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Lilac Sigan

Picture not perfect

Mahmoud Abbas's historical portrait is a fake.

Osama thought he was the good guy

Osama Bin Laden's death is a time to sharpen our choices about which side we are on.

Let's admit the truth: We're afraid

Reporting wrongdoings in open democracies like Israel takes rather less courage than doing the same in, say, Syria.

Goldstone's surprise

It seems that the UN and then Goldstone were the ones who should be accused of shooting first, and asking the questions later.

Human wrongs

Until today, Libya was part of the UN Human Rights council, meaning 155 countries thought Libya was eligible for the job.

Hopelessly lost in translation

What do things like the proposed UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement building really mean?

How I'd love to live in Tom Friedman's flat world

Sadly, I have to live in the real one.

Walk like an Egyptian

When you live in a western democracy, its a little difficult to understand the mentality of other regime types, especially if they exist in faraway countries. Until suddenly, a million people walk out to the streets to demand their rights.

It's easy for killers to lie

Its called terror, and there are countries that are run by it, every day. While pretending to be an elected government, they are run by terror movements, who become stronger and richer while waiting for the right opportunity to show everyone who the real boss is.

When rockets fall and no one cares

Media reports which only show Israeli retaliation to the rockets that have been shot at its civilians, make it look like Israels actions came for no real reason. As if they were just someones whim.

Too bad it doesn't pay to be a nice guy

It seems like the world is letting Turkey off easy instead of pushing it to do the right thing.

The sheer luck of the bad guys

What has this anarchistic figure, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, done for us?

Brain freeze

If you were in Abbas's shoes, tell the truth: who would you rather confront Israel, the democracy that is almost always willing to negotiate, or barbaric terrorists?

We're one, but we're not the same

The invitation to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit Gaza can only be to foment terror - the world's problem, not just Israel's.

Everybody must get stoned

While the phrase human rights sounds great, what stands behind it is not always quite so great.

Knocking it off is actually a great idea

Thomas Friedman's complaint that Israel is behaving like a spoiled child is out of line with the facts, and disappointingly conventional.

My movie pitch for Mike Leigh

Film director Mike Leigh's gesture in cancelling a planned visit to Israel only helps promote an industry of bias and lies.

Time and again, yes to peace

"Time" magazine managed to stretch the medias anti-Semitic borders a bit more, when it tried to establish a new fact on its cover: Israelis dont care about peace.

Were I ambassador to the UN

Can't we cut the fine words and get on with roasting Israel?

Peace Flotilla, or Flotilla the Hun

Last week raised questions about the world's view of Israel. But is anyone asking?

"Fight falsehood with truth"

Alan Dershowitz speaks his mind to "Globes" about corruption, law, US-Israel relations, how Israel can improve its case in the court of public opinion.

Why Gaza isn't Haiti

Israelis do feel for their neighbors, but in Facebook terms, it's complicated.

The other cheek

Israeli Arab MK Jamal Zahalka gives hutzpah a bad name - and we take it.

Its time to boycott Ms. Klein

An open letter to Naomi Klein, who called in "The Guardian" for a boycott of Israel.

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