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Miri Regev Tel Aviv Metro has already cost NIS 500m

As Minister of Transport Miri Regev mulls cancelling Israel's biggest and costliest ever project, "Globes" examines what work has already been done.

Israel Railways Photo: Israel Railways Spokesperson The goal: Tel Aviv to Beersheva by train in 35 minutes

The National Infrastructure Committee has approved plan for high-speed trains connecting  Jerusalem, Beersheva, Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Metro / Photo illustration: Shutterstock illustration , Is the Tel Aviv Metro worth it?

The Ministry of Finance thinks so. But overshooting budgets and deadlines may erode the returns on the investment. "Globes" crunches the numbers.

Shai Agassi "Tel Aviv Metro is an anachronistic solution"

Shai Agassi argues that autonomous car fleets will soon replace public and private transport in the world's cities.

Haifa Port / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Could China take all in Haifa Bay?

The privatization of the old Haifa Port has attracted many local and international potential bidders, with strategic interests at stake.

Herzliya Marina  / Photo: Dov Greenblatt, החברה להגנת הטבע Marinas could replace some Israeli beaches

Planning authorities are being asked to approve six new marinas for luxury yachts because of an acute shortage of berths.

Yehuda Raveh  / Photo: Jacob Mehager Metro won't benefit from Tel Aviv light rail mistakes

The State should eliminate costs that could be rolled over to private companies, at a time when the whole business sector is begging for more work.

Gil Sheratzky and Ori Gilboa / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes "Covid-19 has better PR, but texting while driving is deadlier"

SaverOne claims to have the long-sought solution to drivers being distracted by their phones. Now it's up to the regulators.

Haifa Port / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes For sale: One old outclassed seaport

Haifa Port faces severe competition from the new Chinese-built Bay Port next-door, but bidders are still lining up for its privatization.

Amnon Shashua "Mobileye could leave Israel in an instant"

Amnon Shashua fears Israel will miss a historic opportunity to lead the automotive revolution unless regulatory change is speeded up.

Light rail red line  / Photo: Shlomi Yosef , Globes Planning Tel Aviv's Metro begins in earnest

With the first budget about to be allocated for detailed planning, "Globes" examines how the underground network could impact Greater Tel Aviv.

Dror Feuer has a railway carriage to himself  / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Israel Railways rides again but few passengers return

Dror Feuer travels from south to north but finds that for much of the enchanting journey, he was alone in the carriage.

Haifa Port / Photo: Eyal Izhar, Globes Want to know all about Haifa's new port? Try China

The new Chinese-operated port is meant to be a game changer for the Israeli economy. Why is no-one here talking about it?

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