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When Technology, Innovation, and Valor "Handshakes" Real Estate

DREAMS technology
DREAMS technology

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The real-estate industry is one of the most significant sectors in the world. Although the industry suffered some blows in the past it is known for its ability to survive and rise back even after suffering a substantial blow such as the Covid-19.

However, in a rapidly technology and innovation progressing world, the real estate industry must transfigure itself too and assimilate into the new modern world. Or in simpler terms: "Upgrade"

Looking back at the last few years and the pre-Coronavirus era, the digital world had already taken a massive part in marketing and sales. Social media delivered the opportunity to reach the global population with the aid of a simple Ad. People started purchasing merchandise online. This brought about the eBay and Amazon companies to be the leading ones in this area of marketing.

Meet Mr. Mark Zeevi, the entrepreneur who always thinks two steps ahead.

The founder and chairman of BMBY, a company of Software Systems which develops and implements innovative marketing and sales systems designed for the real estate market worldwide; Mr. Zeevi is a well-known marketing technology specialist and a pioneer on the internet and interactive in Israel. With this extraordinary resume and a long list of achievements, he developed a new state of the art technological platform aiming to be a significant game-changer in the real estate market.

With the perception that the real estate industry must integrate into the world of technology, he created "DREAMS"; A visual system based on A.I (artificial intelligence) allowing potential customers to tour around 3D virtually in real-estate projects, buildings, and future apartments. With this innovative system, anyone can explore for his enjoyment in a 360-degree virtual tour. Using the app, you can walk out to the balcony and look at the specific future landscape. You can also view the apartment's plan and its internal division at the click of a button.

The system also follows the client's online movements, analyzing it and creating a profile that presents his likes, dislikes, needs, importance's, and emphasis.

DREAMS technology

This smart system not only saves a considerable marketing time while improving the chance of a sale, but its most important virtue is the outcome of its shortening the marketing process by reducing the number of frontal sales meetings with clients and increasing conversion rates in transactions.

There was no doubt that the real estate market had to shift and progress with time; you can't stand still in a world Galloping forward. Mr. Mark Zeevi, after years of experience, recognized the need to look ahead and implemented it with the "DREAMS" platform. The virtual 3D tour technology is also implemented through DREAMS smart app created by BMBY.

During last year, Coronavirus emerged into our world and imposed new safety measurements that forced us into social distancing and shifted all trade and commerce online. Business meetings made through video calls with technological platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet and frontal engagements have significantly reduced. Naturally, even an industry based on frontality had to lay a new set of strategies.

Although there are many real estate agencies and agents, it's still a challenge to find the one that meets and understands all your needs.

Either for an excellent investment or your future resident; it is a process that requires excellent professional guidance, and there is no reason or need to Settle for less than grand.

"Dreams" is the absolute solution for this new world we are in; it's innovative, reliable and with a perfect synergy with this period. The world has changed, but your dream is not, and "DREAMS" is here with the right tools to fulfill it.

DREAMS technology
DREAMS technology
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