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The Coronavirus hurts the real estate market. Meet the technology that offers a solution

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“bmby”, an Israeli company from Yokneam, has developed a unique technology for selling apartments online without the need to leave home. The company was selected as one of 20 promising technology companies in the US real estate industry for 2019 by CIO Review Magazine.

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Another success for Israeli high-tech, the Israeli representative on the list of 20 most promising high-tech real estate companies in the United States for 2019 by the CIO Review Magazine is bmby from Yokneam, which for 15 years has been leading the PropTech scene in Israel.

"bmby" has been developing a unique technology for the past two years, enabling customers to be truly and really impressed with their apartments, purchase or rent them online, without having to leave the house.

"bmby" was founded by Mark Ze’evi, a graduate of the Israeli Air Force computer unit. The company has developed DREAMS, an innovative technology for selling real estate online.

Ze'evi, who is the company's chairman, explains: "Imagine the power of the flight simulator's technology applied to the real estate world. We have developed a real estate simulator in exactly the same way as simulating a flight. DREAMS is a technology that aims to revolutionize the way you buy or rent properties; Transforms the shopping experience by leveraging technologies that include Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) - providing a true picture of properties on every screen. This means that instead of visiting the property and leaving with only a brochure or a marketing booklet, prospective buyers can now review and measure every inch of the property using the DREAMS app from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer "

Ze'evi continues on to explain that as many know, potential buyers find it very difficult to read complicated floor plans and understand exactly what they will eventually get. Thanks to the DREAMS app, they will be able to tour and view the apartment exactly how it will be at the end of the construction work - understand every detail and make an informed decision that will make it easier for them to make a deal.

bmby, with its wealth of industry knowledge and technology background, helps real estate developers, contractors and realtors gain greater control over the sales process. Using artificial intelligence (AI) the algorithm learns the preferences of the customers, and automatically offers them the apartments that may suit them. In addition, the technology allows the sales team to display properties tangibly, and skillfully manage the sales process. "The idea is to make customers fall in love with what they see on the screen," adds Kobi Langlive, CEO of bmby Group.

In recent years there has been a steady rise in competition in the real estate industry. Often, a salesperson misses a potential customer simply because of his inability to visualize the property to the client. Technology allows you to overcome the human limitation and reduce the problem. This way bmby solves a need for real estate companies.

"We have applied our vast experience and knowledge in the real estate business to create a unique platform and combined it with the most advanced smart algorithm development technologies," says Shady Khoury, CTO of bmby. He also notes that "The better the technology, the more effective the developers will be."

bmby has been developing CRM for real estate new development for 15 years, with experience with more than 30,000 projects in 28 countries around the world. Recently, the company established a new headquarters in New York and intends to continue expanding to the West Coast, Canada and Latin America.

credit: freepik
credit: freepik
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