry for 2019 by CIO Review Magazine.

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