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Community partnership, creative innovation and how they lead to disease reduction

Whether in Israel, Africa, Europe, or America, we all share a childhood dream of changing the world. We often dream about being doctors, fire fighters, or superheros and making the impossible, possible. As we grow up, these dreams often dissipate and fade away. But NALA’s dreams are a reality and as each project comes to fruition, the world becomes a better place.

Photo by CANVA Art Investments – The Beautiful Side of Asset Allocation

“Diversification and patience are two key elements for understanding Art Investments” says Ofer Levin financial strategist and art collector

Source: Shutterstock How to sell to 100 enterprise clients in less than a year

Put the exit dream aside. Every startup aspires to accumulate a large number of enterprise customers - the kind whose logo, when posted on the site, would display a kind of "industry standard” and identify them as a reliable market-leading company. About half of startup companies fail at this task - how can they succeed in their own right and sell their services directly to enterprise-level organizations?

credit: freepik The Coronavirus hurts the real estate market. Meet the technology that offers a solution

“bmby”, an Israeli company from Yokneam, has developed a unique technology for selling apartments online without the need to leave home. The company was selected as one of 20 promising technology companies in the US real estate industry for 2019 by CIO Review Magazine.

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